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I don't think you should fully modernize CV3 controls. By modding the existing game and not creating a new one, you hereby undergo a social contract, thereby promising the old players a less annoying experience whilst keeping most of the game intact. If you were to introduce an all new control scheme, many would be alienated, as all the survival maneuvers they learned would have to be modified and/or discarded. Point is, you let them keep what they want, and take what they despise.

So, in spirit with the original controls, here is my suggested scheme:

There are essentially two locomotion modes, ground and stair.

When in ground mode, everything is as it already were: You can walk and jump straight through stairs, nothing is solid. Now, if you were to land on downwards stairs, you then autocatch.

Pressing Up changes you into stair mode. If you are on ground, it does nothing. If you are on the air, the game checks for a collision with stairs. If it happens, you cling onto them.

If you are near stairs, you climb them.

Up till now the game behaves like the original, except that downward stairs also catch you, and you can also hop onto stairs from anywhere.

As soon as you are in stair mode, you cannot get out of it until you press Down+Jump or step on ground.

During stair mode, you cannot fall off. Left Right moves you on the stairs. If you jump, you land on the stairs again.

Down+Jump switches you to ground mode, so stairs are no longer solid and you fall through them. When that happens, you should just fall without a jump also occurring. This is because you instinctively want to avoid the danger, and the jump would probably get you in the line of fire of the danger you were trying to get away from.

This scheme also negotiates the crossing stairs, as you can now just jump from one to another.

I think you should keep the paralyzing knock-back. With the amount of control you give the player, it is essentially balanced, because if the player gets hit, now it is more of their fault and less the game being cheap.

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