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ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: GBA ASM Basic Question
« on: August 28, 2013, 08:48:00 am »
Alright Great!  :D  I appreciate such fast replies! 
With the info you guys have provided, I will continue my research and practice with ASM. 

I'm aware many people might think it's silly/pointless to do so given the user learnedly programs out there, but I'll give it a try nonetheless, and see where I can go, from there.  I'll still brush my skills with, said "replaced" programs too though, of course.

ASM is much like hex editing

I got a similar feeling to this when doing my research.  But with that said, other than the language what is the difference  between hex and assembly?
For example would I be limited on hex things that I would be able to do on asm?

If I understand correctly what I've been reading doing my research.  Binary code in Hex editing is the computer language, and ASM is more of a user friendly based language.  Therefore you do your programming in ASM and convert it to HEX?
Is it that you find the information you're looking for with ASM via debuggers and disassembler, in order to edit the Hex?

Or something entirely different, I haven't grasped yet

Thanks again!

ROM Hacking Discussion / GBA ASM Basic Question
« on: August 28, 2013, 12:55:58 am »
So if you've noticed my previos topic, I do in fact come from a fire emblem community.  ASM is certainly something I want to get into.

However, I was wondering does ASM allow you to add your own graphics as well  Or does it simply mess with codes?

Basically would you need other programs to insert graphics into the rom?

Does ASM replace all other rom editing programs in the long run?

I want to get into ASM, and if I don't have to take the time to learn all of these editor's methods of being used, I'd like to get right into ASM. 

I appreciate it! :D  Blazer has answered my question over at FeShrine.
I've been dabbling further with hacking fe roms for about 2/3 days now! :D

Hi, thanks Celice for the response.

Unfortunately, I have already posted a topic about the problem there, but haven't gotten a reply.  Of course, I'm not trying to be impatient or anything of that matter, I'm just asking around, so i can et back to work as soon as possible. 

That being said, I also did find a thread about the same problem, almost entirely, and it was not solved.  Instead the users just attacked the user for his choice of sprites, or something or other, so I definitely see where you're coming from saying what you did.

Hopefully, I can get some help here.
I have also posted the question on a site called FeShrine.  So we'll see how things go!

Thanks again!

Hi, I'm using FEditor Adv.  I am using the Class Animation Creator and Class Animation Manager.

So, I've been dabbling into hacking recently.  I've been trying to add a friend's animation into the game in replace as Lyn.

So far, I have been able to successfully get the idle frame in and it ran fine.  Obviously this isn't enough to make an entertaining hack, since you need the animation in as well. 

When I get to the animation I have a little trouble w/ the parsing and/or content related script I've made.

The problem lies between c04 and/or C1A

Standard Attack Code so far:
Code: [Select]
/// - Mode 1
3  p- standing.png
3  p- attackanim.1.png
3  p- attackanim.2.png
5  p- attackanim.3.png
4  p- attackanim.5.png
3  p- attackanim.6.png
3  p- attackanim.7.png
8  p- attackanim.8.png
3  p- attackanim.9.png
5  p- attackanim.10.png
3  p- attackanim.11.png
3  p- attackanim.12.png
3  p- attackanim.13.png
3  p- attackanim.14.png
4  p- attackanim.15.png
16 p- standing.png
When I copy and paste a template in, 'c04' is indeed, 'c04' and not 'C04'.  However, everyone else uses 'C04' (capital C)
 So I figured it was the problem to why I kept getting parsing errors.  In fact, when I changed it to C04, I got a system error.  And it wouldn't even tell me what line was wrong.
So leaving it as 'c04', there is a parsing error on line 11, content being, C1A.

I'm kind of lost here, and have fiddled around with as many variation I could.  Any and all help is appreciated.


If there is any more info required please let me know, since I'm really new at this, and- although I read the rules and stuff, I just don't know many of the terms yet.

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