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Newcomer's Board / Re: Pointers and calls made
« on: April 19, 2020, 01:55:15 pm »
I didnt know about the commented disassembly... This will help clear up what I am looking for, and also help me find other things :)

Some of the problem is my ability to concentrate... I need to set up the new enemy abilities, and then test each one, instead of wasting time looking for JSR's.

Thanks for the data crystal link. I didnt know it was updated  :beer:


I figured it out, and it ended up being simple.

In Dragon Warrior 2, there are 32 skills in 2 separate sets... Taking all these skills, and writing new spells, is already done, and all 32 pointers match.

What I was trying to find, was actually another routine I overlooked... Healing, revive, run away, and special armor resistance, is all done through a check. I had the armor check already done. There is an LDA which checks the skills, and then a CMP range for which skills. CMP  06-09 and 17-1A for example... I moved all the spells around, so for the armor resist, its now CMP 05-0a and 17-0b... That is what I needed to find, and after readjusting to the project, I was able to figure it out...

Newcomer's Board / Pointers and calls made
« on: April 18, 2020, 10:54:13 pm »
I am trying to revisit my project with DW2, and I ran into a difficulty I cant figure out... The entire spell structure has been redone. For characters it appears to work out just fine, but for enemies, there is something I am wondering... The game will make a call to heal or revive, once an enemies hp is 25% or less. Enemies will run if hp is 25% or less also... Given I rearranged the entire spell set, I was looking for pointers, and cant find any. If spells are not in the same location, how would the call for 25% hp be determined...

In the link below, check out line 193 in 3-unfinished data... On the left is the original 32 enemy skills. On the right is the new set of skills... I checked for pointers for all 32 skills, and all 32 locations for each one. 64 locations in total, and nothing appears to call from those locations.

Maybe I am over thinking it, or maybe there is something I am unaware to look for... I want to eliminate the run routine for enemies altogether, but am not sure if that location of code is called... 6 healing spells cut to 3, but are those locations called, and I am missing something.

Hopefully my question makes sense... What do I look for, and are these changes going to work... Check out line 193 in 3-unfinished data, and let me know what I might need to look for...

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy IV - Ultima
« on: November 02, 2019, 03:22:33 pm »
Just started playing this in the past week, and completed Mt Hobs... Trying to grind for silver apples but havent seen any drops yet. I was wondering if you could let me know which enemies drop silver/gold apples and soma drops. That way I can spend time trying to farm for them in each area.

Thoughts so far... It was nice to discover the new areas by exploring thoroughly with the hovercraft. Really cool additions to the game so far... Attack power is a little high for this early, after finding access to some powerful equipment, but the options are definitely cool to see... I also like the new and updated status screen, which will really help later in the game when enemies get tough... Dialogue is very well done, and it will be fun to compare to the original as I progress... Very excellent mod so far, and I imagine it will keep getting better  :beer:

Last thing... Concerning enemy drops. I dont know if you have a full list, but its just the stat increasing items I am mostly interested in.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Dragon Warrior 2 - Remix and rebalance
« on: April 29, 2019, 01:33:06 am »
After taking a small break, I am now trying to decide on the exp given, and then I can finish up the enemies...

I would like some opinions with the decided exp amounts... I keep going over this, and trying to find what will give a decent flow to the game. Quicker then the original, but not sure quite yet...

Tell me if this looks good...

2-Big Slug     
3-Army Ant     
4-Red Slime     
5-Wild Mouse   
9-Pit Viper     
16-Fire Ant     
11-Giant Rat   
48-Saber Tiger 
225-Met Slime   
038-Iron Ant   
048-Mud Man     
063-Wraith Knig
050-Gold Slime 
067-King Cobra 
085-Titan Tree 
132-Saber Lion 
500-Green D     
035-Man O’ War 
048-Sea Slug   
800-Sea Dragon 
1650-Met Babble
0168-Mega Knight
0172-Puppet Man
0250-Attack Bot
1000-Yellow D   
0180-Iron Slug 
0203-Dark Eye   
0284-Magic Vampi
0342-Hargon’s Kn
0678-Orc King   
1527-Killing M 
1600-Blue D     
1023-Pink Puff 
4050-Met Drakee
1454-Mace Mast 
2400-Red D     

Personal Projects / Re: Dragon Quest I - IV: Delocalized Editions
« on: April 21, 2019, 05:26:03 pm »
Ok... I got a little ahead of myself, and burnt my brain out a little  :banghead:

Thank you for the info and help  :beer:

I had to simplify where I am at, and not take too much on all at once... I have a remix and rebalance in the works... And then I spotted this thread, which will help with text errors, and the unexpected plural, ie Pink Puff, which I wasnt looking for...

I realized what I need to do, which will help me to be able to complete this...

#1 - Finish up the bulk of my work, and at least get a functioning beta, that can be reviewed by others who are following DQ in general  :) ... Also, I would want to offer all 3 translations... Original... Delocalization... And another thread which aims to modernize... That is where I got side tracked initially with this thread... I want to incorporate both new script rewrites into my work  :beer: ... I just have to finish up the last part I am doing first... I am actually burned out from the magic routine and building enemies... 64+5+19 formations, and I keep erasing it the past few days... I want the encounter part to be varied and epic... Dragons will be everywhere from Alefgard forward, but in 1-2 formations only, so its never a wipe out situation... I also have planned, for the ocean area north of Rhone, to be a hunting ground for gold and experience. I will have to label the map, because there will be several PNEOP type areas...

#2 - Then come back here, and attempt a disassembly of the dialogue routine, and apply text fixes I wouldnt have found, that were discovered here  :beer:

#3 - From there, I can attempt to figure out the HP thing... I am interested in enemy HP specifically, which AFAIK, would only require an instruction... $693 and $694 I knew about, but have no idea what to change...

Thank you for the specific locations and bank 6 info  :beer:

I can now try and figure some things out when I have a chance  :)


Hope everyone liked that story from 1989... Mario 3 on Playchoice... And that incomplete D&D project...

Im going to describe part of it that I can remember... In the northwest quarter, it was going to be similar to Zelda 1 and Festers Quest, with below ground areas connecting places... The southwestern area would have been similar to Secret of Mana. We had a weapon/armor upgrade system, that was based on multipliers. Zelda meets Final Fantasy in concept, a few months before seeing FF1, and 3 years before SOM... The southeastern section, is where magic first appeared. 4 specific places had to be revisited, to obtain (onyx, sapphire, emerald, and ruby)... Then you had to go to a great sage (Rygar was the game for the concept of a sage), in the very far northeastern part of the map, to obtain a spell that could break the seal... Now we are at the Cave to Rhone entrance. It was a combination of CTR, and Turtle Rock in ALTTP... Once on the plateau, Rhone is almost too identical. The shrine is where a Tiamat type dragon was going to be. About 12-15 blocks SW of Hargon's castle, was a tower that resembled the lunarian home in FF4, or more specifically, the empress tower in the Neverending Story... Almost like a 2nd CTR was required to go through (about 10 blocks NW of Hargon's castle), and then 8 stories to this final tower, in which again, a Tiamat type dragon..... Final description... Maps from DW1... Fighting from Zelda, mixed with some D&D elements... Dragons, Gannon, and He-Man, were the sources of story line material, and names for many things... The first castle was named Gray Hawk, instead of Grayskull... The river to east if you look at that rough map, is where a Festers Quest type cavern was, and you retrieve an item that helps you reach the south. Someone similar to Teela in He-Man, opens up the way to the south with the amulet? IIRC... The next area was SOM and Zelda 1 related, where said number of items needed to be found, and you then learn your first spell to move east... Learn spells, retrieve the 4 stones, visit the sage, and then proceed to Rhone / Turtle Rock / and the Lunerain Home / Phantasia.....

Ok... There is some filler there, but that describes it very well. It was a D&D concept that went from 9/89 through early summer 1990. I drew well over 30 maps, and he created 10-12 functioning enemies... We experimented with a map I made, that mirrored Tantegal to Garinham. With a D6 to move 2-6 places, and D8 to determine encounters... There was a huge dragon fly, a large spider, a rabid wolf, and a slime that was a mix of DW1 and Festers Quest... Cant think of many others, except for many dragon concepts...

Form there, I can remember well, that we just parted ways gradually... He graduated in 1990 and went to college the next fall... Games like Zelda 1, Battle of Olympus, Crystalis, and then FF1 in mid summer... Video games were fulfilling a lot of my ideas, and then its pretty wild to see the concepts actually be used...


I guess I could close by saying this...

I had that small window of die hard gaming... Spring of 86 through about mid 93... 1989 and 1990 were the epic years  :beer:

Most epic moment in all of gaming... Reaching 5-2 in SMB3 on roughly 10/25/89... At Price Chopper of all places. We accumulated around $30, and made it that far without knowledge of warps.


That was fun  :beer:

I kept revisiting this over that past few hours...


From here I am going to finish up what I am working on...

And then come back here, and see what I might be able to help with  :beer:

Good day Everyone  :)

Personal Projects / Re: Dragon Quest I - IV: Delocalized Editions
« on: April 18, 2019, 07:34:21 am »
Having all the data pooled together was the idea  :beer:  I was just being honest, and being cautious not to digress too much, or ask for too much help with code I am looking for... I have started or jumped into topics, and have ambition, but very slow progress, and have poor concentration also...

I played DW2 heavily from 11/90 through winter 1992, at least 7-8 times. (Very first purchase with my own money, along with Castlevania 3. Received both on 11/2/90 in the mail)... I just randomly remembered that, and then there is the memory of what I called "Playable D&D"... DW1 was just a tease... FF1 was epic... And DW2 was love hate... Then there is that Zelda 3 / D&D hybrid, a few of us tried to create in late 89, with a map I made that has Rhone, almost to the tee.

I drew out a map on gamefaqs last year actually. It is all typed in with text, but you will see the NE section is identical to Rhone.

Ok... That was a pretty cool random moment, and then I looked for that thread  :beer:


With what you are seeing as cryptic... It was a complete mess and incomplete for DW1. I fixed and organized it. For the patch I gave, it allows for 5 armors to have damage reduction, instead of just 2. The charts there should make more sense now. The added effects for items should be easy to adjust now also.

Anything that might look cryptic with the DW2 stuff, is the charts for damage variables, special formations, and a few chicken scratches that can be ignored... My text and organization skills, are worse then my hacking skills, lol.


How much is different in DW2...

All the data has been changed quite a bit in my notes, and now that I think about it, I was lucky to have 300+ free bytes to create things without bank swapping.

There is a partial disassembly for DW2 with #04 and #06 which has no altered code (that I know of). In the original link above.


You mention that you have your own disassembly of DW2... Im trying to think of whats left to try and find... I really want to find the HP 256 options, which requires an instruction to RAM. The 2nd byte of enemy data is for evade (left nybble), and the right nybble for 256 HP...

For now, I am going to go over all the text code throughout this thread, and see if I can organize and add it to my notes... It looks like you guys found the whole dialogue routine in bank #05, and stuff in #03 that goes with it... Enemy graphics are roughly from 4010-5500 in bank #01... With the combined effort, a lot has been unearthed  :beer:


1c816 : 00 - Pink Puff - add s


One more thing I wanted to mention... There is a program for DW2-4 that does map edits... It works while you are using it, but expands the code to 700 something, nearly tripling it... The area of code effected with just a few edits, was from a500-a700 roughly... I have used it a few times, and then I got runtime error 73 and 76, from moving files while it was open... It was working, and I was trying to see what I could find, and then I screwed something up by moving the folder, and failing to realize it was still open... Its an ancient program that was temperamental, but how did it screw with system32 ???

Here is the link for it at Zophars domain.


Ok... That covers everything for now... Kind of went all over the map, but Im glad the DW1 texts are fixed for you guys  :beer:

Hope you guy enjoy that story from 1989-90  :beer:

There was a friend that had DW1 before I got the system in Christmas of 89, and I was also familiar with Zelda 1&2... My friend Pete drew up enemies and statistics, and I drew all the maps and perceived locations... I thought of DW1... Level 5 in Zelda... And Tibet... A final area enclosed by mountains... DW2 was a letdown after playing FF1 at the time, but now you can see why it has such a strong nostalgic significance  :beer:

I was dancing between 7-8 mod ideas over the past few years, and then I was determined this past winter to finally follow through...

And then this thread came up at the same time  :beer:

AlexKC found the initial stuff in 2011  :beer:
Gameboy9 found 70% of what I have presented thus far 2 years ago  :beer:

Right off the heals of DQ 11, now the blacksheep in the DQ series, is close to having a much needed makeover  :beer:


Good day everyone :beer:

Now to look into text from here, and work on the enemy build for a very close project  :) 

April 19, 2019, 01:49:40 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

Yikes...  :banghead:

I was trying to decipher this, and cant figure it out...

B762-0B7C1... Main script pointers.

From there I saved when the king says... Hear me, oh king.'... This is somewhere between 1481d-14cfe... Im trying various things one byte at a time, and it garbles the whole text routine...

How do I actually change individual words?

I would like to manually map this out also, ie...

#00 : -- stood guard.             
#02 : But it wasnt real.           
#03 : -- attacked!                 
#04 : Before -- was set for battle.
#05 : But the -- did not see thee.

If someone could give me a starting point, that would be great  :beer:

Personal Projects / Re: Dragon Quest I - IV: Delocalized Editions
« on: April 16, 2019, 08:06:45 pm »
I was confused what to look for, and now I see what you mean. This would require a map editor from the looks of it, which isnt available... I could do a compare search with JP vs US, and see if the graphics could be transferred. The only problem is unknown pointers, and if it would actually work...

Thank you for the clarification of your work here on this thread... I did mix what I was doing into a different topic, and even though one of the same games is involved, it veers from the specific topic material. This is why I waited a few months to respond here.

You opened up code I did not find, and it ended up being the entire dialogue routine now available  :beer:

Figured I would add all the code I also have, now that its organized and close to completion  :)

Im going to look into the graphics and dialogue, and see how much I can find...

Last thing... There is a DW2 tbl file in that file above... There is also an index that shows every letter/number/symbol, and a few surprises, like 7-8 Japanese letters, and a few colored blocks.

Lets see what I can find over the next few days...  :beer:

Personal Projects / Re: Dragon Quest I - IV: Delocalized Editions
« on: April 16, 2019, 03:03:59 am »
Here is the data for DW1 you asked for + all the DW2 data I have as well  :beer:

I checked out Hargons Castle and went to the passage, and used Eye of Malroth... Im not seeing the text error that you mention???

One thing I am wondering... The text errors in my mod are due to compressed text that is drawn... Do you have a list of pointers from bank 03 that draw the text from bank 05... Decompressing a few lines of text might be something I can accomplish, if I knew where the pointers were...

Any suggestions for how to make finding things in RAM easier. Several things are going on, and even if I pause emulation, Im not always sure what to look for... If I want to add ram instruction for the x256 HP amounts, I imagine it will be an 85xx or a5xx STA, but it could also be in the $6000 area or $100-$500.... Its been a while since I last tried, but finding anything through RAM is very difficult... I remember that quote from AlexKC on that Gamefaqs post from 2011. There is a place in RAM for x256 HP amounts for both Characters and enemies, but no instruction to do so...

Jailors key for all - done, but with text errors
Panacea and Yggsdrasil Dew... Revive + Heal - done, but with text errors
Dragons Bane extended to Shield of Strength - works with no errors

Inventory space saved, and new useful items available...
Double the amount of enemy fire attacks for variety...

Just need that HP expansion to make the options even better


With the things you have uncovered here in this thread + the data I put together... All the key data for both DW1 and DW2 are pretty much there now... And in one place here on this thread  :beer:  :banghead: > :crazy:

Specific thanks to AlexKC and Gameboy9 for the majority of the data found in DW2  :beer:
Also thanks to many here for help, and patience when I dont quite grasp something  :beer:

Im going to keep working on enemy stats and formations, and hopefully I can figure out this HP thing, along with possibly fixing text errors...

Last thing for now...

There is an editor for DW1-4 to edit world maps... It works while using it, but it comes out a garbled mess, which indicates it doesnt correct the pointers involved... Adding some map edits would make this even more epic  :beer:

Personal Projects / Re: Dragon Quest I - IV: Delocalized Editions
« on: April 14, 2019, 09:26:59 pm »
I just took the time to finally read through this thread...

There is a project I have been gradually working on, and some of the text related things will be very helpful...

Chickenknife... I can relate to the frustration of understanding or finding code, and various language used to define things at a programmers level... It took quite a while to find the following...

Jailors key to open all
New spells and abilities for enemies (by replacing 3 of the 6 heal spells)
Creating new items - Panacea, Yggsdrasil Dew, and Bunny Tail
Expanding the effects of Dragons Bane, to both equipped and unequipped Shield of Strength

All of that said...

The idea initially, was to uncurse items to have a full roster, and create enemies I would like to see. It expanded past that as it went along, and Im hoping for a release for testing before months end... I also could face the loss of internet if I dont find work soon, which would impede my ability to adequately follow up...

Take all the info in that link for your own use...


Now a couple questions...

Do you have a graphics only patch, which would uncensor churches and coffins (not sure what else there is for non battle graphics)

Where do I find the text for Gremlins Tail... It says Bunny Tail in the menu (drawn from 1b2da/1ba52), and then when you equip it, it still says gremlins tail... Same with Power Shield...

There is a text and graphical error with Panacea and Yggsdrasil Dew... They both use the Leaf of World Tree dialogue to restore life... They both use the Heal/Healmore/Healall routine, and will display your HP restored on the bottom of the screen in green, and not within a text box. Similar text occurs in battle...


When I was reading through the thread, I noticed that you were struggling with moving code to other banks... Here is the bank swap for DW1, which should be identical for DW2...

A9 xx
20 96 FF - bank swap to desired bank
20 xx xx - JSR to new location
A9 00
20 96 FF - swap to bank 00 each time?

Disch helped me with this a few years ago when I was working on DW1. I was able to jump in another bank to add defensive properties to more armor, and then jump back, not having to carry other routines involved... Someone with more knowledge on this could explain much better... If I tried to jump to another bank for more inventory in DW2, I surmise that other routines would need to be involved. Adding full plate and magic armor in DW1 for fire defense, and then swapping back, worked perfectly fine from what I remember...

Last thing... The one thing I would like to figure out, but havent been able to... Expanding enemy HP...

There are 15 bytes for each enemy... The 2nd byte is for x/64 evade. This is the left nybble... The right nybble is for enemy HP 256... But has no instruction to RAM... Tried several things, and cant figure it out...

Check out the link above for all the data I have... There is a partial disassembly for banks 4 and 6, and detailed info for where I am at with my mod...

Adding more HP for several enemies would be very helpful, especially for enemies in the last area... Having to use the shield of strength or panacea to frequently, and final bosses spamming healall, could be reduced with higher HP options.


Very last thing

When I spotted this thread a few months ago, it helped me to re continue what could become a really good mod.

If someone could help me with text locations to fix a few errors, that would be awesome  :beer:

If someone could help me figure out the omitted HP options, that would be epic  :crazy:  :beer:

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Dragon Warrior 2 - Remix and rebalance
« on: April 10, 2019, 07:01:02 pm »
Thank you  :beer:

Now loading pics works  :)

April 14, 2019, 10:54:30 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

Here is the latest patch with everything in "current work" done... Except for enemy stats and formations...


Let me know if that link works...

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Dragon Warrior 2 - Remix and rebalance
« on: April 07, 2019, 10:13:28 pm »
In the link, there is a full set of enemy pics in the folder.

Does it work? ... Dropbox changed how the link works from the last time I tried...

April 08, 2019, 04:24:10 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

April 08, 2019, 04:26:08 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Im not sure what I just did. I tried the attachments key...

This might sound elementary, but Im not sure how to upload a pic...

ROM Hacking Discussion / Dragon Warrior 2 - Remix and rebalance
« on: April 07, 2019, 06:32:13 am »
Finally after several attempts at rom hacking, I am actually close to finishing a project  :)

Many people to thank for how far I made it...

AlexKC who discovered how enemy variables work, and other data on a Gamefaqs thread from 2011 :beer:
Gameboy9 who discovered a majority of the data 2 years ago on the original DW2 thread here  :beer:

Too many names to think of here, but there are 2 in particular that have helped on various things.

Disch for technical help and patience when I struggled to grasp how code works  :beer:
King Mike for help with many things in the 5+ years of visiting here, and overall help in the rhdn community  :beer:

There are many others to thank as well, given the 4-5 games I have attempted  :beer:

Ok... Now onto what I have so far

Complete overhaul of the equipment, with the most viable use of a limited roster.

Jailors key now opens all doors without any glitches, through the open routine.

Panacea and Yggdrasil Dew both have dual use. Revive from Leaf and Healmore. There is text overlap across the screen from the added function of Healmore.

Treasure drops are now good to excellent. Chest contents ended up better then expected.

Enemy choices expanded past the DW world as you will see. I wanted favorites and dragons first. Then I set up what now looks balanced, mixed with the creative ideas I chose. Palettes were redone for most enemies, and several changes were made as I went along.

Magic was a chore with limited options for characters. Enemies now have 5 breath attacks, 3 group fire spells, and 3 single target fire spells.

Enemy build, formations, and zoning, are currently in progress (line 678-1029)... Patch #5 has all other changes in "current work" already applied.


The final few things are much less difficult now, and I also wanted to share all the data for others who might be interested (beer)

Tell me what you guys think... I am still contemplating possible enemy changes.

Also, if anyone wants to look into the code, there are 3 text related errors that I know of... Panacea, Yggsdrasil Dew, and power shield.

Last thing... I am hoping to have this complete this month...

Hopefully this link works properly



 7-Falcon Sword   
12-Magic Knife   
15-Copper Sword   
24-Chain Sickle   
27-Wizard's Wand 
32-Iron Spear     
40-Broad Sword   
45-Divine Dagger 
50-Erdrick's Sword
60-Giant Hammer   
63-Staff Thunder 
65-Light Sword   
80-Dragon Killer 
80-Hero Spear     
95-Thunder Sword 

10-Leather Armor   
18-Chain Mail     
25-Bronze Armor   
28-Cloak of Evasion
35-Silver Armor   
45-Full Plate Armor
50-Water Flying   
50-Magic Armor     
60-Gaia Armor     
65-Dragon Mail     
75-Erdrick's Armor
 7-Leather Shield 
17-Scale Shield   
25-Iron Shield     
40-Power Shield   
50-Erdrick's Shield

 8-Mysterious Hat 
15-Iron Helmet     
30-Erdrick's Helmet




Heal All
Breath 1
Breath 2
Breath 3
Breath 4
Breath 5
Blaze 1 
Blaze 2 
Blaze 3 


   2-Big Slug   
   3-Army Ant   
   4-Red Slime 
   6-Wild Mouse
   9-Pit Viper 

  20-Fire Ant   
  11-Giant Rat 
  53-Saber Tiger

 225-Met Slime 
  47-Iron Ant   
  63-Mud Man   
  58-King Cobra
  93-Wraith Knig

  32-Gold Slime
 125-Titan Tree
 177-Saber Lion
 500-Green D   

  35-Man O’ War
  48-Sea Slug   
 800-Sea Dragon

1650-Met Babble
 193-Mega Knight
 225-Attack Bot
 172-Puppet Man
1150-Yellow D   

 350-Iron Slug 
 241-Dark Eye   
 578-Orc King   
 338-Magic Vampi
 407-Hargon’s Kn
1527-Killing M 
1600-Blue D     

1023-Pink Puff 
4050-Met Drakee
1454-Mace Mast 
2100-Red D     


Personal Projects / Re: Dragon Warrior 2 Disassembly
« on: May 03, 2018, 06:38:08 pm »
The battle system is the same as all classic RPG's, turn based. Specifically though, each formation can have up to 6 possible enemies, with each slot having a different % rate. Aside of that there are special battles, which have a 25% chance to occur instead of the normal formation. There is a 75% chance for the normal formation, and 25% for the special battle to occur.

#1 : 1-6 enemies - very high chance
#2 : 1-6 enemies - high chance
#3 : 1-6 enemies - Medium chance
#4 : 1-1 enemies - low chance
#5 : 3-6 enemies - low medium chance
#6 : 1-1 enemies - low chance

Depending on the formation #, there will be 1-3, 1-4, 1-6, 3-3, 3-4, or 3-6 enemies.

Here is the likely occurrence rate.

Special battle

#1-4 can appear in the same battle
#5-6 will appear alone
Special battles can have up to 4 enemies

There are 64 regular formations, and 13 special battles. 64 total special battles, but only 13 are changeable.

This is where I am at right now. Setting up all the formations and zones. Most of it is similar to the usual formations, but here are the new ones.

Saber Leopards west of Moonbrooke
Slime, Red Slime, Metal Slime, Drakee, Magidrakee, and Drakeema in Tantegal region
Green Dragon rare chance in the lower levels of Charlock Castle
Iron Ant and King Cobra in the Lighthouse
Demighost now in the ocean, and Gorgon being the most powerful
Green Dragons in Tuhn region, Moon Tower, Sea Cave, and CTR
Cyclops, Blue Dragon, and Magic Vampirus, rare chance in Tuhn region
Blue Dragon rare chance in Sea Cave, regular chance in the upper levels of CTR and Rhone
Red Dragon rare chance in Rhone, and regular chance in Hargons Castle

I am currently deciding on formations for Hamlin, Moonbrooke, and Wind Tower. Once I get further, I will have to see how well all these ideas will work. I already know that dragons will appear as singles, until deep into CTR and Rhone itself. Aside of that, many formations will be based on my favorite enemies.

Thank you for taking interest in this project  :beer:

This enemy set up is proving to be a little difficult, and what looks good on paper plays out differently in battle. I have the first 10 enemies pretty much all set, and equipment power/prices decided through Hamlin. Right now I am finalizing what enemies will appear where, and then I will create enemy stats/abilities from Hamlin and beyond.

I started to stall on this in the past week, but hopefully I can plow through this zoning thing, and actually complete a project for the first time.

Personal Projects / Re: Dragon Warrior 2 Disassembly
« on: April 20, 2018, 04:04:59 am »
Check this out. I discovered how to change the enemies, and this is what I have decided on.

Here are screen shots of all the enemies in each family. The following have been removed...

Ghost Mouse
Ghost Rat
Poison Lily
Evil Tree
Hork ... Slimes ... Drakees ... Snakes ... Cats ... Dragons ... Name changes

Aside of that, I have all the character, magic, and equipment stuff done


Lv-10/09/08 : -48/037/023 ... -40/-43/-48 .... -73/-62/-51 .... -54/-60
Lv-24/23/20 : 104/085/063 ... -92/102/114 ... 141/123/101 ... 121/136
Lv-32/31/28 : 132/113/082 ... 120/133/151 ... 186/173/158 ... 158/192
Lv-50/45/35 : 160/140/110 ... 150/160/180 ... 250/225/200 ... 200/240

Cannock Spells :



Moonbrooke Spells :




-3 : Bamboo Stick
-5 : Falcon Sword
10 : Club
14 : Magic Knife
18 : Copper Sword
25 : Chain Sickle
27 : Wizard's Wand
32 : Iron Spear
40 : Broad Sword
45 : Staff of Thunder
50 : Erdrick's Sword
60 : Giant Hammer
63 : Staff of Destruction
70 : Light Sword
80 : Dragon Killer
90 : Thunder Sword

-4 : Clothes
12 : Leather Armor
20 : Chain Mail
25 : Cloak of Evasion
30 : Bronze Armor
40 : Silver Armor
40 : Mink Coat
50 : Gold Armor
60 : Water Flying
60 : Diamond Armor
70 : Erdrick's Armor

-5 : Leather Shield
12 : Scale Shield
20 : Iron Shield
30 : Power Shield
40 : Erdrick's Shield

-8 : Mysterious Hat
15 : Iron Helmet
25 : Erdrick's Helmet

Enemy set up

#01 : Slime
#02 : Field Slug
#09 : Army Ant
#04 : Drakee
#14 : Red Slime
#05 : Wild Mouse..........Spring/Lake
#1f : Pit Viper
#03 : Iron Ant

#0a : Magician............Hamlin
#08 : Babble
#15 : Baboon
#13 : Smoke
#06 : Healer
#0e : Magidrakee
#0b : Giant Rat...........Tower
#0f : Centipod
#0d : Magic Ant
#11 : Lizard Fly
#12 : Zombie
#16 : Carnivog............West of Moonbrooke
#17 : Megapede
#20 : Mummy Man
#07 : Saber Leopard
#30 : Metal Slime
#18 : Sea Slug............Ocean
#10 : Man O’ War
#19 : Medusa
#1a : Drakeema
#1d : Demighost
#21 : Gorgon
#2e : Hawk Man

#1b : Mud Man.............Tantegel
#1c : Magic Baboon
#1e : Gremlin.............Lighthouse
#25 : Undead
#0c : King Cobra
#27 : Goopi
#22 : Saber Tiger.........Beran/Well/Oster
#24 : Titan Tree
#23 : Dragon Fly
#28 : Orc
#2a : Mummy
#2c : Gas
#2f : Sorcerer

#31 : Hunter..............Tuhn
#33 : Hibabango
#34 : Graboopi
#35 : Gold Orc............Moon/Sea Cave
#29 : Puppet Man
#32 : Evil Eye
#48 : Flame
#37 : Ghoul
#36 : Evil Clown
#39 : Mega Knight
#38 : Vampirus
#3a : Saber Lion
#46 : Green Dragon
#42 : Metal Babble

#3c : Ozwarg..............CTR
#3d : Dark Eye
#3e : Gargoyle
#3b : Metal Hunter
#3f : Orc King
#41 : Berserker
#26 : Basilisk
#49 : Silver Batboon
#40 : Magic Vampirus

#4a : Blizzard............Rhone
#44 : Cyclops
#43 : Hargon’s Knight
#2b : Blue Dragon
#47 : Mace Master
#4b : Giant
#4c : Gold Batboon
#45 : Attack Bot
#4d : Bullwong
#2d : Red Dragon
#4e : Atlas
#4f : Bazuzu
#50 : Zarlox
#51 : Hargon
#52 : Malroth

Now I can set up the enemies, and test the level ups.

This is moving along much better then I expected. I found the way to change enemies, by checking pointers to each palette set, and sure enough it was right before palettes. Enemy drops havent been found yet, but there is a GG code which narrows down the search area. Aside of that, there are just 2 things that will make this complete, and that is the Evil Clown/Saber Lion drops, which is still elusive.

With all that said, tell me what you guys think. There is now some vast options for DW2, similar to what DW3 has, maybe even more. I wanted FF1 hacking abilities for this game, and now it comes close, except for sprites and dialogue.

Im actually around 50% done now, depending on how long enemy set up takes.

This rocks  :beer:

Personal Projects / Re: Dragon Warrior 2 Disassembly
« on: April 05, 2018, 06:46:59 pm »

I copied the new link above. Let me know if it still isnt working.

Character development is almost done, and then enemies next. My goal for the end of April still looks possible. Hopefully there are others interested in this great under rated game as well  :beer:

Personal Projects / Dragon Warrior 2 Disassembly
« on: April 05, 2018, 06:38:32 pm »
Finally, after several weeks of plugging away at this, I got everything organized the right way. All the data is presented in disassembly form, which made it much easier then how I was doing it before.

There are 2 banks, 04 and 06, where almost all of the found data is. The full rom disassembly is left unmarked. Then there is an index, and one for detailed info.

Characters - Exp, Stats, Equip, Magic
Enemies - Stats, Skills, Formations, Zones, Palettes
Shop and Treasure
Text for - starting names, items, equipment, magic, enemies

Just about all I want to find has been found. The Item drops for Evil Clown and Saber Lion still havent been found yet. Power for all healing and fire spells have been found, except for the 3 fire breath attacks. The next things I would like to find is enemy drops, and see if I can find enemies assigned. I would like to create a blue and red dragon, among a few other ideas. Now with the ability to normalize all the equipment, there will be more varied options, also expanding what can be found in chests. I also want to remove sacrifice and surround, and add healall for poc, and hustle for pom. The last thing I would like to try and figure out, is HP past 256 for characters and enemies. There is a location in ram for this, and if I can find the zero page instruction, then writing new code to add this in, would really expand the options quite a bit.

In DW1 I, found a way to change the damage resistance for Erdricks and magic armor. I took the ASL and expanded it to 3 ASL's. Now every armor can have x16 resistance options, by choosing between ASL, LSR, and NOP, on those 3 bytes. That was my best accomplishment, with total new code of about 225 bytes. I need to find the bank switch in DW2, which I haveent looked for, but it should be similar to DW1 MMC1. There is roughly 80K free space, with the US release being expanded to 256, from the original 128. I am getting a little bit ahead of my self, but when I understand the code, I can branch upon it, even though I have no idea how to write a whole new instruction.

I will admit, that I struggle more with concentration, then I do understanding the code. Using a hex editor all these years, and now I found the mix of good methods. Organize the notes, scan through the disassembly, look for things in fceux, and then use HxD.

With all that said, here we finally have, a good foundation for further disassembly of DW2, now that I finally set it up in an organized manner.

Original thanks to AlexKC, who found the initial data back in 2011. Special thanks to gameboy9, who was finding code left and right 2 years ago, when he was helping me on my DW2 thread  :)  :beer:

Then there are the many people here that have helped me quite a bit. Disch and King Mike in particular, who always give a full scale analysis, and precise direction to find the code I am looking for  :) :beer:

One last thing here, that I was wondering if someone knew about. DragonWarriorX overworld editor sort of works. There is a full interface that edits everything perfectly fine, and even marks coords and location entrances as well. When you try to open the game, all the graphics and tiles are a garbled mess. So it partially works...

If anyone is interested in helping look for code, that would be awesome  :beer:

Now I am finally ready to start the writing process. Starting with Character stats, exp, and magic. Equipment and then enemy stats, abilities, formations, and zoning. Then shop and treasure last.

Newcomer's Board / Re: fceux help
« on: March 19, 2018, 07:35:06 pm »
Finally figured out some key data, but not by my ability to understand code. I did look over all the 6502 instructions, and I can grasp some of it, but I easily get overwhelmed. Too many instructions linked to many places, and then I get lost knowing what I am looking for. I understand the immediates, and zero page a5 and 85, but from there I get lost. I need to take what I understand in DW2, and further learn how the code functions. Thinking of FF1 disassembly, and how to apply that knowledge to DW2.

I kept trying different things with break points, and it helped me find more RAM locations, but not so much with understanding more code then I can grasp. I ended up NOPing out large sections of code, and then FINALLY uncursed these items, and the dilemma I was facing.

Here is what I found with the specific break point that was key $7d, but it did not lead me to where I needed it. It did give just 2 stops, instead of several with other break points.

0F:F6B9:85 7D     STA $007D = #$07
0F:F6BB:8D C8 60  STA $60C8 = #$01
0F:F6BE:A9 04     LDA #$04
0F:F6C0:38        SEC
0F:F6C1:60        RTS ---

02:B6AE:85 7D     STA $007D = #$00
02:B6B0:AD C8 60  LDA $60C8 = #$00
02:B6B3:8D 9E 60  STA $609E = #$15
02:B6B6:85 7C     STA $007C = #$15
02:B6B8:18        CLC
02:B6B9:60        RTS ---

Here is the actual stuff I needed to find.

Battle options

125f8 : a9 4c - Sword of Destruction
12603 : a9 57 - Gremlin Armour
1260a : a9 5f - Evil Shield
1262d : a9 0d : A tremendous blow!
1268a : a9 42 : No movement was possible, for the curse had frozen --'s body

1862c/2f : 6f 46 57 5f - all 4 cursed items when equipping

Cannot be traded between characters when equipped

19b18 : c9 4c - Sword of Destruction
19b1c : c9 57 - Gremlin Armour
19b20 : c9 5f - Evil Shield
19b24 : c9 6f - Gremlins Tail

Applying as an item

1984e : c9 2f - Gremlins Tail
198d2 : a9 24 : -- put on the Gremlin's Tail.
198d6 : a9 25 : -- has already put on the Gremlin's Tail.

19844 : c9 30
198b7 : 22 - -- put on the Dragon's Bane.
198bb : 23 - -- has already put on the Dragon's Bane.

I have to admit that several people have tried to help over the last 5 years, and my brain just doesnt grasp the code sometimes. Disch and King Mike in particular, have offered plentiful advice, and clear direction many times.  :beer:

I made progress, and didnt burn myself out yet, so now maybe I can break more code  :thumbsup:

Newcomer's Board / Re: fceux help
« on: March 16, 2018, 10:43:36 pm »
Thank you for all the help guys  :beer:

I am making some progress on learning how this works. I have some RAM locations mapped out, and I learned how to set breakpoints with more success.

7d, 96, 9b, 6f8-6ff, and 60c8, are the specific areas effected by equipping a cursed item. I found some other stuff in RAM also, but this is hard, because so many other things change.

Now I just need to learn how the code works.

LDA - ad xx xx
STA - 8d xx xx
JSR - 20 xx xx

LDA - a5 xx
STA - 85 xx

These seem to be the very first things to look for, and then try to learn the surrounding code. I finally used 6502d and made a rom map, and labeled a few things. Now I need to sort my flood of notes, and get them organized.

Am I right on those 5 op codes being the primary ones to look for first?

Newcomer's Board / Re: fceux help
« on: March 12, 2018, 10:58:20 pm »
Here is what I discovered, and it still doesnt narrow down my search

7d - 07 to 01 for cursed Sw/Ar/Sh
95 - Displays the last thing equipped
96 - Flashes equip upon initiation, and then be reverts to original value
60d0 - 02 to 01 for cursed Sw/Ar/Sh
60d1 - 02 to 01 for cursed Sw/Ar/Sh
60d9 - 2d to 0c for cursed Sw/Ar/Sh

These are the RAM locations where changes occurred when equipping the cursed sword, Armor, and Shield. 96 shows every equippable item. I tried my usual search in HxD, with none of the following yielding anything useful. The favorable items : WFC, Erdricks Armor, and Magic Armor, all show no RAM changes.

A5 : 7d, 95, 96
85 : 7d, 95, 96

No ID#'s anywhere in the vicinity of these searches.

Im thinking it might be in a bitmask form with 29-AND or 69-ADC, with 01,02,04,08,10,20,40,80. The only problem with this idea, is that there are 9 items and not 8.

With all that, maybe someone can lead me in a direction I am not thinking of.


I feel like such a bone head right now. In my notes I have this...

Each Party Member Gets 2 Hits With Any Weapon, Instead of Only With The Falcon Sword
1227a : 04 > 00 - AAVXZZGA

12274/75 : a9 49 - Falcon Sword

Item ID# + x40 = the item is equipped

I tried item # 05 club and changed 12275 from 49 to 45, and sure enough the club became the weapon to hit twice.

So the item ID# is found with a9 and not c9. Im not sure about the other equipment yet, but I did have the 11500-13300 range accurately assumed. I will post what I find tomorrow when I get back to this.


Made more progress, but now I cant find the text display on screen.

From 125f3-12695 is where the cursed sword, armor, and shield are. The two in battle texts are there also. Now I can uncurse these three items, just by changing the one text that freezes your character. The only problem now, is text #71 for out of battle, which I cannot find at all. When equipping them, it still displays that you are being cursed, even though the in battle effect can be completely removed.

I cant figure out the break point thing, which leads me to c1c5, but there is no 71 there. Weird how there was no options to find 71 anywhere in the rom. a9, a2, a0, 09, 29, 69, and c9. None of the immediate options yield this ID#

Newcomer's Board / Re: fceux help
« on: March 12, 2018, 04:53:49 pm »
Thank you for all the info. I didnt know to right click to set a break point, uggh...

I tried a few things, and sort of got it working. I set a breakpoint at $22ac, and when I equipped any of the cursed items it brought up $c1c5 and $c0aa. In battle, it didnt matter if I was frozen or not, $c038 and $c0aa came up. I dont understand how this is supposed to help yet, but with more effort I can figure it out.

With the whole c9 compare thing, let me explain. Lets take 0c : Sword of Destruction for example. If I want to disable the curse, then I would have to change the 0c to something else in the battle routine, which is in the range of 11500-13300. The logic I am using here is based on something in DW1. Erdricks armor is 1c in DW1. Whether it is damage reduction, sleep and stopspell resist, or healing from walking, there is a c9 1c. If I change the 1c to 10 for example, then half plate armor will carry those attributes instead of Erdricks armor. I am looking for a c9 with all those 9 items in DW2, to change the item they are assigned to. As far as the text being in bank 7, I am thinking that because who can equip what is at 1a300, then I would find an a9 42 for the text 42 : No movement was possible, for the curse had frozen --'s body. That is what the whole c9 logic is all about. I never took the time to change any of the c9 xx in the 11500-13500 range, because there are too many possibilities, and not all of the 9 items appear in similar locations. I was looking for a5 zero page options by viewing RAM, but again there were too many potential options.

So yeah, in summary here, I am taking what I know in DW1, and doing a c9 search in HxD, and not finding anything conclusive, even though I am sure of the ballpark area. There should be a c9 xx for each item, a9 xx for the text, and a9 xx for the effects (resist % for sleep, stopspell) or (damage reductions for WFC, Erdricks and magic armor).

Hopefully that clarifies what I am trying to do, and in the meantime I will keep trying to learn the options in fceux.

Thank you very much for the breakdown of what to do, and hopefully it will lead me to learning how to unearth more code  :beer:

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