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ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Bio Hazard (Resident Evil) for the NES
« on: January 20, 2018, 01:46:19 pm »
Sweet!  Did he make that just recently, or was it there the whole time?  I didn't even notice it before.

It's my patch ;D

Man, are you guys talking at cross purposes or what? :laugh:

I'm really not sure about hacking with one of those things... depending on where you live, can't you just buy a second-hand desktop or laptop for next to nothing? If you're hacking the NES as you said, you can use something over 10-15 years old and FCEUX will still run perfectly fine, then you can use all the programs you need. I'm sure Chromebooks have their uses, but I can't see hacking being one of them.

Regarding how graphics look in a hex editor, sure, you could do it, if you read documentation in how graphics are stored. But seriously, your time is worth more than hacking graphics that way.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Tile Editor
« on: January 19, 2018, 02:29:21 am »
I usually prefer to use Tile Molester and export the stuff I want to edit to a picture file, then use GIMP to do the actual drawing, then you can do whatever you want. A program like GIMP has way more features. Then you can import it back to TM when you're done.

TM also has a lot of flexibility with choosing how many bytes are in a row/column, as well as every format you can imagine. I confess I haven't used YY-CHR, because I've never needed to look beyond TM.

Personal Projects / Re: JRPGs: DoubleXP/DoubleGold
« on: January 17, 2018, 05:21:48 am »
I've also seen this while using the DW1 Mass Data Editor, actually. For most items it'll modify item cost without issue, but certain objects (it's been some time, but I believe Herb, Torch, Dragon's Scale, and Wings), editing the items away from their base values can cause strange discrepancies as well!

I don't think that's related. In fact, I don't know why you may have had problems with that, but if you're serious about hacking then you'd dump those tools. Ain't nothin' you can't do with a good debugging emulator, a hex editor, and some knowhow. ;)

I'm looking again at the game: the problem I had is that making $00 and $01 have my 16-bit number is fine to write on the screen, but of course the game doesn't care about $01 when adding to your actual experience. At $EA17, the routine (after telling you how much you XP you earned) loads the value in $00, adds it to your experience total, then replaces it with the new total. If it goes over $FF (255) then it adds one to the most significant byte. If the MSB goes over $FF, then it loads $FF to both, because that's the maximum XP for the game (65,535). Of course, there's nothing to stop you using a 24-bit number for your total XP, but I don't think it's worth the effort. If you want to see this routine in action, add a breakpoint in the debugger for "execute" at EA17, then win a fight.

Now, that's all well and good, but we need to add $01 to the MSB, in addition to all I just mentioned. The simple answer is to continue what I did earlier: do a jump and include an instruction to add $01 to $BB (the MSB of your experience). The tricky bit is deciding in what order to do things. We need four operations: add $00 to $BA, increase $BB (if necessary), add $01 to $BB, put $FF in $BA and $BB (if necessary). I'm working on the routine now and I'll edit this post when I'm done. :D

EDIT: okay, here we go. :) First thing to mention: this requires changing the previous double XP patch I gave you, and it ONLY works for the XP, not the Gold, so it's a bit limited.

At $EA29 in the ROM, put 20 54 FF 50 0C, which jumps to my new routine, and on returning, skips all the code that was copied to that routine.

Then, at $FF64, put this: 18 65 BA 85 BA 90 04 E6 BB F0 09 A5 01 18 65 BB 85 BB 90 06 A9 FF 85 BA 85 BB 60 (copy-paste it in there). It'll be a pain to explain everything in this, but most of it is copied from the original routine in the game. It just adds a new part to add $01 to $BB. I'm sure I could use fewer bytes in this part and change something in the other part, but for now it'll do.

You can test that this works by doing an execute breakpoint to $EA13, then when it stops, changing $00 and $01 to whatever you want, and it should add the right amount to your XP total. I'll need to fiddle with it a bit more to do double XP again.

EDIT2: Aha! I've finished my routine, and it's so nice I think I'll use it in my final version of my patch, even though it's not really necessary (because no enemies in the original game give you more than 127 of either). It uses two routines that cover both XP and Gold, one to double them and another to make sure the 2nd byte is used. I'll post later.

EDIT3: Changed my mind, I'll properly release it as a patch and add it to the RHDN database. :) Hopefully later today, if I find the time.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Bio Hazard (Resident Evil) for the NES
« on: January 16, 2018, 04:04:42 pm »
I'll think about it.

January 16, 2018, 06:57:07 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
firedropdl, I found a lot of mistakes in translation. It also ignores punctuation, direct speech is not marked.

Чувак, он не переводил игру. :D

I would suggest asking pacnsacdave about these things, but I don't think the guy writes much on the forum.

Personal Projects / Re: JRPGs: DoubleXP/DoubleGold
« on: January 16, 2018, 03:29:53 am »

Ah, I see. I should've paid more attention to what I was doing. :)

It seems like it says on-screen how much you get, but what you actually receive is different. I'll have a look at it, and the Gold as well. It's most likely that it's filling your XP with the untouched value at $106, while the values used in $00 and $01 are just for text purposes.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Hacking the ROM on a physical cartridge?
« on: January 15, 2018, 04:17:14 pm »
Yeah, the question is why exactly you want to hack an existing cartridge. If you want to just play ROMs on real hardware then just do as FAST says and buy an Everdrive. Personally although it'd be neat to see my hacks on real hardware, I'm content with emulation given the cost of a good flashcart.

And yes, Read Only Memory is memory that you can only read, not write. ;)

Personal Projects / Re: JRPGs: DoubleXP/DoubleGold
« on: January 15, 2018, 08:36:28 am »
Oh. Well... Crap.  :-\

I think you missed the part where I said "I could change the routine so that the carry flag is also considered, which would solve the problem". :D I would just have to do an arithmetic shift on the byte in $00, then rotate the carry into $01 (if none of that makes sense, don't worry, it's assembly maths stuff ;) ).

Let's do it right now, shall we? :D

Open the game in FCEUX (or in a hex editor) and go to $EA1F in the ROM. There are four bytes we're interested in: A9 00 85 01, which means "LDA #$00; STA $01", or "load the Accumulator with the number zero, and store it in $01 in RAM". This is an odd bit of programming: it's as if the game accommodates using a 16-bit value for the XP in battles, but explicitly doesn't use it, instead writing zero to the most significant byte. Fortunately, we CAN use it! :)

Change A9 00 85 01 to 20 60 FF EA, which means "JSR $FF60; NOP", or "jump to the subroutine at $FF60, then do nothing for a cycle". We need three bytes to make the jump, but we're replacing two instructions that use two bytes each, so there's one byte we don't need. We just replace it with an instruction that tells it to do nothing. So now we're ready, we put our subroutine at $FF60 (in RAM), which in this particular ROM will be at $FF70, so go there.

You'll see a bunch of FFs, meaning there's some empty space for us. Type 06 00 26 01 60, which means "ASL $00; ROL $01; RTS", or "do an arithmetic shift left on what's in $00; rotate left on what's in $01; go back to where you were in the program". An arithmetic shift moves the bits either left or right, and moves the highest (or lowest) bit into the carry. Learn about binary, bits and bytes if that still makes no sense. :) Rotate does the same thing but the difference is that ASL puts zero in the lowest position, which ROL puts the Carry into the lowest position. So if your first byte is doubled and goes over 255, that activates the Carry flag, and the second byte then gets that Carry added to it. Make sense? :)

Anyway, let's give it a try. Enter those two things, then get into a fight with a Slime. Normally that gives you 1 XP, now it gives you 2. Yay! But let's go further. The XP for that encounter is stored at $106 in RAM, so go there when you get into a fight and (if it's a Slime) it'll have $01 stored there. Try changing it to $81 (129 in decimal). If everything goes right, it should give you 258 when you win. Give it a try. ;)

Of course, you'll need to do something similar with the Gold as well (I'll have a look at that later if you're interested). Also, if you're fiddling with "exp/gold gain, shop costs, etc", you might need to take them into account, if you're always earning double from battles. And don't forget that you'll still earn a maximum of 510 using this method. If you want to make it quadruple instead of double, you'll need a few more bytes of instructions. Still, I think 510 should be enough. :)

Happy hacking! ;)

Personal Projects / Re: JRPGs: DoubleXP/DoubleGold
« on: January 14, 2018, 03:30:39 am »
I'm just doing a "modernization" patch of my own, updating names, exp/gold gain, shop costs, etc. But a few values (Metal Slime, Gold Golem) would ideally go over the 255 limit.

I'm a bit confused: are you saying you want to set those enemies to give you more than 255? Because the game code doesn't support that. Open FCEUX and set an execute breakpoint for $EA0A, and you'll see that the game stores one byte for the XP total to $00, and stores zero to $01. But if you change $00 and $01 to FF, you'll get 65,535, so it's clearly possible to get more than 255 from an encounter. The problem is, the game ignores the most significant byte when loading the XP total, so if the enemy is 144 normally and doubled, you only get 32 (because 256 is ignored). Of course I could change the routine so that the carry flag is also considered, which would solve the problem.

Anyway, time for an update! :)

Thanks to KingMike's assistance, I've made an update to my Final Fantasy 6 (SNES) patch! Now when you get later in the game and earn Magic Points for your Esper stuff, you'll earn double. I'd never have been able to do it without someone providing me with a late-in-the-game save file, so big thanks to KingMike for stepping up! ;)

Also in the pack is Dragon Quest 3 (SNES), which complements my previous patches for DW3 on GBC and NES. I think I may have to take another look at my DW3 NES patch, since it was one of the first ones I did and I want to make sure it's okay, given what I've been learning since then.

I've now reached the point where I think I'll officially release a few patches. I've now completed Dragon Warrior/Quest 1 and 2 on NES, SNES and GBC, so I know the patches work correctly.

Also, when you reach the last shrine before the final castle in DW2, FAQs will sensibly recommend that you reach level 30 before trying. Well, I made it there in the 20s and really couldn't be bothered to grind at that stage, even with double XP. So I used my hacking skills to make Game Genie codes that will give you super XP from a battle, then turned them off when I was up to the level I wanted. :) And I'll share them with you now!

On Dragon Warrior 2 (NES), there's an internal check to allow you to earn no more than 9,999 XP from any battle, even though there isn't a single battle in the game that could earn you anything close to that. So I just replaced the branch instruction with one that does the opposite (ie load 9,999 XP if you get LESS than that, not MORE).

EUSPEPEP - gives 9,999 XP for every fight

Of course, if 9,999 isn't enough, you can use these two codes to change 9,999 to the maximum of 65,535.

NNSOKOYE + NNVPOPYX - gives 65,535 XP for every fight (with EUSPEPEP)

(for testing purposes, I used just the first patch to play through the entire game from scratch. :D It didn't take nearly as long, obviously)

For the Game Boy Color version, I've also made a Game Genie code, but this one always gives you 65,535 XP. The GBC version also includes a maximum routine, so this code replaces the jump instruction with a load instruction, meaning the code just continues to load the maximum into the XP total.

26D-67B-2AA - gives 65,535 XP for every fight

As for the SNES version, I used Pro Action Replay to patch the RAM, whereas Game Genie patches the ROM. It just puts 255 in $7E0ED9, which is where the most significant byte of the XP total is kept. Therefore, you always earn a MINIMUM of 65,535 for each fight, as well as adding the least significant byte.

7E0ED9FF - gives minimum 65,535 XP for every fight

Have fun with the patches, and the codes! :)

Guys, guys, has nobody here heard of the 1964 60FPS Build for GoldenEye/Perfect Dark? Keyboard, mouse, 60 frames per second. It is seriously awesome.

Of course, there are other games that could benefit with this treatment, but for now this is pretty damn cool. Shame there's no four-people-round-a-TV action, which was most of the fun of the original GoldenEye.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Converting FDS images to NES?
« on: January 08, 2018, 01:46:18 am »
The ones that can be (somewhat) easily converted are those that don't need to be.

A more succinct explanation I can't think of. :)

I'm sure switching disks might seem like a hassle to you, but remember that you can load the game, make a save state, then never have to worry about loading it. :D

Personal Projects / Re: JRPGs: DoubleXP/DoubleGold
« on: January 07, 2018, 08:56:04 pm »
could I use your EXP/Gold formula edit for my own project?

Uh, in what way? You're hacking one of the games I've done? Well, you could just write in your readme file "hey guys, my hack will be better if you use this guy's patch as well" with a link or something? If I can see what you're actually doing then maybe I'll let you put my hack into yours with a credit, but I'd like to know where it's going first. :)

By the way, here's a bunch of patches for you guys! ;),zip

Dragon Warrior 3 on GBC is done, but I'm still figuring out the SNES version. It appears the code refers to specific positions in the stack, which is a TERRIBLE idea, because when I did a subroutine jump, it knocked the stack pointer by one, thus crashing the game. Who the hell programmed that?!

Anyway, there's also an updated patch for Final Fantasy 3 (NES) which halves the time to increase your job level (thanks for the heads up, Reiska!), and I removed the fast running feature I used to have - I've gone off the idea. :) I also finally fixed Dragon Warrior 2 (NES) so I'll be completing that game soon. :D

I must point out to everyone in the thread that all of these patches are preliminary: I've not officially released any of them, because I want to iron out any kinks.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Converting FDS images to NES?
« on: January 07, 2018, 02:13:15 pm »
I see you took out all the guesswork by making two separate patches and reference that in the readme.  Nice.

You ought to have checked before your post. ;)

Also, I know you can get a bit obsessed with CRCs but remember that disk images (they're not ROMs) can have different CRCs for various reasons. The main one is because of the save data, but also different disks can have different write dates. So theoretically you could find two identical FDS disks still in the shrink wrap (as I said, theoretically ;) ) and they could have different CRCs because one was made a day later than the other.

In addition, when we talk of headers, don't forget that FDS files have two types of headers: ones used by the actual disks which have VERY IMPORTANT information stored within, and a totally pointless header which was added when people first started dumping disks. The latter can be removed, which is why I make two patches.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Converting FDS images to NES?
« on: January 07, 2018, 03:19:43 am »
As someone who's recently translated a bunch of FDS games, I'll bite on this one.

The problem with converting them is that the format is quite different. Regular ROM games are simple: if they don't use mappers, they just have the entire 24/40kb available for the NES to access, and if they do use them, the MMC switches parts of the ROM in and out using certain instructions.

FDS disks are just that: disks, with files like you'd get on a PC. Instead of one big ROM lump, you have different files. Plus there are two sides to store them on, and when the FDS was released it was quite a lot of storage (before MMUs made it redundant) and of course the innate ability to save.

The way the FDS works, it has a BIOS for loading from disks, unlike the NES which doesn't need one. Some games, like Mahjong, whose translation of mine I converted from ROM to disk, will just load the entire game into RAM at the beginning. Others, like Knight Lore, use both sides and have data for each level in different files, which are all transferred into RAM at the same point, overwriting each other. The files can be any size, and can be written to wherever you like in RAM.

This is very different from a ROM using bank switching. MMCs switch banks in certain specific amounts, and it happens instantly. Whereas a file could only be under a kilobyte, a bank has to be at least 4kb, usually more, and is a set size, so often you'll get wasted space.

Not to mention in all this that instructions in the games will point to different locations if you changed to a ROM. It could take a lot of reprogramming to make a larger FDS game work in ROM format, and require one of the more advanced mappers.

At which point you realise that every emulator can play them (even Everdrives can I think) so you wonder what's the point. :D

TL;DR - it's not as easy as you hope.

Personal Projects / Re: JRPGs: DoubleXP/DoubleGold
« on: January 06, 2018, 10:31:54 am »
Regarding FF5 and FF6: Yeah, those things only show up a ways into the game.  For FF5, you have to get past the Wind Shrine to unlock jobs for the first time, which is about 30 minutes of gameplay in.  For FF6 it's much deeper in, Magic Points don't start getting awarded until you've received your first Magicite, which for a casual player is likely to be 5-6 hours deep.

Herein lies the problem for me to find and fix this stuff, since there's no logical way of finding it without actually playing. I'll have to file those two under 'preliminary' for now. :)

Speaking of which, I'm right near the end of Dragon Warrior II, and I've only just realised that I messed up the XP routine! :( It SEEMED fine at the beginning of the game, but with hundreds or thousands of points being awarded, it's clear that there's a problem. The game tells you that you've received loads of points, but your XP total doesn't add up. So I dived in again and I've changed it to double the XP amount after killing each enemy, rather than at the end of the fight, which should fix it. I have a problem with doing the Gold that way, though, because the game only uses an 8-bit value for enemy Gold values, but of course you can carry a 16-bit amount of Gold, so doubling before the end of the fight doesn't really work. Anyway, I'll finish that off soon enough.

Incidentally, am I the only one who says XP instead of EXP? :D I suppose it could be mistaken for Windows XP...

Personal Projects / Re: JRPGs: DoubleXP/DoubleGold
« on: January 06, 2018, 03:29:07 am »
Hi!  I love this project and saw that I was mentioned re: Phantasy Star II.  Wanted to chime in that while I did 4x exp/meseta for it, there's probably certainly value in a 2x patch also.  Degrees of difficulty, and all that. :)

I like doing things myself, and besides, I wanted to hack a Genesis game. :)

Regarding Dragon Warrior III: The US NES version of DW3 has a routine hacked into the end-of-battle code (or something like that) that applies an artificial multiplier to EXP gains already (I don't think money is affected).  So if you search for the EXP values you see in game, you won't find anything - the monster data still has the unmodified EXP values from the Japanese version.

I don't know if this is what you meant, but I don't search for XP tables in the ROM, at least not anymore. I should explain my methods to anyone who's interested.

I find where the XP and Gold is stored in RAM; I find the instruction that adds to it; I trace backwards to find where the final battle totals originally come from, and insert a routine that doubles it. The exact way of doing it varies depending on the game and the CPU. Generally the more advanced CPUs are easier because they can handle bigger numbers (plus the systems usually have lots of RAM and empty ROM space that I can put my little routine into).

In the case of DW3, I've already forgotten what I did for the NES version, but last night I hacked the GBC version (took longer than I'd like) and I did notice you get less Gold than XP, which is odd. Regardless of what the game does itself, I just doubled the end result.

Regarding FF3: Yes, definitely double job EXP.  (Note that Job EXP and Capacity are not the same thing!)  There's also a hidden melee proficiency stat detailed in the game mechanics FAQs for the game which should be doubled.  (I know it's explicitly mentioned in the DS version's mechanics FAQs, but I'm not sure about NES; nonetheless I think the mechanic exists in both versions.)  In short, this game has a lot of hidden advancement crap just like FF2.

Didn't know about the hidden stuff you mentioned - see, this is why I have this thread and haven't published anything officially yet. :D I don't understand Job XP and Capacity being different: it looked to me like you used Capacity points to change to another job, but maybe I misunderstood (again, I haven't played FF3 before, like most of these games). Perhaps I need to look at the game mechanics FAQ.

Regarding FF5 and FF6: Did you double ABP/Magic Points also?

Uh, dunno? :D I went to the first battle in each game and did my hacking there. If later on you get some other kind of bonus then I don't know about it.

Regarding FF2: A reworked FF2 to have traditional leveling would be an extremely ambitious project indeed, but I think it has a lot of potential to be very interesting.

It certainly would be ambitious, and interesting. I don't think it's worth my time, though. But I can't think of a good way of fixing the current system. My previous patch was just doing what a regular player could do with patience (select-cancel over 100 times, same with magic, get hurt intentionally etc), but I'm wondering if it'd be better to make the game like what it was INTENDED to be (ie remove the select-cancel glitch) but make it quicker (ie 4x weapon/magic use instead of 1x, give you HP increase if you lose even one HP rather than half). Then again you have other stats which improve in different ways, which is why I kind of abandoned the idea: sure you could get HP/MP and skill increases rapidly, but it's silly if your regular stats like vitality and strength don't go up also (since you'll be fighting fewer battles). Basically it's a bit of a mess to fix, and will need me to sit down and read a FAQ to figure out what needs fixing.

Many thanks for your interest in the project! :) And I'll have Dragon Warrior/Quest III up soon, but I want to do the SNES version first (already done GBC). Also, anybody got any ideas about my GBA question from earlier?

EDIT: I just read up on FF3. By "job EXP" I think you just mean EXP in general, in which case of course I know that capacity is different. :D I hacked the EXP and Gold before even noticing Capacity. As for melee proficiency, I'll have a look in the game to see if I can locate that, and maybe I'll double that, too.

EDIT2: Interesting! There IS a stat that I wasn't aware of, but it's not melee proficiency, it's what the English NES translation calls "Job Level". Every round you take part in gives you 4 points, and you go up a level when it reaches 100 (stored at $6110 for the first character). So essentially it takes 25 rounds to go up a level (whether this changes as you go up, I can't say). Changing this is trivial: just change $6BE20 from 64 to 32. Now you only need 13 rounds to go up. :) It doesn't seem to matter if you fight in the round either: guarding still gives you the bonus. Maybe this "melee proficiency" stat with a 33 limit is in the DS version? :huh:

Personal Projects / Re: JRPGs: DoubleXP/DoubleGold
« on: January 04, 2018, 04:02:06 am »
My guess for what you would do with Mana/Evermore is to raise Weapon/Magic (or "Alchemy") EXP? Maybe reduce Tech Points needed for Chrono Trigger. All those games have visible enemies, so I don't think you really can lower the encounter rate.

I've never played any of them, so I can't say whether XP/Gold boosts work for it. I've made exceptions before, such as FF3 and its Capacity points.

Super Mario RPG is another game (like FFMQ) I'd argue whether it even needs an EXP/Coins boost. SMRPG actually has a fairly low EXP limit (level 30 at 9999 EXP).

I played SMRPG a long time ago, so I don't remember if it's very grindy at all. I just played FFMQ for the first time, and yeah, it's FF for kids. :D No random battles, plus you can go back and the potions respawn. Don't think it needs a patch.

Personal Projects / Re: JRPGs: DoubleXP/DoubleGold
« on: January 03, 2018, 04:44:17 pm »
Happy New Year! :)

Due to doublepost restrictions I've had to wait until the New Year to post an update in this thread, so here goes!

First off is some good news! While you (and I) were enjoying the festive season, I've been preparing several more games for you to enjoy! :D

Final Fantasy 6 (4 in the US) is DONE, completing the 8/16-bit saga (well, except for number 2, I still can't decide what to do with that). I haven't done much testing because the game actually runs rather slowly on SNES9x on my Android tablet, which is my preferred playtesting method (bsnes-plus on the PC is where I do the actual hacking, but I don't have time to sit and play at the PC these days). And there are patches for both US and Japanese versions because they're quite different on the inside (I had to do an extra long jump on the Japanese version to put my routine).

Phantasy Star 2 is DONE, although I know the database already has one that gives you four times the XP/Gold. I just really wanted to do it myself, and now I have. That marks the first Genesis/Mega Drive game I've hacked (not counting helping someone out with Revenge of Shinobi). And yes, it DOES work with the retranslation available in the database, but make sure you use FixCheckSum to, er, fix the checksum, or it probably won't play.

Also, Phantasy Star Gaiden on Game Gear is DONE, marking my first Game Gear game, too! Admittedly, after doing Phantasy Star on Master System, the two systems are almost identical except for having a Start button and fantastic colour. But still, I wanted to tick a box and now I have. :) But seriously, if I knew how to reduce the encounter rate in this game then I would, it's ridiculous! You can barely walk three steps! :O

Finally, I've updated my DQ1&2 patch and included it here. I'm currently playing through Dragon Warrior/Quest 2 on NES, Game Boy AND SNES simultaneously. The latter two are definitely easier than the original, but they've also fixed some bugs (like being able to win multiple Staffs of Thunder and sell them, and being able to make two Water Flying Cloths). The SNES is the best version for me, although the translation patch does have a few little errors here and there.

I also decided that, since I've now hacked what I call the Classic Seven consoles (NES, SNES, GB, MS, Genesis, GG, PCE/TG16 - not in this project), I should try the next logical step: Final Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls on the Game Boy Advance. However, I've hit a snag. At first glance, although I've not really looked at the 32-bit instruction set, what I've seen of the 16-bit THUMB set is reminiscent of the 68K, so not so hard to grasp. What surprises me is how jumps/calls/branches work. Even though I need just two bytes to add a register to itself, the ROM seems absolutely full for the most part, with only the end being free. Problem is, as far as I can work out, THUMB branches are relative and 22-bit, which isn't enough for the jump that I need. I've read that you can put the PC into the LR and then put your address into the PC manually, but that requires having a 32-bit address to hand, and as I said, I don't have 4 bytes lying around that I can write my address into. It's much simpler on everything else I've worked with, but then nothing I've worked with has required a 32-bit address. Any GBA hackers who can help me with this? I'm pretty sure I know the instruction I need to follow with my routine, but have no way of doing it until I figure out this jump.

Anyway, in other news I've decided to work on a translation! :) This project is certainly fun because the hacking I do is so minimal and I end up with a game I'm more inclined to play, but my first love was translating and so when I was looking at the PC Engine, knowing it was one of the systems needing a bit more love, I remembered a game called Appare Gateball. I remembered it because years ago I bought a PC Engine Duo and a bunch of games, and one of the few that I could play without needing to read too much was that. Given that it's essentially a sports game (for a game nobody's heard of) it doesn't have an overwhelming amount of text, but it DOES include a section explaining the rules (clearly it's not so popular in Japan either). So that's what I'm having a go at now, but I'll make another thread to talk about that one.

So, what's next? Unless I can figure out what to do with the GBA, it'll be some more SNES JRPGs: Secret of Mana/Evermore, Chrono Trigger, Super Mario RPG maybe... I'm sure there's plenty, more so than the NES. If there's any more you guys can think of, let me know! I enjoy it, and it's good experience. :) And for anyone in the thread who doesn't know how to do this themselves, remember: just 9 months ago, I knew absolutely nothing about assembly, and now I've hacked and written routines for four different CPUs (waiting for the GBA to make it five). You can do it too! ;)

So you always expand your roms or hack only games with clearly unused bytes like sequences of 00 or $FF?

Yep. :D I'm too scared of messing with whatever's already there.

The code data logger is really useful to get the most of the rom, specially without expanding it. Sometimes you can check the unused code itself to see that there's no way it can be called and is just leftover code. Some other times there are branches that never go to it, and you can analyze that to know if there's a chance it will be used or not.

Tell me more: how can I analyse code to be sure it'll never be used? Having the CDL recording will be useful, sure, but I'd have to play through the entire game and in every possible situation, and even then I wouldn't be sure. As for knowing there are no branches or jumps to it, sure, but how can you search for that?

Script Help and Language Discussion / Re: Kanji ID
« on: December 30, 2017, 02:20:14 am »
It is a very common kanji

Common in Chinese, given it's the first character in "hello", but it isn't used in modern Japanese, so it's understandable that he'd miss it.

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