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Great work! :thumbsup: I think it will be much easier to find tools for gen III, even the bit I have been investigating with gen II I've seen that most of the tools are for the 3rd generation.

Maybe someone can help you with this problems. You could ask someone at rom hackers online, they have a irc and a facebook-like webpage, and is a website dedicated at hacking pokemon games mostly.

I didn't think about the advantage having 3 starters give you. Another possibility: without entering on the complexity of the scripts that yellow might have: simulate how you get them on yellow. If you don't do the checks that yellow does (I think it checks if you have medals) it should not be a big problem, just editing the maps and adding the 3 characters (and house, etc. where it belongs) that give you that 3 pokemon.

The problem is that one of them would already be in your team because you choose it as a starter. Capturing them in the grass is also fine, I'm just trying to give you ideas.

I've been looking at hacking, just for fun, yesterday and today. If you are interested I can help you with your rom, I know more or less how to insert a pokemon as a figure (on gold), and there are a couple more interesting things that can be looked at to see if they are easy to do, like making graveller, etc. evolve normally, or making prof elm allow you to take 3 starters, getting celebi with gs ball, etc.

About getting mew on the truck, I think the only way of doing that without a glitch (other than trading) is getting fainted. It is not difficult because inside the ship you have a pc.

Great work man! I finished Pokemon Thunder Yellow, that is the same idea as yours and was looking for some good 2nd generation game that allows you to capture everyone, I tried one hackrom called pokemon crystal all but it had some weird modifications. Pokemon liquid crystal doesn't have a working pokedex... I even thought about creating my own hackrom for this!

Just one question, why didn't you modify the 3rd version of each generation (yellow, crystal)? It is not a big difference but they have a couple of better things, and it would be a better way for having charmander, etc. Another recommendation, it would make these roms amazing. For the "special" pokemon, like mew or celebi having them as figurines. For mew it would be great having it appear when looking at the truck next to the ss anne.

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