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On the subject with taking liberties with the game's graphics, about doing something about this nostalgic screen in the opening of the final stage?
Specifically, I want to see the graphics here replaced with the real MM2GB graphics. I've got the necessary assets ready here:

Good idea but I think that this game should be leave untouched and legit and focus on the translated. After this is done and anybody can pick it up and modified it whatever you or anybody wants in the future. :)


Good job! Keep up the good work. Beautifully. Awesome!


What Capcom should have done with this collection is they should have added new content to the games like how Sega and M2 did on the 3DS ports of their old arcade and Sega Genesis games:

Add Oil Man and Time Man to MM1.
Use the unused content for MM3 to make it more like kuja killer's MM3 Improvement hack.
Get rid of all the slowdown and screen flickering on all the games.
Team up with Inti Creates and make official 8-bit NES style versions of MM7, MM8 and MM&B.
Add MM9 and MM10.
The ability to play as Bass, Protoman and Roll in all the games.
Add Bond Man and Quake Woman boss fights as some of the challenges in Challenge Mode.

That's what they should of done with this collection, I would have definitely bought it if they did something like that and I know a lot of people would too.

Actually, Bass didn't existed until Megama 7/Rockman 7. So it doesn't make sense to play as Bass in all the games. It will be fine to have him in Rockman/Megaman 7 with 8bits, thought. Not in all the games from Megaman 1-6. Bass didn't existed in Megaman 1-6, you know. Sorry about my English.

Newcomer's Board / Re: Decrypt 3ds japanese game without 3ds
« on: August 03, 2015, 07:33:17 am »
Yes, Google it. It is your friend. I just found it already. :)

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Best paint for Mac OS X ??
« on: June 21, 2015, 08:31:33 pm »
There's nothing more to add, I think. Personally, I wouldn't settle for Wine workarounds for something as basic as a bitmap editor. I use Wine when I have no other choice, like the debugging features in FCEU, or some very specific software that runs only on Windows. Either you are too selective about what you are looking for, or there is simply nothing in existence for your needs. It happens. Here's the list:

- Graphics Converter (use a crack if you don't want to pay to avoid the 30 seconds delay at launch)
- Pixelmator (probably too advanced for what you want, but still a kickass app)
- Pixen (seems to be exactly what you're looking for, for 10$)
- Paintbrush

- Go to macupdate.com and search
- Go to the App Store and search

I already went to macupdate and App Store.. Your information is good. Yeah, wineskin is the best option for me and I am happy with it now. Thanks for the replying. Much appreciate!

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Best paint for Mac OS X ??
« on: June 19, 2015, 08:50:16 am »
It already been a 8 days according to romhacking rule state to wait for 7 days before repost one, I think. I am beg of you to help me. Please ? Sorry about my English.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Best paint for Mac OS X ??
« on: June 11, 2015, 05:31:03 pm »
Anybody ? Pretty please ?  8)

Front Page News / Re: Utilities: Red Falcon 1.0 Released
« on: May 30, 2015, 07:22:05 am »
Good work. Finally to see Mac OS in it too! :D

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Best paint for Mac OS X ??
« on: May 27, 2015, 06:12:01 pm »
Is good old Gimp not an option here? I am by no means a pixel artist and just occasionally need the tools of one but it supports working with a constrained palette, exports and imports most formats that matter, has gridlines if you want them and can kick gradients/blended colours in the head if needs be (or you can at least tell it to not use them), does layers, does animations and is free which is always nice. Normally I would not have suggested it but if you were holding up paint.net as a viable candidate then this would be too.

Alternatively you have things like http://www.aseprite.org/older-versions/ (the program is open source but adopted the paywall approach for newer versions). I can not say I have bothered to try such things on a mac though.

Yeah, I am talking about pixel artist so I will go ahead with Pinta or Paint.net with wineskin wrap. It will be much easier since I do not see anybody here experienced pixel artist for NES/SNES with MAC OS X. If anybody does, please drop a line and it will be grateful to me.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Best paint for Mac OS X ??
« on: May 27, 2015, 07:36:43 am »
I'm more of a vector graphics guy, but from the top of my head, Graphics Converter does bitmap with the usual tools, however it may not be specialized in that sort of things. There's also Pixelmator, which is quite advanced. If all else fails, use fire. I mean, go to macupdate.com and search for keywords such as "bitmap" or "pixel". I got a few interesting results with "pixel", including free ones...

I see. What about Pinta as I mentioned above ? I can still always use a wineskin to wrap the Paint.net on my MAC OS X, yes ?

ROM Hacking Discussion / Best paint for Mac OS X ??
« on: May 26, 2015, 08:09:55 am »
I am looking for a paint similar to paint.net that can edit grx like NES and SNES.

What about Pinta ? Is it good for edit grx without messing it up like ms paint for windows ? Pinta is for mac too and look like a paint.net but I need to ask you first.


Haha.. Really ? I just google it right now and you are right. Amazing. I didn't know that. Thanks for the replying. :)

I don't know this game ? What is the name of this game? Curiosity.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Adding soft-subs on PSX
« on: December 13, 2014, 07:44:04 am »
Is Megaman 8's movie use 16 or 24 bit mode ? Curiosity.

I understand completely. I am not assuming you or anything but I am just trying to figure things out. Anyway, my apologies. Thanks for your clear and helpful explanation.

You are absolutely right. That's strange.. Then why did I played the Japanese version doesnt show up on Rightot/Auto's shop on the screen ? I played the English version of yours as well and still dont see it on the screen. As you said after the fifth robot master for both Japanese and English. Yes, I played both and no text showing up on Auto's shop on the screen. Do not get upset with me, please!!!! Please be nice to me. I am being kind to you so I just want to understand what's going on, that's all.

I understand your frustration and confusion. I know and me too however I have untranslated script also and it's not there. The game I played my last two games : Japanese version and your game version, and it didnt show up on Rightot/Auto's screen for the 2nd time either using SNES emulator: "Welcome back" was only found in English and Japanese for the first time Rockman/Bass enter into the shop on Emulator's screen but nothing for the 2nd time comparsion to the windhex I found.

Again, the Japanese version for the 2nd time isn't there in my untranslated script as well as the Japanese game. I also sent the Rightot/Auto's Japanese scripted to Tomato site to do a translation and to comparison. None, to be honest with you. :)

Thank you.

I did and defeated the fifh robot master.. Nothing. I defeated the sixth robot master. Auto expands his inventory fully after the fifth robot master and I still have the same message:

00063400 -- After the museum -- Rockman into the shop: Rightot/Auto says Welcome back. However, Rightot/Auto says in Japanese translated:

Welcome back! I'll make items for you in exchange for the screws you've gathered, Rock.

おかえりダス! ロックが あつめてきたネジと
こうかんに アイテムを つくってあげるダス!

I can't wait for you to beat King's robots so we can play games together!

はやくキソグのロボツトを たおして いっしょに
ゲームで あそびたいダス!

Leave then re-enter into the shop and also after defeated 5th robot master and I got this message:

Looks like you've got some more screws for me today.
I can make any parts you want!

きょうも ネジをもってきてくれたダスな。
どれでも すきなパーツをつくってあげるダスよ!

When I think about the items I make actually helping you out, Rock,
 it makes me happy.

それにしても オイラのつくったアイテムが ロックの

Again, in your version....

I dont see anything in 000636D0 according to Japanese script dumped at all, to be honest. Also, I played your version for the fifth robot master and he never said it. He still say in your English translated after fifth robot master and re-enter into the shop before the fifth robot master - both:

Looks like you've brought me some bolts .
I'll make all sorts of great parts for you in exchange!

I'm happy to know that the items that I'm making for you
are proving useful, Megaman!

There is no Welcome back for the 2nd time on your game's screen at all. I am sure that it is an error just like Dr. Right version you mentioned about.

Thank you for the replying asap.

Precisely 4 for Rockman/Megaman and 4 for Forte/Bass but if you understand.. Take a look at this:

00063400 -- After the museum -- Rockman into the shop:


Skip to

000636D0 -- Where did it came from ? I played the game in English and never saw it at Right/Auto's in the shop. My script dumped doesnt have it either.

Thanks for replying asap. No, I am aware of Auto/Right's expands his inventory list but I am talking about an introduction, a welcome back string for Forte/Bass and Rockman/Megaman only. How many are they in Japanese version ?

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