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OK, so here are the changes Spooniest and I made in Project II v2.40, in addition to the older Pastebins.

I need to catalog these along with the initial changes for next.

Some of those changes I had to make a quite a bit different as nothing I did would work to make it all fit. Eventually I did, and I really like the results so far. I should have cataloged them myself, but somehow I got it all to work in Bank 1 and 2. Now onto Bank 3!

Personal Projects / Re: Project II: Final Fantasy IV
« on: January 18, 2019, 12:18:43 am »
v2.40 is up.

- Large amount of dialogue updated and made more natural-sounding (Thanks to Chicken Knife and Spooniest for many suggestions and tweaks, and a big round of applause to Spooniest for playtesting the entirety of Project II v2.40)
- Restored dramatic music sting in the cutscene of the team exiting the Sealed Cave
- Music now stops as intended when Giott mentions the Lunar Whale
- Removed cracked tile in Pub Lali-ho!, since the Developer Room isn't accessible in Project II (Just like FFII US)

Nice work. I'm currently play testing Namingway Edition myself right now. Thanks for the heads up with the dramatic music stops.

If it makes you feel any better, I removed that tutorial too. Spooniest mentioned to me that most people playing our mods will be existing FFIV fans. I only kept it in because I had hoped maybe someone would show it to their kids or young siblings... Not exactly realistic in the grand scheme of things, though.

Edit - Spooniest let me know of a major error. There are 2 missing music cues.

First: There's supposed to be the "surprised" music sting when you lose the Dark Crystal.

This is Bank 1, Message 341. The opcode /song031 is supposed to be at the end of this text box.

Second: The music is supposed to stop when Giott is mentioning the Lunar Whale.

Bank 1, Message 379. The opcode /song000 is supposed to be at the end of Giott's second text box, where in Project II, he says:

Code: [Select]
…Unless the fabled Lunar
 Whale appears.It's an
 enormous ark spoken of in a
 dwarven legend.

To Namingway Edition players, please don't hold Rodimus accountable for this; these are my 6-year-old oversights. Thank you. :)

Thanks guys for pointing that out. I've been trying to play test where I can but I haven't got that far into the game yet. I fixed them, but you might also want to change the next line about the Mysidian legend to "One born from a dragon's mouth..." so it matches what is said in Mysidia. Though I'm tempted to change that whole line to "One born from dragon's maw."

OMG, same for me with Bank 2. I am literally out of room. I had to adjust an NPC's dialogue and it just wouldn't take. I had to scour through for some text I could trim. FFIV is a cruel master.

That it is! I changed a LOT of NPCs dialogue in Bank 2 to make it all fit and I was surprised it did. I honestly hope giving the game this much attention is worth my time.

January 12, 2019, 09:07:03 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
So in order to make the changes and have it fit, I was forced to remove the tutorial from Kain in the beginning where he breaks the fourth wall for new players. This allowed me to greatly expand the dialog in a lot of places. Because of this, I added a line in the Training Room letting players know that there is a Button dash.

What I really need right now to ensure this is ready to go is a play tester just to make sure I didn't mess anything up.

It sounds like this'll be the largest and most impressive update to Namingway Edition yet!

It will be. Right now I am making some fine tuning. My current issue, which I expected, is Bank 1 is full. I had a sigh of relief when I finished Bank 2 and 3 though.

I'm going through it now myself. Thanks vivify93 and Spooniest for helping mark most of the lines, which will same me a lot of time. As I'm updating things, I'm also making a few additional tweaks as well to better reflect the DS/PC translation.

January 10, 2019, 11:21:34 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Okay I've spent the past three days working on this, painstakingly going through every line that vivify93 has listed to update. I lined it up with Chicken Knife's suggestions and also double checked them with what we know of the Japanese script from Legends of Localization, the DS script, the GBA, and the PSP scripts. It's been a long process for sure.

I've updated a bunch of text up 'til Golbez's big monologue, before getting Rydia back. I think I've taken care of the entire Bank 3 and I'm halfway through Bank 1. A lot of this is out of order and it's so frustrating; I was talking with a friend about Tellah's "evil" line on Mt. Ordeals, for example, but the internal order of text jumps from talking about Meteo to Milon hissing.

That's going to be the same for me with any updating when I get the chance to. I agree with you about Crystals and OK as far as text is concerned. Before making any updates I want to see if I can catalog them to make it easier to ensure it all works with space always being a concern. Also, it might be best for me to simply use the title screen patch instead of editing two ROMs to ensure they are all fixed.

Ok. I just completed the game, as well as my lengthy list of proposed script edits. I hope you agree that many of these would serve to improve the script overall. I'm happy to discuss anything in here if you're not clear on where I'm coming from. Enjoy

I'll have to further look it over, but some of these look good and others I may keep the same. Space could be an issue in some of the banks so I hope that I can make them work. I like the rephrasing you've done in places though.

If I remember correctly, it was somewhere after Cagnazzo's lines ending in "why don't you join me in hell?"

I don't remember if it was in the middle of Palom & Porom's lines or preceding them. It looks like in the middle based on the sprite positioning.

I honestly don't know what would cause that on yours. I just tested myself at the same spot and I didn't get any blank text boxes. Could it be a bad ROM was patched or something else?

Sounds good! I'm up to Mount Ordeals. While my suggested tweaks are numerous, 90 percent are same length or shorter.

December 27, 2018, 09:29:34 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

Something seems to have gotten screwed up with a text pointer after Cagnazzo

That's strange. Was there anything said right before that Text box?

Ah, I'm surprised no one has fixed that yet. I can't imagine it being more than a palette issue. I see that the symbols for equipment have the same problem when you are opening treasure chests and such. Whatever they thought they were using for black.... wasn't exactly black. I even took a minute to download a SNES palette editor but after realizing the process for SNES is nothing like NES, I gave up on that pretty quickly and returned to my script notes...

For FF4kster, it doesn't restrict you line by line right? It's only a total space restriction?

December 26, 2018, 07:05:58 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
You don't think it's possible for the invisible color to be changed to black? Would that screw up other elements of the game?

FF4kster limits you by total space per Bank. There are 3 text banks for dialogue in the game and space is limited overall. 

Sounds good! Just so I understand your process, you are using an insert routine where individual lines can be longer but the overall length has to remain the same or less, right?


December 26, 2018, 11:34:40 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

As I level up Rydia I notice that the symbol to the left of black magic names that appear upon leveling up appears weird. As you can see, the border of the circle is shiny and odd looking as opposed to being black like it should be. The white magic learned messages have the normal symbol. If I go into the menus,  both in and out of battle the black magic symbol appears correctly--black border, grey inside with a white cross. If you zoom in on this image, the border of the circle is the problem. It has a bunch of colors. I think you accidentally have an invisible color selected for the border that is reflecting the white and light blue sky in the background as well as the desert tiles.

That's a known issue with the symbols used for spell names. It is like that even in the original Final Fantasy II ROM. I just tested to be sure, and learning Lit-1 has the same problem with the symbol.

As for insertion, I've been using FF4kster.

After doing some testing and finding that other versions of the FF4 rom were testing positive for the issue--and then getting the same result on youtube vids of the midi, I finally thought to check if both my speakers were working and sure enough, the left one had died. Sorry for the false bug alarm! I'm surprised that none of the other tracks were noticeably different without the left channel.

** Update

Btw, after having just finished writing the script for one of my Dragon Quest hacks, my brain is still very much in script editing mode as I play this. Let me know if you would happen to be interested in me compiling notes on the instances of grammer or phrasings that I would handle differently. We all have our own writing style and I wouldn't expect you to use all my suggestions but you may find a few you would agree with.

Glad you were able to find the root of the problem. I moved a couple of months ago and my speakers were damaged in the move and I had to replace them.

If you're up to it, put any notes in a Notepad or Word Document I can look over. One of the things we have to take into consideration is space in the ROM but another set of eyes always helps.


I started up a game today on version 1.88 looking forward to experiencing how it feels to finally have critical hits working properly. I noticed an issue that I didn't notice on a previous version of your hack (I believe 1.84). During the battle with the Mist Dragon, for some reason the main melody channel of the music was cutting in and out throughout the fight. The other channels were fine. As the song would repeatedly cycle through its loop, I believe that the same parts were skipped over on every time. I've played through this game about 30 times so there is no doubt in my mind that sections are missing. Strange issue to come up. I'm curious what could be causing it.

That sounds really strange. I just tried it myself against the Mist Dragon and didn't notice anything missing. I saved right before so I could test it. Think you can PM me your ROM so I can see if there's anything different that could be causing it? Also, what emulator are you using?

8.bit too, without him the ball would have never gotten rolling in the first place and this fix wouldn't exist.

Of course. Thanks to everyone involved. I'm glad the community can be helpful to one another!

Version 1.88 is up and ready for download!

Version 1.88 has been submitted.

This fixes the leftover changes of SandRuby now say Sand Pearl as they should.

I've also added the Critical Hit Bugfix as well. Thanks to chillyfeez and Grimoire for finding this and making the fix. 

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Final Fantasy IV SNES - Critical Hit Bug Fix?
« on: December 07, 2018, 11:15:04 pm »
alright, awesome. submitted to the site. i just need to update credits and add chillyfeez as a co-author

edit - it's live on the site. FFII US v1.1 only, headered or unheadered. submitted an update with chillyfeez as a co-author, and submitted credits.

Excellent! Glad the fix is simple enough and it works. I'm going to add it to the next update of Namingway Edition. Are you doing so for Project II?

I'm guessing he meant the LoROM 01 bank. The 01 bank in ROM corresponds to the 02 and 03 banks in LoROM, which handle battle scenes primarily, not menus.
The 01 bank in LoROM is 00/8000-00/FFFF in ROM.
I don't know if he's right that it would work (and I don't know how doing so might break Namingway/Project II, since I probably used some of that space for User Options), but it would be an interesting thing to try on a vanilla ROM.

By the way, this is probably of-interest to both Rodimus and Vivify... Apparently there's a bug in FFIV that causes any character who begins a battle dead to lose their ability to deal critical hits forever after (and also has some effect on characters not present in autobattles and Adult Rydia whose initial entrance is a battle anomaly). Anyway, I'm pretty sure Grimoire LD just found a fix for it and it's just a one-byte thing. You can check it out here if you think this might be an enhancement to your projects:

I saw the conversation but I wanted to be sure it works to fix that bug before applying it to Namingway.

That's a good question.  Is any of the data for these options still present in FFII?  Otherwise, I'd imagine these would be pretty tough to remake!

Regardless, I do miss cursor memory.

I'm not sure. I'd like to make it closer to the original in that respect. What would be cool but probably would take a lot of time to do right would be to apply Namingway Edition to the actual Japanese ROM.

BTW, I found 1 instance in Damcyan where I didn't change the Sand Ruby to Sand Pearl. Has anyone else found any other errors?

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Final Fantasy IV SNES - Critical Hit Bug Fix?
« on: November 23, 2018, 03:07:19 pm »
Interesting. So if it happens to be weapons that are set to Bit 1, then is it only THOSE weapons that cannot do critical hits? Perhaps it has to do with the coding of just that Bit.

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