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If you want to be 'actually' localized it should be 'Lady Flan'.

But i like Flan-hime because any anime viewer or manga reader eventually learns it through osmosis.

Mmmm... Lady Flan does have a good ring to it. It would fit the tight spacing, and is a proper name that sometimes they call a Princess. I like Flan-Hime too but I can see why others would not.

Turns out that was a slightly hasty declaration.

US V1.1 ROMs have a crashbug in the battle and patching bugs in the installer. See issue tracker on GitHub.
V1.0 ROMs have neither of these issues.

They still function up until the first battle. I'm unsure why this would be the case as my code should be generic considering there's no change in the music code I'm wrapping.

I'll need to step through this stuff in a debugger and see where it's falling down.

Thank you for your patience.

Almost all hacks for FFVI use 1.0 as a base instead of 1.1. There is something different about it that causes issues. To my understanding, the biggest change between 1.0 and 1.1 is the Sketch glitch but the Hacking community came up with a better solution to that problem. I think that is why folks made hacks specifically for 1.0.

As of right now I have left it as Pink Puff. It's still a dessert and it's pink. It's an officially used name (even if not modern) and since the official one has NO way to abbreviate it properly it's staying as is. However, it is REALLY easy to change using FF4kster or a HEX editor with a table.

I only suggested Flan Hime and I don't think Flan Prin. works IMO.

As a professional translator, I agree with the choice of "Flan Hime". Yetisyny makes a really good point.

But seeing the sprite of the ennemy, nothing in it screams "royalty", so I guess Flan Girl may be a safer bet.

At the present, it is still Pink Puff but if I do another update (if needed), I may change it to Flan Hime.

There was no way around making it Flan Princess and Flan Girl just didn't seem right not being an official name. I also looked up the Japanese word for Princess, and I could get around it by calling it Flan Hime.

Good. I'm glad you are fine with it. I am running into spacing issues with the text so I rewrote many of the lines surrounding those key items using Mato's site, the PSP, and 3D translations as a guide. Hopefully it all fits as intended.

EDIT- So I figured out how to change messages in Events. Since Bank 3 has more space for messages, I expanded the scene with Edward and Anna's ghost to closer match the original Japanese based on the DS and Mato's translation notes. Doing so allowed me more space to rewrite the beginning with the King of Baron and Baigan, again matching Mato's translation notes. I've also altered when Kain and Cecil arrive at Mist. This was all done to make the Package into the Carnelian Signet.

In changing the Clerics to Epopts and Twin Harp to Whisperweed, many lines were changed to reflect this. (again to better match the Japanese too) I also updated the dancer's message at Kaipo.

It is impossible to properly fit Flan Princess properly in 8 tiles even with all the squished tiles I have. Flan will fit in 3 tiles, leaving 5 for the word Princess. It would fit IF I had more space available for the font to add more tiles. None of the current letters fit. However, if the abbreviation is fine with everyone, I CAN make it FlanPrinss or FlanPrincs but that look terrible IMO. There's FlanRoyal, Flan Lady, Flan Girl, or maybe Flanpress?

I forgot how to alter the maps to better hide the hidden passages, and without the help of another hacker (Bahamut Zero), I'm not sure I can at this point. If someone else knows how to and wants to contribute to Namingway Edition, making it a separate patch, I will gladly distribute it in Namingway Edition. Maybe even make a "Hard Mode" version of Namingway Edition.

As for now, I am going to get this ready for an update that's long been overdue.

October 11, 2018, 12:19:02 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Okay, so after carefully thinking about it, and since other monsters are abbreviated this way, I can also make it Flan P., Flan Pr. or even Flan HRH (Her Royal Highness). We have K. Eblan, Q Eblan, and Lamia Q so it might work if everyone knows what they are. All in all, a Pink Puff still works as it's name. Just calling it Flan P. takes away the charm of the original name with the spacing available.

October 11, 2018, 07:19:33 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Version 1.86 is now ready for download.

After really thinking it through, it makes the most sense to just ditch the extra spacing for the key items Whisperweed and Sand Pearl. The only time it will look strange is when selecting the item in the Fat Chocobo menu since the pointing hand is on the second character instead of the first. Every other place it's fine. It will render as Whisprweed and SandPearl respectively.

With this extra space I could also change Gysahl to GysahlGrn if everyone is fine with it. Again, it only looks weird in the Fat Chocobo menu.

The Package is going to become the C.Signet item and will be called a Carnelian Signet in dialogue, similar to the PSP and 3D translations.

I am also changing the Clerics to Epopts, and Edge's Pin and Image to S.Bind and Mirage respectively. G.Needle will also be GoldNeedle.

I think Whisprweed is quite reasonable for a shortening.

This is my dilemma. All other items either use an icon or a blank space prior to their name. If I keep it consistent that way I have 8 characters to play with. I do have the ability to use an "hi" but no other dual letter spacing works with the name Whisperweed. This would mean that the name would need to be Whispweed as the item. If I get rid of that extra space for that ONE item, it will be as intended as Whisprweed. It would look strange all things considered since it's the only item that would take away the extra space used for proper spacing.

You used to make tiles with doubled-up letters? Can you do that with Wh, is, er, we, ed?

It's not that simple. There is literally NO room left to make new tiles in the text space. Also the W is much WIDER than you realize. However, I could render it properly with spacing as W(hi)spweed and call it Whisperweed in the dialogue.

Are there hidden paths like in the the original, or are they revealed? Could'nt find the info, sorry. :p

The original Japanese Final Fantasy IV had hidden passages. They were changed for the US Final Fantasy II and Final Fantasy IV Easy Type.

I'm still trying to figure out the best way to change Twin Harp to Whisperweed.

Woah, I had no idea the Twin Harp was the beginning of the whisperweed and it wasn't just a DS version thing.  That was in FFV and plenty of spinoffs too.  It also ended up being a bigger plot point in The After Years, actually using it's properties as something growable (as in, he definitely uses more than one and left a piece around to spy on someone).

I'm neutral here, but to tell you the truth as a point of canon in TAY it should probably be changed.  But what does the PSP version of TAY call it?

Both the PSP AND the DS version call it the Whisperweed. Original Japanese is Whisper Grass as noted by Mato. If I take out the Harp symbol and use 9 characters to name it, and one of my squish tiles I'd be one letter short. I could make it Whisprweed and call it the full name in the dialogue.

Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES): Give Luigi his own set of sprites:

I'd love to see this done!

I would like to see a hack for the arcade & console ports of Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 that will add Johnny Cage from Mortal Kombat Trilogy to the main roster by adding him next to Sub-Zero and make Classic Sub-Zero a hidden character.

I would like everything possible from Trilogy ADDED into UMK3 arcade without removing anything. In fact, add Classic Sub-Zero's extra Fatality.

I'd also love to see those colorization hacks done too!

Thanks. Between my family's move and the birth of my second child, time has been limited but I am updating things now. I'm going through the last three pages of this topic to get changed what is needed first and then moving on to fix anything else.

I had forgotten HOW to change the map tiles for the hidden passages and my help came from Bahamut Zero on that. He's not receiving messages right now and Slick is down still so I'm not sure how I can get a hold of him for assistance on that.


The typos you mentioned AND the changes vivify93 made are now fixed in Namingway as well.

As for names being fixed. I kept it as PinkPuff as a tribute to the creator of the editor I used even though I KNEW I could use FlanPrincess. It would be more accurate and I think I will change it.

I fixed FryinPan and Cleaver in dialogue to Frying Pan and Kitchen Knife (rendered as "Knife symbol"-Kitchen). They are already correct as items.

As for Twin Harp, I think I discussed earlier in this thread that it was something that I wish I could find a way to make it fit as Whisper Weed. However the GBA doubled down on it making it the Twin Harp as well. So that is why it was kept as such.

I still have to look and see what can fit for Edge's Ninjitsu attacks.

I just may call the Clerics as Epopts. It will take a bit to make sure all of the messages are changed but it can be done.

I know it's been a bit since I've been around but some personal stuff has been going on and I wasn't around to take care of the corrections needed to update the mistakes here in Namingway Edition. Now I'll be starting work on this taking the notes you guys have provided. I hope to get this update to you guys soon!

A lot of stuff that I didn't change had to do with space within the ROM and display of the letters to make it look right. The stuff that needs tweaking and fixing grammatical errors I will do. Again, I won't have access to my computer for at least a month so it might take a bit before I touch the project.

Man do I got my work cut out for me. I'm taking notes on everything you've found so far and will be going in to fix up Namingway Edition as soon as I get free time. Currently my family and I are moving, so I won't be able to devote time to it until after we settle in. Thank you so much for pointing these all out!

The spell in question is named differently because Dispel now inflicts Curse status on an enemy. There are gameplay-enhancing patches applied to Namingway Edition and Project II. This is one of them:

Thanks for the reports though. Here's what I did for Project II, since a lot of these were on me. Giving specifics in case you were curious as to what I did, Rodimus.

Bank 2 - 1: Baron Town, Message 15:

"Wh-why hello,sir! No,I've
said nothing bad about His
Highness! Why don't you
watch me dance?"

Bank 2 - 12: Baron Inn, Message 7:

"Sir [Cecil]! W-we've been
paying all our taxes!"

Bank 2 - 128: Mount Hobs Summit, Message 8:

Fixed typo as indicated: "...which I have personally lead." to "...which I have personally led." (I tend to confuse the metal lead with the past-tense of "lead". I apologize)

Bank 2 - 164: Cid's Airship - Giant sequence, Message 1:

"[Cid]:Ya got the best man
 for the job!"

Cool. I'll have to make those changes too. Also, specifically should the Magic Plus be removed for Namingway Edition or should I leave them? Since they are changes to vanilla FFIV it might be best to restore them back, perhaps as a part of the restoring hidden passageways.

Oh wow, it's a Gurren-Lagann reference? I had no idea; I just thought it was a cool-sounding line when I wrote it. I ran with a pack of weeaboos when I was in high school, and maybe I picked it up from them.

There were an overwhelming amount of people who asked me to remove some added memes/references that I thought "fit well," but turns out they didn't at all. Since this ended up being one of them, maybe it should go, too.

What say you, Rodimus? Do you think we should try and change this to something else? (Maybe just "Who do you think I am?")

I'll be honest I never saw that anime and didn't even know it was a reference. It does sound cool nonetheless. It is a common phrase used outside of that as far as I know. But if we are aiming for a little more accurate I may change it. I have to look over the whole thing when I get free. I have a lot of in real life stuff to handle at the moment.

When you say text space is so tight, do you mean, not enough room on the screen given the fixed-width font, or are you talking about not enough space in the ROM to fit in more text? Anyway, I am in favor of a variable-width font, something used not just in the J2E fan translation but also in the more recent official releases on PlayStation, GameBoy Advance, PlayStation Portable, Nintendo DS, and so on.

The English version of Final Fantasy VI for SNES (called Final Fantasy III in the U.S. market originally) used a variable-width font, as does Chrono Trigger and Super Mario RPG, all of those Squaresoft RPGs for SNES. I am sure if the localizers had enough time and resources and expertise they would have used a variable-width font for Final Fantasy IV, too. Their use of a fixed-width font in what they called Final Fantasy II but was really Final Fantasy IV was because they did not have enough time and staff and expertise and so on to do a variable-width font.

And if you compare the Variable Width Font edition of Secret of Mana made by FuSoYa to the original Secret of Mana, it is really quite an improvement.

So I am really in favor of making the font variable-width at least for dialogue that appears at the top of the screen. In menus and screens listing equipment, spells, stats, and such, as well as battle commands and lists of enemies, I think those would stay fixed-width, the variable-width font would just be for dialogue at the top of the screen. I think that is how things were done in Final Fantasy VI (III in US), so doing the same for Final Fantasy IV (or II in US) would be what Squaresoft localizers would have done if they had enough time and resources.

I mean a variable-width font would give you a LOT more space for accurate translations by eliminating unnecessary space between letters, allowing you to add more text. Ted Woolsey Uncensored Edition of Final Fantasy VI is variable-width too, I think. And the more modern official Squaresoft releases of games that use spell names like Curaga and Firaga and so on, they all use variable-width fonts, so it would be very fitting. This would make you much less constrained for space on the screen and able to fit more words into dialogue. Text space was really tight in Secret of Mana, that is why FuSoYa made it variable-width so he could fit more text, using his Lunar Magic abilities for ROM hacking.

This is just a suggestion of course but I am trying to make a strong case for why I think it is a good idea and why I think it would be authentic towards the original game. Just because the J2E translation was not very authentic (I mean come on, they inserted stuff about Backstreet Boys and William Shatner and plenty of other silly stuff not in the original game) doesn’t mean its use of a variable-width font was wrong, I think J2E got the variable-width part correct, they just went a little overboard with the way they wrote things and had a curious mix of trying to be true to the original in some ways and making stuff up that never was in the original in other ways.

Your project is obviously trying to be much more true to the original than J2E was, and not insert anything made up by you or anyone else outside Squaresoft, and I respect that vision, it is why I think your translation is the best. Well, definitely the best fan translation anyway. The best official translation is probably the one for the English PSP release, although probably not quite as good as your translation. I don’t really like the type of Shakespearean-sounding text used in the DS translation, regardless of how accurate the DS translation is, the game should sound more like normal English than like the writings of Shakespeare. I am referencing the comparisons made on this webpage: When I look at that page and look at the translations, yours clearly looks the best, at least to my taste. So I am totally 100% behind Namingway Edition as the best edition and I LOVE it. Just to make it clear how much I appreciate your work.

I just bring up the variable-width font thing because this would be a good way for you to fit in more text and not be stuck using text from Project II or that is unchanged from the official translation due to space concerns, due to an accurate translation taking up more space than can fit on the screen.

Of course if the problem is not enough space on the ROM, I guess you would have to make the ROM bigger so that it can fit more bytes of text data, as various different fan translations have done when they ran into ROM space issues. And that would mean changing addresses of things in the ROM probably and be a lot of work, and also the changing addresses part would mean it would probably not work well with other ROM hacks or patches unless you were really careful to keep all non-dialogue data in the same place and only move dialogue into the additional ROM space after expanding the ROM. Anyway great job, your translation is my favorite already, regardless of whether you improve it further or not.

It fully is space in the ROM itself that becomes an issue. What I can do is try to reword any leftover incorrect lines as best as I can, with notes from Mato to help me. Spacing is limited and I've tried adding things in before with mixed results. If you have any lines that stand out and you think should be updated, don't be afraid to let me know.

The description of SomaDrop says “Increases Max MP by 50”. However, the SomaDrop actually just increases your Max MP by 10.

I think you must have gotten the number 50 from the SilvrApple, which increases Max HP by that amount. Anyway the description for SomaDrop should be changed to “Increases Max MP by 10” to make it accurate. This is a typo in the current 1.85 version of Final Fantasy IV Namingway Edition (I am using the names for items that Namingway Edition currently uses).

I guess I can see why this error was not discovered before, since the SomaDrop is not found until late in the game, namely once you are in the Underworld the second time and have a ship and your ship is upgraded so it can go over magma, at that point you can go to the southeast and find a SomaDrop in Kokkol’s Forge.

But using a Pro Action Relay cheat you can see if this error is happening, much much earlier in the game. The pair of codes 7E149AE1, 7E149B63 should give you 99 SomaDrops in your last open inventory slot, the last one prior to the Sort and the garbage can (Slot 46), so if you make sure that slot is empty, and use those codes, you can check to see if SomaDrops have a description that matches how many MP they give you much earlier in the game.

I think it is supposed to be 10 MP because the maximum HP can go to is 9999 but for MP it is just 999, so it makes sense for a SilvrApple to give 50 HP, a GoldApple 100 HP, and a SomaDrop 10 MP, since you get around 10 times as much HP as MP. Anyway I don’t think you changed what any of the items DO so clearly the error is in the item description, not what the item does.

Thanks for letting me know. I'll have it fixed in another update. In addition, after looking at Mato's look over at Namingway Edition, I might also look at updating some lines IF they fit since the text space in the game is so tight.

Also, I've been thinking about making an option for the hidden pathways in dungeons. It was the last thing I chose not to change back from the original FFIV at some folks request. Much like how Bugfixes are optional in Woolsey Uncensored, this would be the same. Is there anything else that would be worthwhile to make a reasonable option for?

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