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@njosro - From what I read, it only deals with enemies in Western and Eastern Hyrule and Death Mountain. It doesn't give that info on palace enemies. I need that info for Mounted Ironknuckle. In my hack, no matter what I do, when you beat Mounted Ironknuckle, he only gives you 10 exp, and I can't seem to fix that.

@ShadowOne333 - Trax already has a tool for reducing the cost for magic spells, but it's for Mac OS X Tiger and earlier versions and not Windows. I had to emulate the Mac OS to use it for my hack I'm working on. Here is Trax's tool.

I like the design of the hearts. It gives it a more classic Zelda feel.
Oh I didn't know about that software.
It does look good, sadly it relies on Mac OSX, which is somewhat niche when it comes to RomHacking in general.
I mostly use Linux to work on hacks, and since the source code for that app is not available, I won't be able to run it in anything else other than a VM, which might take way more time than I'd like.
I'd try to port it to Linux if I had the source code handy.

Besides, I believe I already have the ROM offsets identified which modify the values for magic, so changing them manually through Hex editing should be fairly easier than doing a whole VM setup just for that one software :P

How is this for a PoC for making the Health bar Hearts instead of a single bar? :P

I struggled quite a bit because the game uses some kind of background colour for keeping track of the health, which is why I ended up putting a blue colour around the hearts so that this effect is not seen while in gameplay.

I am also thinking about making the Magic meter a single block instead of segmented blocks, but I'm not sure yet, this is how it'd look:

Some might like it, some might not.
In the meanwhile, I'll leave it as segmented blocks instead.

Another modification I thought of is switching the places of the Magic and Health meters.
I am nitpicky like that and feel like Health should go before Magic, but that's just me. xD

Here is the IPS Patch:

Also, as an added bonus, this patch also has a Manual Save feature ;)
While in gameplay, Pause the game and then press Up+A to save at any time during gameplay.

@njosro, the code which reads the button combo for saving is located in 0x0021AF for Sidescrolling sections and in 0x0021ED for Overworld areas. For some reason the code is split like that.
The RAM address for button inputs on controller #1 is at $00F7, and the value which the code checks for is $88 (Up+A), while the Death counter is stored at $742A in RAM.
The beginning opcode in hex looks like this for the first section of code (Sidescrolling section manual save):

[A5 F7 C9 88 D0 37 20 4C D2 20]

I haven't figured out a way to make it so that saving manually doesn't add to the Death counter, but if you manage to find a way before I do, that'd be awesome :P
ASM is not my strength so I am making baby steps with this, so I'll see what I can do.

I would do that, but I can't. I have no clue where I'd even begin with this, and the SMAS+W version doesn't include any features I haven't already implemented here. If somebody else wants to do it go right ahead, but I can't.

How feasible would a simple menu translation of Castlevania FDS be? It's got a save feature, which is why I prefer playing it over the NES version. The only things to translate are the save menu and credits.
Perhaps the Credits?
And that's most of it I believe.
I don't think there is any text in particular outside of the Menus, Statuses and Credits.

Thanks! Looks really interesting. Can you do the patch for the Mario All Stars + Super Mario World rom? That's the one I use (and I think a lot of people do too).
+1 for a Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World patch.
I would love to have this in the All-Stars package instead of a singular ROM for SMW only.

and would really be nice to have Hearts for a health meter and a green Magic meter, to bring it more in line with the rest of the series (although it would be purely cosmetic, i think it would help out a lot)
I could try that.

Okay I might take a while to try to do this lol
The Linux PC where I usually do all my hacking just had a cutoff update and I have to pinpoint what package it was and reinstall/update again. Until then :P

In the meanwhile, I searched around for existing hacks of Zelda II that could be a great addition to a Quality hack for Zelda II:
Zelda II MMC1 to MMC3 Hack, Zelda II: Remove big flasheffect and some aspects of Zelda II Easy, like less Magic consumption and perhaps more starting lives and I'm not sure if perhaps lowering the Experience points required per-level.

Thanks guys!!

To do that you would need to set a flag when the game detects up + A on the controller (or whatever it was), and then check the flag when you choose the save option. (But I always ignore the game over counter anyway hahaha)
I managed to get the game to save with Controller #1 by pressing Up+A after pausing.
This saves manually, all I gotta do is add the flag check right now and make the custom subroutine.

I am really interested in making some sort of Quality hack for Zelda II, as it's the one that needs it most out of the NES Zeldas.
Basically I am planning this right now:
  • Add a manual Save for the game by pressing Pause and then Up+A on Controller #1. This save should NOT be counter towards the Death counter on the Game Selection Screen.
  • Implementing your Restart in Current Palace hack
  • Implement the "Falling on pits takes health but doesn't count as a life" idea you guys have in mind.
I don't know how this sounds for you, but I would love to see this come to fruition.
Perhaps someone else has better ideas as to how to make Zelda II a better and more balanced game.
I was also thinking about the possibility of reducing how much Magic each spell consumes, this should be fairly easy to do as well.

So let me know what do you think, and what others think as well
I am very interested in doing this to let Zelda II become a more welcomed game to the franchise instead of the Black Sheep.

Personal Projects / Re: Super Mario Land 2 DX [Updated to v1.12]
« on: February 12, 2018, 11:24:30 am »
Something minor I noticed.
In the overworld map, Mario has his overall buttons painted red, while Luigi has them painted in beige.
I assume the buttons are supposed to be painted beige to mimic a clear colour for the buttons, but when Mario is standing still in his overworld sprite, his buttons are red, only when he moves left or right, the buttons switch colours to beige. :P

Since you are diving into the Canoe emulator ("canoe-shvc" inside /usr/bin/ right?), may I ask if you know what offsets/addresses are the ones which modify EarthBound's ROM?
I'm curious to dissect the changes made into EB from the emulator side, but I don't know exactly how to get the hang of the binary's code.

Personal Projects / Re: Super Mario Land 2 DX [Updated to v1.12]
« on: February 11, 2018, 06:18:03 pm »
Thank you again, guys. The border use is certainly limited as it will only work on emulators that support it - that's why it wasn't a priority and had to wait until v2.0. But I think it's cool to have it, I've seen a lot of people playing Link's Awakening DX with the SGB border after all.
Yes, I already mentioned it before.
I can only use so many colors, so the purple overalls had to be discarded. I don't understand why that means I should use the black and white sprites, though.
That was done on purpose. I want to keep it as original as possible, yes, but I don't want to deceive people into thinking this is a legitimate Nintendo game.

I'm wondering, have you thought about making Wario's nose a little deep pink colour and use that very same color for the overalls?
It might work, but I'm not sure how you split the colours up for Wario and his sprite yet, I might give this a try tomorrow.

A patch for both The Legend of Zelda and Adventure of Link for NES which makes it so that whenever you save manually, that save does not count towards your death count in the Selection Screen, making it so that ONLY actual deaths/game overs are taken into account into that counter.

I hate seeing that number rise up whenever I want to save. :(


Another thing I would suggest is probably...
When you save the game manually, that counts as a Game Over or as a Death towards the counter in the Selection Screen.
Perhaps keep it so that when saving manually does NOT count towards that number, and only Deaths and Game Overs do count towards it.

This is something I never liked from the 2D Zeldas.

Personal Projects / Re: Super Mario Land 2 DX [Updated to v1.12]
« on: February 07, 2018, 05:15:58 pm »
Adding Luigi in the top-left corner of the SGB border would be nice now that I think about it.
After all, he is one of the greatest additions to the hack :P

Personal Projects / Re: Team CV3 Dawn of Sorrow Hack
« on: February 07, 2018, 11:04:24 am »
Not to sound harsh or anything, but the portraits for Trevor, Sypha and Alucard really look out of place.
If you allow me, I would like to suggest some artwork that you could probably use for them:




You can also try to go for a "Genya Arikado with short hair" look for Alucard if you are trying to go for the young Alucard we see in CV3, since I feel that's what he would have looked like with black hair in his younger years with Trevor:

An edit of Arikado's portrait with short hair and a slight black cape with red points might do it.

Personal Projects / Re: Super Mario Land 2 DX [Updated to v1.12]
« on: February 06, 2018, 07:40:22 pm »
That border looks absolutely fantastic!

This hack really sparked my interest for sure!
It will aliviate one of the more excruciatingly obnoxious points in the game, which is having to traverse Hyrule all over again just to get a shot at the Temple you left off befor a Game Over.

I will try this one out for sure!

Also, are you willing to make some more quality ASM hacks into Zelda II?
To make it a more suitable experience overall, don't know if you have any ideas but it'd be neat to at least take them into consideration for a further project implementing this as the base. :P

Btw, does this also change where you spawn after you reboot the game and continue a save file?

Personal Projects / Re: DSVania Editor (v1.7.2)
« on: January 30, 2018, 12:20:41 pm »
Wow, this has come a long way since the last time I lurked here :O
I'm glad to see things are going great and that now Aria of Sorrow and Harmony of Dissonance are also supported in the newest versions of DSVania :D

Btw, DSVania is now somewhat short of what this amazing app does now :P
Have you thought about rebranding it? Not that I'm complaining about the name, I like it, I'm just curious if it has crossed your mind :P

Personal Projects / Re: Megaman the Wily Wars Sram+
« on: January 29, 2018, 02:16:03 pm »
That is an actual explanation. I don't know about tiles, but this is the primary reason we can't edit Protoman? Make a tilemap from scratch just for fitting him?
Pretty much, yes.
If you notice, the current Protoman sprite is a 3x3 tile arrangement.
The proposed Protoman sprite is using a 4x4 tile arrangement.
Perhaps by making Protoman's sprite a one more tile taller, we could make a custom sprite for him based on Megaman's so that it fits and is at the same height as him.

As for the technicalities, I am not sure how much work that would be.
I don't know how the code of the game is handled, so I cannot tell if reworking the tilemap for Protoman is enough, or if modifying the sprite loading routine for him is needed.

Personal Projects / Re: Megaman the Wily Wars Sram+
« on: January 26, 2018, 04:34:24 pm »!RvBQ2IiJ!43ufbCzYXCsEjtQNuqrhWas_nKLY31LWdDRcXYXeY20

Try this patch instead.
Oh great!
Just tested them out and beat now patches both BPS correctly without any error messages.
Thanks :)

Personal Projects / Re: Megaman the Wily Wars Sram+
« on: January 26, 2018, 04:20:39 pm »
Which version are you trying to use?

Also, I'm almost finished testing. Megaman 1 and 3 are confirmed to be fully working from start to finish, and I'm near the end of 2.
You mean version of beat or the hack?
The version of beat I am using is this one:

As for the version of the hack, I tried the v0.04 version posted in the OP and that one patches just fine.
It's the v0.05 version that doesn't work with "beat", the one you posted here:!tmQ2magS!NTaCWxw07MHZp_BG6Ew0yhrXnQ0Kj_7sNPE6nkyPDno

Neither the Flow.bps nor the Faithful.bps work for me.

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