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Personal Projects / Re: Zelda II Redux
« on: August 20, 2018, 10:36:27 am »
I forgot you were the one that made that editor, njosro :P
I even downloaded it at one point but didn't even make the connection xD

And yes, it was a simple missing end-line command.
Added it back, and repointed the text accordingly, here's the latest patch with that fix implemented:

As always, let me know if something else comes up :)

Personal Projects / Re: Donkey Kong Country (GBA) Palette restoration
« on: August 18, 2018, 06:07:18 pm »
I'd be interested in helping out, but I am not used to ARM assembly at all, nor have any experience using debuggers of any kind :/

I do know my way around getting palettes and changing them, but nor if it involves debugging.
I did restore the colour in one screen left untouched in DKC1 so far, but haven't really gone back to it yet to restore others atm.

Personal Projects / Re: Zelda II Redux
« on: August 17, 2018, 10:28:50 am »
Try changing the value at A08C from 01 to 00. This might stop magic from draining. I'm looking through code and haven't tried it. Hope it works!
A08C in PC address?
It seems like that particular bank is reserved for pointers and stuff for the Maze Island.
0xA08C has values [BA A2] in there.

However, upon further inspection of the code, I noticed that you were actually referring to PC address 0x01609C, which the game reads as $A08C in NES address.

And indeed, that one address seems to be the one which modifies the subtraction of the Magic meter.

Code: [Select]
[E9 01] = SBC $01
This means that every time you get a hit from a Bubble, the Magic meter is subtracted one point from it.
By changing the value to 00, we are effectively changing it so that, even if hit, the subtraction would be 0, which means no more Magic drained.

Thanks, njosro!

Personal Projects / Re: Zelda II Redux
« on: August 16, 2018, 02:07:48 pm »
Holy crap that was scary.

I managed to fix it, here's the latest patch:

That one should have the King Bubble issue already fixed.

So it turns out that indeed the HP editing was what borked the King.
For some reason it seems to only take HP values from C0 and up, else the individual bubbles pop up in his place.

I said before that the HP wasn't the cause because I was testing using save states inside the Great Palace.
I left the room I was in, and re-entered the room to test the Bubble spawn.

The problem here was that I did not take into account that once you enter the Palace, the whole RAM for enemy HP gets replaced, so loading a save state loaded the previous values it had, and not the updated ones.

So I had to do a LOT of testing.
Re-entering the Great Palace and go all the way through the Great Palace until I reached a point in which a King Bubble spawns.
I did this I believe like 50 or more times lol
Testing the values for sure is odd. I think the HPs for both the King Bubble and Bot might have something else going on.

In any case, this one should be okay for a more polished test.
Once I get the green light that the script is working fine and there are no more odd spawns/missing enemies, I will continue with the slight modifications of the Lizalfos that Chicken Knife mentioned, and the ones at the OP, and that should be it for the enemies so far.


I also noted that the Bubbles in the Great Palace seem to drain Magic from Link when touched.
Is there a way to disable this?
I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere before if my memory serves me right.

Personal Projects / Re: Zelda II Redux
« on: August 15, 2018, 05:58:37 pm »
You are right.
I didn't want to bump into this, damnit.
I entered some cheat codes and also some RAM hacking to breeze my way up to the Great Palace in less than a minute.

So it turns out that the King Bubble, and maybe even the King Bot (can you check this one as well?) are both borked.
What happens is that, when the game should load one King Bubble, it appears as the split minor versions.

For example, in place of getting the King Bubble, you get two usual Bubbles, as if you just defeated the King Bubble and it already split into the two lesser enemies. I am thinking perhaps the King Bot might be a victim of this as well, although I am not sure, if anyone can also check if that enemy is also screwed, please let me know.

I tried editing back the King Bubble's HP, but it still keeps appearing as the split Bubbles :/
I will see what I can do to fix this. I have zero clue as to what edit I made to the enemies made the King Bubble bork.

Worst case scenario, I might have to undo all of the enemy changes and see if that does it, if not then we are in real trouble.

Personal Projects / Re: NES Metroid HD Pack
« on: August 14, 2018, 11:16:27 am »
Can't wait to see how Ridley and Kraid look with these new texture pack :^}

Personal Projects / Re: Zelda II Redux
« on: August 14, 2018, 11:10:00 am »
@Chicken Knife:

I already went through most of your points, except the last two.
Patch has been updated to reflect the latest changes too.

The issue with the text for the kidnapped kid being parsed wrongly was fixed, turns out it was a wrongly put linebreak.
Easy fix, just took me a while to realize lol

Anyway, I will touch down on the experience given by the Lizalfos once I know the text script is ready to go.

As for the King Bubble...
Now THAT is concerning.

I don't recall modifying much about the King Bubble other than HP, and I have my doubts that it was his HP I touched and not the individual bubbles.
Could you double check, please?
I am worried that I might have fucked up the King Bubble spawn somehow, but I want to be sure.
Did you encounter any at all? Or simply found less of them?

Personal Projects / Re: Zelda II Redux
« on: August 13, 2018, 12:41:04 pm »
@Shadic's right, both the manual and Historia do mention this.
The Zelda seen in Zelda II is actually an ancestor of the one in Zelda I.
The whole story mentions why all female descendants are named Zelda too.

So the way I might tackle this is that I will try to rework the intro in a way that says that Impa told Link about the sleeping spell put in an ancestor of princess Zelda (the original Zelda) but how I will rework the intro is still something I'm not sure of.

I will give this a bit of a thought during the week and see what I can come up with.
If anyone else has suggestions as well for this, be sure to drop them by!
The current limit per row in the intro is around 28 characters, with 14 lines to work with (15th is reserved for the "@1987 Nintendo" copyright text).

Personal Projects / Re: Zelda II Redux
« on: August 13, 2018, 11:54:35 am »
I agree, actually I've been thinking about the intro quite a bit in the last few days.
The whole "Another Zelda" stuff is really sketchy, I also believe it would work better if it was the same Zelda, why the hell would they have another Zelda somewhere else?

Here's what the japanese translation says for that part:

Quote from: Japanese intro

Perhaps I could simply remove the "ANOTHER" reference and keep it simply as the same Zelda from Zelda I, like this:

Quote from: New possible intro text

As for extra space, I sadly don't have much to work with.
At most I can add like 20 more characters and I'll be hitting the limit for the intro text, so I don't think I can add that much info into it, the way I managed to fit everything was just enough to make it look perfectly readable and not as cramped up as the original.

Oh and the "three levels" thing refers to the actual three levels of the game: Life, Magic and Attack.


EDIT: Patch updated to address the points made by Chicken Knife and Shade Aurion.
Same link. :)

Personal Projects / Re: Zelda II Redux
« on: August 13, 2018, 10:15:37 am »
Go to ROM offset F704 and F705 and change the values to EA. Then you'll get a comma. (EA is a NOP instruction which we're using here to overwrite an AND instruction.)

What is happening with the weird character is that it's code ported over from the Japanese version that sometimes had to put those markings above the Japanese characters. There was a certain signal (via bit 7 and bit 6 of the character code to be printed) that specified whether to do this. If the right combo of bit 7 and bit 6 appeared in the character code, then the game would do its special thing, and then AND mask the character code to clear bits 6 and 7. In your case, 9C became 1C.

I figured this out when I was researching a method to add accent support to my Zelda 2 dialog editor. It came in handy after all :)
That's the bit of code that did the trick, indeed!
Now all commas should work properly :)

And with that...

New Beta!

This new patch should have all of the text rewritten and repointed.
And I mean ALL of it.
So this one requires quite a bit of playtesting.
From what I've played through the first minutes of the game, it all seems fine so far.
I only found one typo, which I fixed (a lady in Rauru saying "YOUNG FWLLOW" instead of "YOUNG FELLOW")

If anyone finds any other typos or perhaps something odd regarding any text, please let me know and provide an image so that I can see exactly what the error is and fix it asap.
Another thing, for the person that was asking previously about the character limit per row, it's actually 11 characters and not 10 like I thought it was.
11 is the limit before the text starts overflowing out of the text box.

ShadowOne. You are strictly in ROM territory, so you can do whatever you want with the unused space in this bank. There is no special loading process to RAM with text anyway. It's up to you to manage the unused space according to how you intend to expand on certain parts of the ROM. If you think you won't touch the data or code in a specific part, then you can insert your new data right after. But if you have any reasonable doubt, you can leave a few 10s of FF bytes of padding, just in case.

There's one nuance that doesn't appear in my disassembly docs, which I just realized while confirming what I'm writing here. There are actually two tables for dialogue pointers, one for West Hyrule towns and one for East Hyrule towns. This makes 34 (52 decimal) dialogs in West Hyrule and 2E (46 decimal) dialogs in East Hyrule. Maybe you have already figured this out. The West Hyrule pointer is EFBE, and the East Hyrule pointer is F026. These two pointers are in a table at F423.

If you intend to have more than the original 98 text strings, then your pointer tables will have to be moved, because they don't have any unused space right after. They are the elements that can't be broken in multiple parts. It's not a big deal to move them around, since you have plenty of unused space to play with. You just have to change the pointers in the table at F423 accordingly.

As for Njosro, he's right on point about accented characters. The code ported to the American version is fully functional, but the letter codes are never supposed to undergo a change of bits. Since you have no intention to add accented characters support, removing that feature is no big deal. Hats off to Njosro for finding THE byte that lets you do that. :thumbsup:
You mean the point in which both the West Hyrule pointers end and where the East Hyrule ones begin?
If that's so, yeah I did figure it out, I simply made an hex search using the text bank just to be sure those were the correct pointers for East Hyrule.
Besides, they're right next to each other, so no loss there :P
Thanks for jumping in with the clarification though! Really appreciated.

Also, I changed all of the pointers already, and moved a portion of the text to the B8XX bank.
I wrote all the text right next to each other, so perhaps I should've followed your advice of leaving some bytes in between each line, but I managed to fit all that I wanted nicely :)
I struggled with like a couple pair of sentences, but they came up pretty good at the end.
I noticed even the pointer for the Dragon Quest reference is there, but apparently never called in-game.

Anyway, to anyone who wants to give this new test patch a try, please do so and let me know how it goes!

Personal Projects / Re: Zelda II Redux
« on: August 09, 2018, 12:02:35 pm »
One thing I would appreciate is something that shows exactly how much magic you have remaining. Like 60/100 or whatever. It's hard to judge how much of your bar is enough to use the Life spell for example.

I also strongly urge you to please use caution when rebalancing enemies. The way this patch is right now, the game is already perfectly fair. Ideally, I'd like this hack, if it aims to become the definitive version of the game, to maintain a pinch of fake difficulty, because Zelda II is one of the all-time classic high-tier challenges for the NES. Near-death situations that demand perfection from the player, but a perfection that stems from practice, not memorization or exploiting. Much like Contra, or Dark Souls. Maintaining that element is key to Zelda II's appeal, and just by rewriting the text, adding checkpoints at the start of Palace's, increasing EXP gain and preventing EXP loss, you've eliminated pretty much all of the bullshit Zelda II had to begin with. So going further, please be sure to consider how it affects the game's difficulty and consider alternate patches for those who still prefer the original challenge.  :)

To be honest, I think the enemy rebalancing will be very minimal after this.
I think the only changes so far could be those mentioned in the OP, but out of that I don't think I'll be making any more modifications to the enemies, since I think the most annoying stuff about enemies is already out of the way, like the Bubbles, EXP draining and, the Modafokas, and stuff like that.

Enemy changes should be minimal, if maybe none at all after I am done with the script changes.

I just need to figure out what the hell is going on with the comma not appearing so I can release another beta patch.
I already have all of the new text repointed and inserted into the game, it's just that stupid comma. xD

Personal Projects / Re: Zelda II Redux
« on: August 08, 2018, 05:59:07 pm »
Okay already repointed and reworked the entire script.
I found just one odd glitch:

As you can see, after the word "LEAVING" there's an odd glitchy symbol instead of what should be a comma.
I looked around in the PPU, and this particular tile is supposed to be tile ID $1C, but I just went through the text in a Hex editor, and there's a $9C in there, which is the tile ID for the comma. And the PPU Viewer does show up the comma as $9C as its tile ID.

Why is that tile appearing instead of the comma?
The text doesn't have $1C anywhere, it's just $9C, so I find it odd that it doesn't print out the comma as it should, and it is instead showing that sprite tile in place of the comma.
I tried putting other values there, but no matter what value I replace instead of the 9 in the 9C, it always prints out tiles from within 0-3. Like it is always either 0C, 1C, 2C or 3C, nothing after the 30 row gets printed out no matter what.

Heck even the TBL in Data Crystal shows that 9C=, so I am REALLY confused xD

Personal Projects / Re: Zelda II Redux
« on: August 01, 2018, 05:55:27 pm »
Trax, you mentioned Bank 3 has a lot of unused space, and in the disassembly I noticed some unused places, but some off them are cut-off by labels which are apparently called in other subroutines.
Are those labels okay to use for new text even if they are labelled and apparently used in other places?

So far I have these four sections as possible candidates for extended text:

0xCBC1-0xD0FA, 0xD144-0xD40C, 0xDD1A-0xE009 and 0xF813-0xFF78.

The last one is the one I used for the PoC for the Rauru's Town text some posts ago.
Repointing the text manually is no issue, I already got the hang of it quite easily and by memory, I just need to make certain that none of these sections are used by some random routine (even though they are all using FF's in there) :v

Are those four sections safe to use for expanded text?

Personal Projects / Re: Zelda II Redux
« on: August 01, 2018, 10:47:51 am »
My editor Sword II manages text and saves pointers accordingly, at least the townfolks part. Bank 3 does have a lot of unused space (12D1 hex, 4817 decimal, 29% of bank total), so you should not have any problem even with the extra lines of text available. However, the original ROM has the text data preceding the pointers table, and the unused space does not follow immediately. If you intend to keep the same number of dialogs, then your pointer table is fine where it is. But the text data itself should be moved, or at least the excess bytes that will surely result from more meaningful speech from townfolks.

That, I'm not sure my editor will cope. Editors that intend to expand stuff should always have some sort of data manager, where pointers to unused space are kept on the side for when new hack data goes over the current limits of the original ROM.

Doesn't Sword II only work on Mac though?
I unfortunately have no means of getting my hands on a Mac computer, only Windows or Linux sadly :/
I guess I will start reworking the whole script manually (Hex editing), with the help of WindHex32 in the meanwhile, just so I can load the TBL I have and see where the text is and what I have, then I'll update the pointers accordingly manually too.

I heard of Cartographer/Atlas but have zero clue as to how they work or how I would use them for such a project.

Why not update the sword on the title screen to match the American box art and the sprites accurate to the artwork?
That could me made down the road, but right now the focus is on the dialogue, once that and the enemies are done I could contemplate such a thing.

Jurassic Park (SNES)

Add SRAM saving to the game.
The game itself already has some sort of checkpoint system running, you touch one of the motion sensors in the overworld, you can respawn there when you lose a life. Perhaps these things could be used for making the SRAM saves.

The game itself is quite long if you aren't speedrunning it, it could very well take over and hour to get things done even if you know what you are doing. Having a SRAM system for it would greatly circumvent the greatest obstacle the game has.

I can't recall how many times I tried to beat this game as a kid, replaying the game again and again only to fall short on the last 20~ mins of it.

Personal Projects / Re: Zelda II Redux
« on: July 30, 2018, 03:36:55 pm »
Okay guys.
After almost a month or so of vacations, I'm finally back.
Though, the last two weeks have been shit all around, but nevertheless I will try to fall back in line and finally/hopefully get things done with the new script and pointer stuff to have the reworked script working already.

As always, if you guys have suggestions or anything, please let me know.

With that said, does someone know of a tool or something that could ease up the process of repointing/writing script?
I could do it all through hex editing as I have for previous projects, but given the considerate amount of text in this game, it would be great if there was a tool that could help with this and save time out of doing it entirely in hex.

Personal Projects / Re: Super Mario Land 2 DX [Updated to v1.8.1]
« on: July 29, 2018, 03:56:42 pm »
Believe it or not, there is still something that needs to be fixed!

I struggled a bit to understand it, but some explanation could be good.
To explain what I got out of it, if you are small space-suit Mario and get an item from the bonus machine, the colour palette of the suit gets messed up once the new sprite hits, is this correct?
Does it also happen with regular Mario or any other power-up Mario when he gets a different power up?

Vanya is working on a fangame that's going to be a 8-bit demake of Powered Up.
Romhack or PC game?

Personal Projects / Re: Donkey Kong Country (GBA) Palette restoration
« on: July 03, 2018, 11:05:30 am »
Ah great.
Then I'll try to continue the project later this month :)
Thnaks for letting me know!

Also, that tool sounds really handy. It could certainly help for other restoration projects without a doubt. Hope you can get it polished up.

Thanks again!

Personal Projects / Re: Donkey Kong Country (GBA) Palette restoration
« on: June 26, 2018, 08:24:55 pm »
v1.0 is already up! :-) Should fix all bonus gates. I might missed one or two there, please let me know if you find them
(Kirby's Dreamland 2 colorization!)
To be fair, Donkey Kong Country 3 requires very little colour restoration, as that one came out when the SP was already a thing (similar to ALttP and SMA4), so I'd dare say that DKC2 is the only one which suffers from the oversaturation quite badly. DKC3 looks really well without any colour modifications.

Also, damn are you going for a Dreamland 2 colorization?!
I'd love to see that!
Both Dreamlands on the GB could really benefit from a proper DX treatment, given how colorful and pretty the Kirby games are.
Also, Kirby Super Star Ultra could be used as a base asset for color placements on Dreamland 1 :p

One last thing, are you planning on reworking the remaining palette assets from DKC GBA? Like extra rooms, maps and screens?
I could try helping out with those later in July, but wanted to ask what are your plans about it.

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