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This hack looks pretty good, but I stopped playing after a few levels because I can't stand the fact that everything is ice. Why? I admit that I would probably do better using a proper SNES controller rather than a crappy Logitech pad, but even then, the first and third levels give you almost no time to spare, even if you proceeding through the level at a fairly good clip. There is little room for error. Also, I thought the boat level was truly bizarre, where the toads kill you if you touch them (aren't they the good guys?). Plus the hit detection on the birds in that level was off, I often found myself getting killed without actually touching them. The final moment where I gave up was this part on the level inspired by Mega Man, where you had to jump out of the water onto several single block platforms made of ice. There is just no way I could get past that without a good controller.

Yeah,this hack is not for everyone.I tried to make it as easy as I can,but at the same time I tried to make it challenging and my mindset when I made those levels was: if you play this hack,then you've mastered the original Super Mario World and you've played the previous Lost Adventure episodes,so you've already been though the easy grass world at the beginning of Episode 1.

It should work fine on most emulator,but I'd recommend ZSNES and Snes9x

I grabbed version 1.1 since my last post, a LOT of stuff was corrected,  no more crashes due to music or otherwise.
And I seriously had a blast !

But now I just reached the final castle "Shadow Dungeon" and it crashes the game:
-when mario dies.
-when entering the Boss / Red door, arrrrg XD

I'm paying on real hardware via SD2SNES.

isaix, if you're still around, is there hope for a fix? I can of course provide my SRAM if needed.

I don't know what could cause the game to crash in the Shadow Dungeon,so I don't think I could fix it unfortunatly

News Submissions / Re: ROM Hacks: Legend of Link 1.2 Released
« on: September 07, 2014, 09:53:48 pm »
Great hack so far,I'm at Level-2 so far and it kinda feels like Link's Awakening meets The original Legend of Zelda.The only problem I have so far is the fact that you have to hold the lantern button though entire dungeons,its a bit annoying.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Your top 3 favorite games to hack
« on: January 17, 2014, 07:00:44 pm »
I like making Super Mario World rom hacks a lot,there are so many think that can be changed.I feel like I'm learning new stuff about SMW hacking everyday.

Other then Super Mario World,I also tried to hack A Link to the past,but I didn't enjoyed it as much and I prefer to stick with only one game at the time.

ROM Hacking Discussion / SMW The Lost Adventure Episode 1 has been updated
« on: December 22, 2013, 10:14:19 am »
Hi everyone ,I just wanted to let you know that SMW The Lost Adventure Episode 1 have been updated. This updated version should be compatible with more emulator than just ZSNES and I've made some other minor changes in the game,you can see all in detail in the README file.

So, the sound problem is not present using Bsnes?

isaix, you think you could fix your previous hack to work on the real hardware/Bsnes?

I got quite a few request for that,but the problem is that I would have to restart every from the beginning(On a new ROM) and that mean to reinsert EVERYTHING,but I might do something like "Episode 1 DX" to fix all the problems it had before moving on to "Episode 3".

Can Mario suplex that train?

No he can't haha!! He's nowhere near as strong as Sabin

As an added qualifier in addition to "does it work on a SNES" (most SMW hacks do not), is the game design such that it could be finished on a SNES, i.e. without savestates. Probably the best SMW hack, The Second Reality Project, is not really feasible to beat on a real console, because the levels are too long, and you usually have to beat several of them to get to a save.

Yes,I made sure that anyone could beat the game without savestates because I myself I'm not a big fan of those very difficult hack that require save state,I always though that it took some fun out of the game and the game saves after every level you beat so you wron't have to start an entire world if you lose all your live.But of course that doesn't mean that all the levels are super easy,some stage can be a little challenging,but nothing impossible,beating this hack shouldn't be harder than beating Super Mario bros. 3

Works on the real hardware/Bsnes?
I haven't try those since I don't own them,but this one has better compatibility then my previous hack.


Update By: isaix

Here it is, 8 months after Super Mario World - The Lost Adventure Episode 1, isaix finally released Super Mario World The Lost Adventure Episode 2 (his second ROM hack release). This is a complete SMW hack that features 79 new levels, Over 100 custom music, custom graphics, new boss fights, new power ups, custom palettes, redesigned Overworld Map and much more…

RHDN Project Page

Relevant Link: (

May 20, 2013, 01:10:27 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
This is a pretty sweet and imaginative hack! I love it!
oh well,thanks


Update By: isaix

Here it is, 8 months after Super Mario World - The Lost Adventure Episode 1, isaix finally released Super Mario World The Lost Adventure Episode 2 (his second ROM hack release). This is a complete SMW hack that features 79 new levels, Over 100 custom music, custom graphics, new boss fights, new power ups, custom palettes, redesigned Overworld Map and much more…

RHDN Project Page

Relevant Link: (

The problem isn't that it's an emulator "like any other." It's actually very inaccurate with a lot of things it tries to emulate, and since it hasn't been updated in years, it's fallen way behind. You can stick to the caveman emulator if you wish, but just know that this will become a problem because other people want things to work correctly. :thumbsup: Think of this as constructive criticism for future development.

I have no problem with criticsms.Its actually a good think,I want to know what I did right and what I did wrong to make my next hack even better  :).

If ZSNES ever gets its sound emulation fixed, it will be a problem.

It's always disheartening to see people justify doing things the wrong way :(

I don't get your point,what is wrong with ZSNES,its just an emulator like an other?

The utility that you used to make the custom music has a bug that happens to make it sound right only on ZSNES. it's a documented bug with it, and it'll fail on the real hardware and on any other emulator.

Oh,I didn't knew about that,but I guess that's not really a problem since everyone can use ZSNES and its not the first hack that work on specifics emulator,I've encounter that problem a lot with other ROM hacks.

I played a few levels, and I think the level design is pretty good. No Kaizo here.

However, this hack has the same problem many SMW hacks have - the sound is glitchy. If you hit a message block, the sound completely glitches out, which can only be fixed by resetting the game. If you fix this bug, then I certainly would be keen to play further.

Also, there is a grammatical mistake in the message block in "Yoshi's Land".

Edit: another minor quibble, the paths on the map are not covered off before you beat the level. It looks like you could just walk straight up to the castle!

About the sound glitch,the problem is not the game itself,its the emulator you're using.I had the same problem with other rom hack and even mine when I used the wrong emulators.I originally wanted to inject my hack to be playable as a Wii channel,but the Wii doesn't support a lot of custom music.If you want to play Super Mario World rom hacks on a Wii you need to download Snes9xgx version 1.15,the latest versions does not support custom musics and if you want to play on your PC you should use ZSNES emulator(I've played through the entire game without any sound glitch with this emulator).

I'd like to know what you guys think about the game's difficulty.Is it a fair difficulty,does it progress like it does in a real Mario game(Starts Easy ends hard),cause I've been told that it was hard to get through.I'll try to lower the difficulty for Episode 2 if its truly a problem.

Oh,I see

What is a headered ROM?

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