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News Submissions / Re: Translations: Translation for Ys 5 Finally Released
« on: November 29, 2013, 04:56:32 am »
Thank you so much for your work, Gideon.

I remember your news updates on this game, which visualized some of the wonderful ways it glitch 'sploded. I recall one of them being from 2011... so this is some amazing dedication!

Gaming Discussion / Re: XBOX ONE
« on: May 21, 2013, 09:42:20 pm »
Right now, I'm pretty disgusted with all the new information that's surfacing (required to be online every 24 hours / used games to be repurchased at full price / mandatory Kinect). I hope everything's cleared up soon, I'm hearing so many different reports and spin that I'll just take a break until the clear truth is out.

The conference itself though, that...was terrible. I was so bored.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Wii U vs Oyua
« on: May 18, 2013, 05:34:16 pm »
Speaking of the Wii U being bad:

That was a really strange rant coming from an employee, though I can see where he's coming from. There's also quite a lot of confusion about the power of the Wii U but from wasting way too much time reading about it the Wii U seems to sport a more efficient, user-friendly but much weaker CPU, and a GPU that's far more capable (a heavily customized 2009/10 mid range Radeon HD -- so much so it's barely recognizable).

This is why you have developers stating two different things (even two different stories from EA themselves), it all depends on how a game is more CPU or GPU reliant. Still, considering there's so much confusion about the Wii U compared to 2005 technology it's all pretty terrible.

CPU's in this new generation seem to be really interesting, as with the case of the new PS4 and Xbox: in some regards they're actually much weaker than even the PS3's own Cell. Both Sony and Microsoft want a far more efficient, low power CPU so they're going for the Jaguar: an x86 based netbook processor. I've heard so many reports that they're both still far more capable in many areas and easier to develop for compared to the Cell so it's a perfect choice. They both are completely beyond the Wii U's CPU too.

Never heard of Oyua. But i wish nintendo would have learned its lesson with the wii and stopped using outdated or unconventional technologies and just come out with a kick ass system like sony and microsoft are about to do.

Even if Nintendo went with far stronger hardware it wouldn't help them at all and would only beef up the price of the Wii U. Most third parties will never make the jump towards it, and Nintendo learned that lesson with the Gamecube and the Nintendo 64. Most developers that do clear away from the Wii U never do so because of power differences, but because it's just not worth the investment and the userbase demographic is quite different. Like...Call of Duty, and even Batman made it to the Wii U, but posted terrible numbers.

EA no longer support Nintendo, and all their franchises essentially tanked on the device, Need for Speed (which even got a nice graphical  upgrade compared to the PS3/360 versions) did absolutely awful too. There's a lot to be said that EA didn't try hard enough by essentially releasing ports of 360 games months after they've been released and charging full price, but...well, what's done is done! :P

Even Crysis 3 was up and running on the Wii U, and Crytek even said it was the best version save from PC, yet a "lack of EA-Nintendo business drive killed the project". Aliens: Colonial Marines had a similar story.

Third parties have built up their userbase with the 360/PS3, and have been able to maintain that demographic for many years. Shifting towards the Wii U just doesn't make sense to them anymore, so Nintendo essentially have a console more suited towards them, I've heard reports from developers that they were pretty selfish with the specifications, and even some crazy reports that Nintendo didn't even give third party developers full development kits.

So Nintendo making a seriously powerful console wouldn't really do anything, because even with the Wii U at its power right now, they're still having many difficulties and conflicts transitioning into HD, as said by Iwata himself, which is understandable considering they've been working on the same tech for 10 years now. Though, talking a bit more about third parties, there are some franchises that are doing well on the Wii U, such as Sonic, and is also why Nintendo have gone into a 3 exclusive game deal with Sega. Capcom have been happy with their sales, Atlus are doing collaborations with Nintendo and Platinum are making 2 games for the Wii U. Essentially, those developers that WANT to make a Wii U game do so. It's barely about power, but just business which is all Nintendo can do about their consoles now.

First Ouya reviews have been devastating, the software side (firmware, but games as well) is pretty horrid apparently. And the Wii U still has no software library to make buying one worthwhile after over a year since release. I wouldn't pay for either of those two.

I've not much interest in the Ouya, and it's launch has been pretty devastating. I'm also shocked at the controllers: this is a Dual Shock 3 analog reading, and here's an Ouya...

You can essentially buy an Android tablet right now and you'll have similar specifications and a similar library as well. What bothers me about the Ouya is that it's really quite low spec, but it's still riding the library of Android tablet devices. Tegra 4 is about to be released (Ouya uses Tegra 3) and the new wave of higher spec tablets are coming, which will leave the Ouya behind, it's essentially going to be a device that will not be able to play what others in the same field will offer in the coming months.

They did say they'll be doing yearly revisions though, which really doesn't make me feel any better... I suppose I'll maybe buy a revision for emulation purposes or something, but that's it.

Haha, and I actually own a Wii U, though it's essentially collecting dust, the only game devices that take up my time are my 3DS, PS3 and PSP. I'm looking forward to Nintendo's first party output on the device and also Platinum's work, but that still isn't for some time, so...I'll still leave it to collect dust! :laugh:

Upon reflection this post went on way too long...  :-[

Really looking forward to this, and I really like the soundtrack. You've been working on this so long, so those menu's must be a serious pain.

Also, those two screens almost look like two different games, one's so softly shaded and the other looks...well, not.

Not true.  At all.  Not even close.  Still waiting on Far East of Eden Zero, Chaos Seed, Ys 5, Lady Stalker, Record of the Lodoss War, Rejoice and Traverse Starlight & Prairie.

Haha, I'd personally love to play Metal Max 2, G-O-D, GD Leen, Last Bible III and the Aretha games. That's just considering the Super Famicom...

The PC Engine is a whole other beast. I'm guessing it's really difficult to hack the games for it, though? Either that or the interest isn't really there.

It arrived, and everything seems to be fine. Huge relief.

I'm also so amazed at how different it is compared to my original 3DS. It's so great. :laugh:

Well that was a mouth full. :laugh:

Well, I'm usually a huge RPG player, but some of them can really scare me off when it's adapted from an anime, as the game will usually expect you to know quite a lot about the source material (which can hamper my enjoyment by quite a bit).

I'm not particularly interested in watching tons of anime just to get an understanding of quite a few games, so I'll just ask, what are the most and least enjoyable adapted RPG's without knowing the source material? I remember playing Slayers (SNES) for a bit and finding it really enjoyable yet the Sailor Moon RPG had me Googling a few things (and just generally feeling a bit left out). I was also slightly interested in the .hack PS2 games, but I'm not really sure what I'm getting myself into.

Thanks! :)

Bit of a bump, but I just ordered a 3DS XL and it'll arrive very soon, but right now I'm so paranoid of dead pixels, as they seem to quite the complaint from many XL owners. :-\

I always like unique bosses that end up doing something new you've yet to see in the game.

Sol Moonarge is a pretty classic RPG that has its boss actually attack your little avatars in the status bar, which is a cool little touch.

I also really like how the Lennus II final boss emulates your TV being full of static. The Earthbound/Mother 3 is also a game which their final boss battles are completely different from what you expect.

Apart from that, I love bosses with multiple parts to attack which have their own attack. Ar Tonelico/Final Fantasy V&VI/Lennus II all come to mind.

Well I don't see anything wrong with a more focused discussion on Earthbound, this is a forum after all.

Isn't this going to be the first time anything Mother is being released in Europe? It's some great progression, and hopefully it'll signify some more life into the series.

Just imagine if Mother 3 can get an official release... :happy:

Gaming Discussion / Re: Nintendo announces RPGs
« on: April 19, 2013, 08:16:17 am »
Is it only me or does Bravely Default look like the biggest FF VI rippoff ever?

Not sure how you came to think that. I can't think of any glaring similarities.

It's closer to Final Fantasy III / V if anything, with its job system and all.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Deep Dungeon 3, a broken RPG?
« on: April 19, 2013, 05:54:26 am »
I find it fascinating how broken the game is. I mean, like...such flaws should have been noticed during development or SOMETHING!

Gaming Discussion / Re: Breath of Fire
« on: April 19, 2013, 05:33:40 am »


I can actually hear that loud, distorted beepy text sound while reading that. Ha.

I don't like the game at all, but I absolutely love the soundtrack. The sample quality is terrible, but those compositions are just...beautiful.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Nintendo announces RPGs
« on: April 19, 2013, 05:28:13 am »
Mario & Luigi Dream Team releasing July 12 in EU, NA will have to wait an extra month for no good reason.

Bravely Default: The Flying Fairy will get flapping itself to EU later this year and NA will have to wait until next year.

Hopefully we won't get fooled again when Nintendo says EarthBound is coming to the Wii U VC in NA and EU this year. (hopefully Wii as well because WTF not?).
Awesome, and hopefully they'll finally get around to legitimately releasing the Mother 1 proto (though that game hasn't been announced even for Japan).

Zelda Oracles is given a release date of May 30 on 3DS.

Nintendo has also scared the **** out of us by announcing A Link to the Past 2 for 3DS. I'm scared, as Nintendo will probably trample the classic with modern "improvements". HEY Nintendo, how about you LISTEN and don't it screw it up too badly, huh? :)

It's interesting that Square-Enix isn't localizing Bravely Default. Nintendo (Europe?) themselves have to do it.

I'm super happy about the announcements though. Bravely Default is highly regarded and looks really interesting, Mario & Luigi has always been one of the better, funnier RPG's out there and A Link to the Past 2 actually has me excited: there's gameplay footage around which has eased my worries.

The article makes sense.

Nintendo are developing and even publishing multiple titles for the 3DS this year, many of them are potential million sellers (Mario & Luigi/Animal Crossing/Pokemon/Zelda: A Link to the Past 2/Luigi's Mansion 2/Mario Party etc). The Wii U isn't getting that sort of attention from both Nintendo and third parties, and most heavy hitters aren't expected until another year. It's a tough drought.

The 3DS is doing fantastic in Japan right now, but the rest of the world isn't as great, so I guess Nintendo are completely focused on trying to fix that and to sustain the platform as much as possible, even if it means focusing far less on their own Wii U (which is doing completely poorly worldwide). I guess it's all about potential, and betting on the 3DS seems a clear winner.

Basically, most of Nintendo's studios are working on 3DS titles instead of Wii U titles. Honestly, and it may be selfish of me, but I'm pretty glad, I seriously like how the 3DS is shaping up. :laugh:

Congratulations on this! I remember reading all about the game quite some time back, but I never realized people found it to be so bad. The main complaint I read back then was the game was too short...

I will have to play it one day, but my next Tales' game will probably be Graces f or Symphonia. :)

Gaming Discussion / Re: Breath of Fire
« on: April 05, 2013, 11:52:42 pm »
Breath of Fire 1 was my childhood RPG. I spent months upon months with that game.  I loved how rewarding it was when I finally figured out where the hell I was supposed to go! Oh, and that Gremlin boss haunted me as a kid...

I never did finish it until last year or so, and it was just nostalgia overload, though I can still see the flaws with the game.

Breath of Fire 2 was an improvement in many ways, but things got worse too. Story, visuals and characters were definitely improved, music was on par with 1, but the encounter rate and backtracking were downright evil. It took me just over 2 days to finish 1, but almost 2 weeks to finish 2...

I'm currently playing Breath of Fire 3, 'just got into the Plant. The story feels much more personal, the music is very interesting and I'm having fun, but my 2 biggest problems; the text speed is way too slow, I hate it that I can't just press the X/O button to make the whole message appear whenever I want. The other problem is the encounter rate is just high enough to annoy me, it's definitely not as frequent as 2, but the game is now in 3D and feels much more exploratory.

Breath of Fire 4 is an absolutely beautiful game, but I've yet to play it for more than an hour. I'm getting to it after 3.

Breath of Fire 5, from what I've read about it, seems like a masterpiece, but definitely not a good Breath of Fire game. I can't wait to play it without the expectations of Breath of Fire.

I do wonder if we'll ever get another Breath of Fire... that and Pokemon are the closest RPG series to me.

News Submissions / Re: ROM Hacks: Chrono Trigger - Envy Hack
« on: March 08, 2013, 04:35:35 am »
I do appreciate the work you put into this hack, and I hope the comments here don't put you off. It's always good to keep on going, and to improve yourself--take the comments as constructive. Spooniest mentioned dissonance with the flow of the script, which I can definitely agree with. :)

If not for the crude jokes and the increased difficulty, this would probably be a decent hack. But those two things ruin it.

Heh, but isn't, the main point of the hack? :P

Gaming Discussion / Re: Sony needs PS4 Testers
« on: March 07, 2013, 04:39:11 pm »
If we're talking about a *console*? Climb to the highest point in an Elder Scrolls game, tape the right analog stick left or right, and let the thing run for a month. Or something that would generate a similar or greater amount of heat. The biggest hardware issue with the last generation of consoles was heat failure, right?

Heat was terrible this generation, especially at the beginning (the original "fat" models). I dread thinking back to the times my brother played the 360 every night, the thing literally sounded like a damn vacuum cleaner. After a few weeks the console died, so he got another one, and that thing died half a year later!

The slims (both 360/PS3) really do fix a lot of those issues, my PS3 slim runs so quiet, even with its massive fan (I wonder how long one of these systems would last if you actually took out the fan?).

For the PS4 (and even Microsofts new console) I thankfully cannot see this becoming much of an issue, the APU is far more efficient and produces far less heat than the CPU+GPU in the PS3/360.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Sony needs PS4 Testers
« on: March 07, 2013, 03:58:44 pm »
I dunno, does anyone around here know how to break a game newer than SNES? :P

I broke my Animal Crossing: Wild World: left the bugger in my pockets, thus, in the washing machine. Broke my heart, it did.

...but I don't think that'd be much help to Sony.

Yeah I know that wasn't funny. But it's true...

Gaming Discussion / Re: Your most recent gaming purchase?
« on: March 07, 2013, 07:11:48 am »
Metal Max 2: ReLOADED for the DS, because it kept crashing on my flashcart and it seems good enough to warrant an actual purchase. Also, this enables me to play it on my 3DS instead of my DS.

I absolutely love Metal Max 2's soundtrack! :)

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