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ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: NES fading effect colors
« on: April 18, 2014, 01:11:13 am »
Indeed as the above people said. Use the FCEUX debugging to track the writes to the BG palette.
In fact, if an order of 0c 1c 2c 3c (or reversed) is actually present, this probably indicates that a string of such may not exist at all. The game probably just subtract $10 every time, and changes the colour to black if the result is a negative number. ...Which is almost exactly the routine I've written in my own hack.

Have you made a concrete decision in art style? Will you be keeping the SMB-style sprites? If so, you'll want to keep things consistent.

ex. The boo in your boo effect screen has an outline, but the SMB sprites weren't outlined. So you're going to want to either move everything over to a new, SMB3-style design or edit the imports to match a SMB style.

I'm pretty sure that these are just placeholder graphics anyway, just wanted to bring it to your attention if not.

Well indeed these are placeholder graphics.
As I've said I really suck at graphics, though. My opinions are, the design of SMB3 graphics are simple and upbeat, and it should not be what the style should be in my game. I hope to put more emphasis on the details on the graphics e.g. shadow and bright area, parallax scrolling etc., so that it's made to be more realistic.

"Nepgear, HD Neptunia MK2"

Is that by chance a reference to the Hyperdimension Neptunia games for the PS3?

Well, quite obviously a direct reference, from the infamous 'conquest ending' of Hyperdimension Neptunia MK2. A pun on 'editing ROM and RAM', as this mechanic is specifically designed to combat save file editing.

Is this a rewrite of the game or does it still use the same engine at the base?

I've been editing the roots of the SMB engine in various aspects. But it's still based on the SMB engine, or it won't be called a ROM hack.

Been constructing those banks stuff. Estimation now hits 384 KiB PRG.
Now features...
1: More IRQ effects, e.g. a waveform scroll effect(but it somehow has some glitches at the right side of the screen), parallax scrolling.
2: Unique enemies/map style items mechanic for different areas.
3: The BGM, palette, enemy/map style of an area can be completely user-defined.
4: The destination of every single pipe is user-defined. Unlike SMB which uses some other mechanics.

The title screen is rewritten. A save feature is now included, but only the loading part is complete.
A 'save file corruption' check is also featured. Check this image.

Bad at drawing, if only anyone can help me design the title screen graphics.

Front Page News / Re: ROM Hacks: New Hacks Added to the Database
« on: March 04, 2014, 01:59:16 am »
I get an RHDN error while trying to get access to that Super Mario Bros hack link.

Script Help and Language Discussion / Re: need help translating kanji
« on: February 07, 2014, 08:27:48 am »
Top: Hou tama (Gems)
Bottom: Makka (the fictional money in the game) I think the kanji is supposed to be δΊ” (the bottom part is cut out), in which case it says "Five". But I could be wrong.

The first word should be read as Hougyoku as it is read in MegaTen2. (Why the heck they wrote 'gyoku' in Kanji...)

Probably more info is better.
Since Mandarin Chinese characters never end in an 'm' consonant, the word 'daamu' or 'daam' is probably a dialect(if it is indeed Chinese).
If the dialect is Cantonese, the equivalent reading in mandarin is likely 'dan'.

As a native Chinese speaker I can't deduce the answer.

Personal Projects / Re: Project Mario Adventure 3
« on: January 13, 2014, 08:37:03 am »
I don't know if it's a glitch but here goes:
When I was playing the first level (nearest stage) I entered the pipe where there's a poisonous mushroom, and got back up into the pipe, but then there was a serious problem with the scrolling as the Y scroll is bounded above.
Or is that intentional?

...Crap, I may have patched the IPS to a non [!] ROM. If the glitch doesn't appear in correctly patched files, then apologies.

We don't have an EXP system per se, just a series of stars that you get more of when you get more posts. Plus, only site or forum staff members get the maximum amount anyway...

Also, anti-patriotic?

Sorry for my illiteracy.
I don't consider the EXP system that bad as long as it's a simple add-on and isn't designed seriously. However Baidu takes the EXP system way too seriously. And there had been a kid, thirst for EXP, posted a post on Tieba saying he would put a bomb in some building.
The people in that 'Nihon no ie' forum say things like the PRC is bullshit in all ways and as Chinese themselves they call Chinese 'Shina pigs', etc. Even with the censorship around(lots of other forums get removed), that forum has existed for a long time without getting removed, so WTH.

Hey guys, good news: I've almost done with the banks arrangement stuff. Now the banks are better organized, and, surprisingly, I have 4KiB space in the last bank for me to spare! This probably means at least 3KiB of DPCM space!
There's still something left though:
1: The VRC7 music system is not inserted.
2: The warp zone is crapped. I'll look into a better way to handle it.
3: The victory mode doesn't remove the bridge under Bowser. Though in my plan, the victory mode will be rewritten into a new system, most likely the cutscene system.
4: The loop command... well, I don't think I'll ever use this in my hack.

The PRG now hits 64KiB, and I have estimated a final size of 192 or 256KiB PRG ROM.

Now, I'll go on with the final examination and I'll come back next semester with presumably more time.
Stay tuned minasan and all help is welcome...

So the fact: Baidu Tieba is the largest BBS in China. It had been a great place to post before. By then, users were all satisfied with the simple design of everything in the forum.

But times have changed. The forum underwent several changes, which seem to be aimed at adding more functions, but overall become crap and gradually worsen the user experience. I consider some of the changes understandable, but recently these changes have become more and more unbearable.

And it still is the largest BBS in China. Users can't change much.

So here are some of the changes:
-Changing the layout of the BBS. This is actually not a bad thing--the new layout is a decent optional choice, but some still prefer the traditional, simple layout.

-Adding an Exp. system in every subforum. I believe this method may work well in some forums like RHDN, but here it's the largest BBS, swarming with elementary school students. In searching for a way to boost the exp, people start to post more meaningless posts. What's worse, the Exp. system has something to do with acquiring the power to delete posts&ban people. With little exp it's hard to become the admin of the subforum, and sometimes you just can't.

-Zero requirements to 'like' a forum. Just click the 'like' button, and you can post without any verification code. If someone wants to mess up the forum, it's really simple.

-Extremely harsh censorship&anti-SPAM measures, which do more bad than good. A lot of times when you post a link(harmless, even when it's a Baidu link itself) and the system recognize it as an ad link and you're busted, sometime you even get perma-banned. Also, even when the censorship is harsh, some forums which are extremely anti-patriotic, like the 'Nihon no ie' forum, never gets removed.

-Shit virtual cash(nothing to do with real cash, they're points) system. What do I mean shit? I mean, even you have infinite amount of money, you would NEVER like to buy anything with the virtual cash. The items are very badly designed and seem to be aimed at kids. Yeah we can buy new fonts and post using them, but we can only buy those shit fonts. Can't we just buy normal Chinese fonts like Kaiti(a western example is Times New Roman)?

-Stickers at the top of the subforum. The stickers are aimed at posting short messages, and would have been good for some newest info in the community. However it turns out to be bad. First, they can't be deleted by admins. Second, some short stickers occupy giant space, while long messages sometimes occupy small space and the message sometimes even won't get completely shown. What were they thinking?!

-The most shitty element is the ads. Baidu bans other SPAM, but there are a great, great amount of non-SPAM ads in the forum layout. Just look at it. Not to mention the ads at the top of a page or on the side of a page, they're tolerable least to say. But, in the general subforum layout, there are even ads between 2 posts. In the thread layout, there are ads between 2 replies. Really, Baidu Tieba has become Baidu Ad Tieba. Even if you have AdBlock or something, the blocked ads still occupy a lot of space.

-Other shit functions which you would rather not use.

-Very bad feedback system. Well, it's understandable since the forum is so big, but it shouldn't be as bad as this. Many admins get knocked off their posts because of no good reason. Complaints about ads always get ignored. Perma-banning by Baidu usually won't be canceled unless you verify your phone. Etc.

-Tries to force or lure the users into doing something. 'Something' include: installing Tieba apps on their phones, do verifications about your cellphone and even your identification card, etc.

-More recent incidents: Acquiring the superadmin of some forums and start deleting posts, which not only made the users furious but also enraged the (unofficial) admins.

So I'm still stuck in this shit Tieba since the Chinese SMB hacking community is there. But oh well. If Baidu wouldn't change this shit, I'm gonna give up. This is not the worst forum I've experienced -- Some 2ch-like forums with spams all over are even worse. But the user experience with Tieba really makes me throw up.
And I've been thinking. Do they know anything about user experience? User experience can't be improved by more useless, 'garish' functions. Moreover, putting up ads to a great extent would not make Baidu profit much from ads(I believe it's < linear), not to mention this would worsen the user experience.
And they keep ignoring us, or even delete our posts. As if no developers care about the UE. Just like some issue with Renren(a clone of Facebook): a loophole in the design once let the ads swarm, but Renren didn't even apologize -- they even deleted a lot of articles posted about the loophole.

So that's it. Baidu is the Yuitsu-Shin of Tieba. Hail PRC.

(Oops, I always mis-click the Quote button instead of the Modify button.)

Personal Projects / Re: Plan on SMB1 Hack: Mario Gaiden. Assistance needed!
« on: December 08, 2013, 04:41:59 am »
The music is gorgeous!  This is probably the first time someone has made VRC7 music entirely in assembly to be used in a game.  Or if not assembly, how was the music made?

Is this an original composition?  Sounds like something from the SNES Fire Emblem games.

It's made using assembly based on the disassembly file by doppelganger. If anyone wants to, I could make the file open to public.
This is a cover tune. The original tune is 'Tsukidokei ~Lunar Dial~', which is from Touhou.

Personal Projects / Re: Plan on SMB1 Hack: Mario Gaiden. Assistance needed!
« on: December 07, 2013, 07:22:15 am »
Another update: The VRC7 music system! Please patch this to the SMB ROM and listen.
http://www.bwass.org/bucket/Sys03 VRC7 Music.ips
(Note that the music system still needs to be altered. Tunes besides the overworld theme are all glitched.)

Personal Projects / Re: Project Mario Adventure 3
« on: November 21, 2013, 09:12:07 am »
Notifications on. I suppose I'll constantly come to this post to look for ideas for my SMB hack.

General Discussion / Re: Playing your own Hacks/Translations etc.
« on: November 17, 2013, 09:42:25 am »
Sort of. The main reason is, the hack seems less enjoyable with spoilers uncovered.
I still find one of my SMB hacks enjoyable(it's in the database). Although now I do find the graphics a bit awkward...

Personal Projects / Re: Plan on SMB1 Hack: Mario Gaiden. Assistance needed!
« on: November 16, 2013, 08:00:12 am »
Neat, this looks mighty impressive!  Since you'll be using the VRC7 for audio, do you think you could use this song as a theme?  It's from the Mega Drive, that like the VRC7, uses FM Synth, so it would be (hopefully) easier to replicate the bassline and the buzzy "guitars" than by using the stock 2a03 and DPCM.


Personally it would greatly spice up that Bowser fight.

First, curse the Great Firewall of China.

After several attempts I was finally able to finish the video.
I might take it into consideration, but is quite unlikely as there seems to be no boss fight in my plot which suits the BGM, since my plot has a somewhat late-medieval setting and is not light-hearted.

PS: Construction of VRC7 music system is successful. Functions are being added, though process is slowed down because of the midterm.

Personal Projects / Re: Plan on SMB1 Hack: Mario Gaiden. Assistance needed!
« on: November 12, 2013, 11:44:15 pm »
This hack uses the VRC7 mapper?

Yes. My last hack has already included a (simple) VRC7 music system, as I said.
Currently I'm constructing a much more complex VRC7 music system which can use up to 6 VRC7 channels. (That should be the 3rd system constructed.) It should not be difficult, although using more channels consumes more time and may result in more lag in certain places.

Perhaps I should find some ways to save time in other parts of code, but this is hard.

Personal Projects / Re: Plan on SMB1 Hack: Mario Gaiden. Assistance needed!
« on: November 09, 2013, 12:14:18 am »
I really like what you have so far.  However, I can't fathom a more epic SMB1 hack than Extra Mario Bros.  If you haven't played that yet then by all means, play through that so you know what you're competing with for that title lol.
I've cleared both the bad and good endings, the Area-Sp, and collected all 20 1-UP mushrooms. And I'm fully aware of what I'm competing against. In fact, I only see one effect in Extra Mario Bros which I probably cannot make by myself(though I do have some guesses, like using an enemy and run a completely different sprite handling routine): the 'wind' effect.
Well, I'm really not good at graphics, so I cannot design GFX as good as those in EMB.

SMB hacking has been going downhill since 2006 or so, that's why even after 8 years no hack can outshine EMB(titles like SMU etc are awesome but not as awesome as EMB). And I hate such fact. SMB hacking really should end with a huge bang.

Personal Projects / Re: Plan on SMB1 Hack: Mario Gaiden. Assistance needed!
« on: November 05, 2013, 12:38:10 am »
Wow! All those were impressive, especially the video. Makes you wonder what someone can do using just Super Mario Bros 1...... Are you going to make a game out of this?
Well this is a single hack project. The video uses an independent title (VS Koopa/Flandre), but actually it's just a demo ROM and this boss might be one of the game's hidden bosses.

Personal Projects / Re: Plan on SMB1 Hack: Mario Gaiden. Assistance needed!
« on: November 04, 2013, 08:24:56 am »
A new system added. Now boss fights are programmed to be very complex.
Here is the video of a boss whose behaviour clearly resembles Flandre Scarlet.
(This is a Chinese video site)

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