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- Skate or Die 2 ("Skate or Die.  Skate skate skate skate or die. Die die die die die")
The Skate or Die vocals are PCM streaming instead of DPCM samples.

By the way, few games ever make use of the FDS well. If they had been more creative, then Vocaloid for FDS would have been released 30 years ago. (requires newest NSFPlay)

Gaming Discussion / Re: Metroid 2 remake released.
« on: August 22, 2016, 10:57:53 pm »
I heard that Nintendo don't have much of a presence in the country the Metroid 2 Remake developer lives in, so he's ignoring their DMCA takedown. He just released a update of his fangame too.
Nintendo has little presence in my country either (in fact it'd even still be long before piracy gets penalised in practice), so :-)
Or I'd just say: I have the game, and a bunch of Chinese sites are still hosting them with no chance of even being taken down.

I'd say new school but it's not that old school is just crap, those games are just so restricted by hardware yet some of them are fun to play now and then. But only now and then since they're mostly short, some of the largest(in size) NES games would only keep you entertained for 30 minutes if you use savestates.
New school games on the other hand, suffer from boring sidequests, periodic events, and more focus on addiction instead of fun factors.
I'd recommend playing games 'chronologically' from the older era to the newer era; also do not stick to only a few genres. During these years I've got a habit of finishing a game as quickly as possible (often with cheats or fast-forward grinding etc) and moving on to other games.

Games that made me entertained for a long time: (Spoilered to make the message look short)
NES - Castlevania III, Dragon Warrior III & IV, Megami Tensei II (SNES remake in fact)
SNES - Super Mario World, Super Metroid, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy III(VI), Super Mario RPG
N64 - Super Mario 64, LoZ Ocarina of Time
PS2 - GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas (both PC in fact)
NDS - Rune Factory 3
Wii - Xenoblade Chronicles
PS3 - GTA IV (PC in fact)
PC: Warcraft III plus custom maps, the entire Touhou series since TH06 excluding TH09 & TH11
If I ever get a chance I would get GTA V and probably some other GTA clones like the Saints Row series. But I might spend more time working on my ROM hacking project.

A side note:
Since the game now preprocesses map data instead of reading it ingame, the amount of lag has been further reduced.
The original SMB game lags when there are 5 goombas on the screen(one of the laggiest enemy combinations) and new level data is being loaded, while here, (2A03 music + no IRQ) 5 goombas + 2 fireballs + player scrolling the screen produces no lag.

New powerup:
Ninja Mario(mostly a copy from that of Mario Adventure)
New ability:
Charge shot- Different suits have different charge shots, and exactly which projectile the player fires depends on the charging duration. Fiery Mario has only 1 charge shot: A fire wave which functions like Megaman's charge shot.

Just asking: How is the amount of yuri compared to the previous games? (Answer should be spoilered)

Update time (finally)
So, what do you expect from this update? How about...
>New level data structure which allows much more freedom in editing (Level editor is in progress though)
>Scrolling in 4 directions possible!!
>Minor update: An ability called Speed Booster, which... wait, you know what that is. I'm yet to add the shinespark ability though.

No demo image this time, sorry.
If everything goes well, hopefully I'll get to release a demo course by the end of September.

OK, the normal quest is released and I probably won't be working on the hard quest afterwards (I'm shifting my focus towards Mario Gaiden). This release can basically be considered a complete product, but since it's technically incomplete, I'm not uploading it to the database.

See #1

Newcomer's Board / Re: LGBT ROM Hacks
« on: June 27, 2016, 09:29:55 am »
If you want to talk about it being front page news, there's actually a thread for that.


Is it so hard to talk about LGBT hacks and not attack the hacker himself, or straight or gay rights? That's what the thread is for.

We did NOT bring up the gay rights thing until he brought it up first.
We did NOT attack the hacker until he interpreted our somewhat negative comments as 'oppressing the community'. And even after that I was less harsher than him.
Is it so hard to read those chain of posts first?

Frankly I don't know if these posts would result in me being banned instead, but there has been a handful of people agreeing with these points earlier and more if you summon the IRC chat. (If I ever actually get banned for this I would have to agree with what some people in the IRC chat think about the forum.)

Newcomer's Board / Re: LGBT ROM Hacks
« on: June 27, 2016, 09:14:06 am »
I see alot of fighting in here. If it isn't cause he's gay, then why is that? I don't see any other threads where people are constantly attacked. The mod already told you guys to knock it off. Alot of people coming in here attacking him saying it's not cause he's gay and only cause he's making hacks that isn't up to their standards. Do you go in every beginner hackers thread to tell them their hack is a beginners hack. Alot of knights coming to the rescue of people against these hacks too. Becoming a shark situation where they smell blood and swarm.
Do you not get the point we're making now? Read the reply chain #90 - #93 - #94 - #107

Short version: We were discussing about the topic that it's better for the OP to post a front page news when he has actually completed a series of refreshing products instead of just one hack (by then no one was actually criticising his hack's qualities), and then the OP assumed that whoever said that was disrespecting the LGBT community and started political campaigns.

I would gladly stop had the OP had a better sense of logic and behaved less like a grade-school kid in this thread and the other thread (that New Hacks thread).

Newcomer's Board / Re: LGBT ROM Hacks
« on: June 27, 2016, 08:29:40 am »
so wait a minute... THIS is front page material, but "Zelda: Attack helicopter edition" isn't?
I bet a dime that this is gonna be interpreted as 'oppressing the LGBT community' by the op again(unless he is silenced).
Because even when we've actually stated that we weren't directed towards the theme, he wouldn't listen. Let alone this case where it's more ambiguous(but anyone with somewhat intelligence would figure out that this isn't about the LGBT theme either)

Newcomer's Board / Re: LGBT ROM Hacks
« on: June 27, 2016, 02:48:14 am »
Forgive me for using larger fonts. 6paklover:
Many of the people you called 'oppressing LGBT' are in fact fighting for LGBT themselves in a way. Almost everyone here is on your side! I've said ago that I'm pro-LGBT(see my quote on my hack involving LGBT issue earlier), and so are Axiphel, jink640, FCandChill and almost everyone you can name here.
And you just called them 'oppressing LGBT' simply because they commented on your actions. But they would have objected to your actions anyway even if the whole thing has nothing to do with LGBT.

So basically:
Is it that, in your logic, opposing a LGBT person's actions means opposing LGBT?

Just think why FCandChill has always been helping you with your hacking but just now also objected to your words.

That being said, if you stop assuming that we are all your enemies we could still accept you.

Front Page News / Re: ROM Hacks: New Hacks Added to the Database
« on: June 27, 2016, 01:02:24 am »
That's a whole completely different ball game and you know it.  One is a global issue that cannot be solved with a few mouse clicks.  The other one is.
Frankly I really suggest you take a course about logic in school.
The logic behind this question is 'does not fighting oppression equal consenting to it', and obviously no.
Define the sets A = 'people who don't fight a certain type of oppression' and B = 'people who don't consent to said oppression', and A∩B≠∅, since A∩B='people who are not satisfied with said oppression but aren't fighting against it' -- and often they aren't fighting against it because they have a good reason, for example they have more to do in real life.
Moreover this statement here has a few conceptual confusion issues. If one isn't fighting against offensive stuff here and now, they could have been fighting against it elsewhere or in the past/future. And this indeed is the case with Kiyoshi Aman. This clearly doesn't equal the simple phrase 'not fighting'.

If you cannot understand what I said, then I sincerely suggest you to talk less and learn more, so that you won't be damaging the LGBT community's reputations, which is the last thing I wish to see.

Newcomer's Board / Re: LGBT ROM Hacks
« on: June 27, 2016, 12:15:06 am »
It's actually not just a graphics hack. Every single line of text in the game was changed.
Apologising for my inaccurate expression, but my point still stays that way.

Newcomer's Board / Re: LGBT ROM Hacks
« on: June 26, 2016, 11:41:31 pm »
Since I.S.T's warning earlier was about being tolerant towards a newbie's hack qualities, this post doesn't satisfy that condition.

I know it wasn't intentional, but you're marginalizing the LGBT community when you say things like that. Just because you may not like the subject matter, doesn't make it insignificant. This is a very significant hack, and so is every single other hack on this site.
As jink640 has stated:
I don't think he meant it in the way "Why is an LGBT hack on news" kind of way. I think he meant "Why is a simple graphics hack on news". I kind of agree with him, but its not like there is much other news.

And please quit saying people are marginalizing others when they are clearly not. It will not get you anywhere on these boards.

While another thing I should point out:If you backtrack some of my replies earlier you should know that I am not, in the least, against the idea of adding LGBT elements in video games: In fact I actually AM doing it NOW, and I've been offering quite some ideas in this thread.
(Fact is, the mindset of assuming that people's criticism is directed towards LGBT itself by default can damage, and is making damages to the reputation of the LGBT community. So for the community's sake, stop doing that.)

Basically, my point wasn't about the LGBTQ theme itself: If the theme was anything else it wouldn't make a lot of difference. I was saying that, although not restricted by the rules, a news article should normally be something of higher quality or more work put into; and as for significance, LGBT hacks has been present since long ago.
And I'm not criticising the work itself for being a simple graphics hack, I'm indicating that it's better if you write a news article when you have quite a series of refreshing finished products.

Newcomer's Board / Re: LGBT ROM Hacks
« on: June 26, 2016, 09:55:17 pm »
Uh, now a front page news?
The fact that the OP is learning is good news, but I don't think this current status is significant enough for a news article...

Speaking of Harvest Moon. There is a hack for the GBA Harvest Moon game titled as Harvest Moon: True Love which let's you have same-sex relationships. I recall HM:FOMT being a better game than HMDS (and less buggy).

Not sure why the original author never submitted the hack to ROMH as he/she had a thread on here.
I read the post and well, the main character (in the female-on-female ver) is still referred to in male pronouns?
Actually if anyone were to make a good HM gay/lesbian hack, more dialogues between the MC and the marriageable candidates should be inserted. Say, if you 'befriend' marry Leia in DS Cute JP, one of her only lines after that is just 'I am so happy to be able to get married to Claire'. You wouldn't expect much dialogue from her after that.

Newcomer's Board / Re: LGBT ROM Hacks
« on: June 25, 2016, 06:07:30 am »
Constructive advice is good luck on improving hacking skills and coming up with more indulging and unique ideas. Learn ASM when you have a good enough grasp of how a few things work.

The previous discussion (spoilered):
There has been a discussion in the IRC chat about the whole gay pride thing being countereffective against combating homophobia, and I actually agree with that.
But even putting this matter aside, certain quotes from the OP has showed that (s)he may have somewhat of an attitude of treating criticism towards hacks or ideas as criticism towards homosexuality (that 'oppressing us' quote), and again that's a bad attitude if the OP ever wants to improve! And not just about improving skills, since this kind of attitude in actuality would make the LGBT community leave a bad impression on other people, as I've witnessed.

Another issue is not about the OP's techniques but instead about the ideas: Sure, the idea of a gender-swapped MC/damsel-in-distress etc. works for some, but it's nothing new. So I'm still advocating ideas like a better written storyline, or some interesting breakdowns of usual stereotypes, instead of just a slogan-like GFX-swap hack.

Newcomer's Board / Re: LGBT ROM Hacks
« on: June 25, 2016, 04:11:02 am »
But if you are hardcore gay and hardcore SMB it might be enough. I got A Link to the Past when I was a kid for my birthday and I still play that same game. If someone wanted to make Link a girl and alter the dialogue to suggest a romance between the new protagonist and Princess Zelda that would be enough to spruce up my next playthrough. About a year ago I changed Link into a little girl wearing pink pajamas and that alone, as trivial as it was, made the game more fun. Having no other alterations was not necessarily a negative.

OK, so more thoughts on this:
As little audience these hacks might get, they get audience, and so far so good. But I want to stress on two things:
1, the ROM hacking community is in need of better quality (in gameplay) hacks. Even when not talking about gameplay, it'd better not be a cheap effort.
2, I just managed to take a peek at that title screen, and to be honest, I seriously doubt such efforts would do more good than bad to the whole LGBT issue. If the hack in question is of good quality, this might not be that of an issue (but then it's my first point again), while if it's of sub-par quality, it would easily come under fire and become sources of laughs for haters (imagine offensive words they would use). The issue with LGBT nowadays can definitely not be resolved as long as the LGBT community and the rest of the world don't understand each other, and that's why my attempts in my own hack are about actually presenting these issues and giving them a look.
In short, don't give haters sources of memetic mutations like 'Proud to be Gay -- the *beep* hack that only consists of some graphics change'.

Newcomer's Board / Re: LGBT ROM Hacks
« on: June 25, 2016, 03:17:10 am »
Yea but that's what hacking is all about - having the freedom to do what you want. It might seem silly to some but so what? If they can make Princess Peach fuck Dick Nazis then the sky is the limit apparently. This guy gonna do what he gonna do and I'm sure some people in the LGBT community might even enjoy it.
Well sure, but frankly I don't really like how this thread was heading just a while ago due to that potential bad hacks issue.
Say, if you're going to make a ROM hack out of Super Mario Bros by changing Mario into Mary and Luigi into Lucy and let them fall in love with Peach ... While not making that much change to the level design. And what? Everyone knows Super Mario Bros and not many people would just play this game because of that. Even if you add a storyline by hacking a pseudo visual novel system into it, the gameplay is still the 30-year-old Super Mario Bros with no innovations.
As for me, I got Harvest Moon DS Cute (JP) only due to its thinly-veiled lesbian marriage system, but had I played the US version (which doesn't have the mechanics) beforehand I would not have bothered trying it, because besides that shining moment you're left with boredom as it's just the same game. People do play games for their LGBT elements, but not when the gameplay experience is pure boredom.

My advice is to make ONE hack of GOOD QUALITY (to make people actually ENJOY them), and then add some storyline into it so that people would enjoy the LGBT-themed story too.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Are there any Namco-163 hacks out there?
« on: June 24, 2016, 06:35:53 am »
One question here:
Last time I generated an NSF using an altered FamiTracker engine. Though from the sound port writes log it seems as if all the writes are done in proper order, at certain points the sounds don't output correctly and instead output clicking noises instead (emulated in NSFPlay and is likely the same case on hardware).
Would you be kind enough to look into this problem? At the starting stage I choose VRC7 for my ROM hack but I'm considering changing the mapper to Namco 163 too, and I'm just worried about this problem. I can provide you the NSF if you want to.

Newcomer's Board / Re: LGBT ROM Hacks
« on: June 24, 2016, 05:16:12 am »
Heh, fun fact. That one hack I'm currently working on has at least 5 named LGBT characters and 1 town that's heavily yuri-inspired in my plan.

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