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Aria of Sorrow port for Megadrive / Genesis console  8)

One idea: Like the port of Wolfenstein or Spear of Destiny from DOS to 32x, maybe a port of Carmageddon from DOS to 32x? It is possible?? Or Sega CD 32x (more size cappable).

Hello! a new idea!! It is possible to add a easy Save feature at the Genesis/Megadrive "The Lost Vikings" ROM? A SRAM function.



My proposal.
I played Blackthorne for 32x, with the Spanish translation patch, in real hardware, but the game has many slowdowns, especially in the last levels, and with many enemies on the screen.

I do not know if it would be possible to optimize the code to avoid these errors, and that the game is better enjoyed.

Hi! I'm new around here, but I've been enjoying romhacking hacks for a long time. I write from Spain, sorry for my bad English.

I don't know about programming and I would like to, but my job prevents me, I don't have time.

What I do try to do to myself, for personal use, is cartridges with hacked roms for MegaDrive. I got hold of a tl866II programmer and ordered some PCBs, either with or without FRAM.

And the idea arises from that, although I don't know what to call it.

It occurred to me to put the Mega Bomberman ROM onto the Pete Sampras cartridge PCB, which incorporates 2 game pad ports. But these ports do not work with this game. If you select 4 players, pad 1 from console controls player 1, 3 and 4, and pad 2 from console controls player 2, but the other two ports from the cartridge don't work.

Would it be very difficult to "adapt" this ROM so that it can take advantage of the cartridge connectors? Also here in Romhacking there is a patch to add SRAM to this game. I don't know if Pete Sampras 'has it, but Micro Machines' includes save function but in EEPROM.

It would be great to have Mega Bomberman on Pete Sampras' cartridge, being able to use the 2 additional connectors and also being able to save to EEPROM, if you have it.

I can only thank everyone for the work you do with the hacks, I enjoy them a lot. THANK YOU!!

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