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That wouldn't be possible without getting rid of most of the in-game speech, unless an MSU-1 patch was developed. Even if they had it, the music in the Genesis version of NBA Jam and the SNES NBA Hangtime was extremely simplistic. The former game's in-game music had two channels and no percussion.

Thanks a lot for the info, I didn't know that. I was just curious, as I always thought the game felt more alive with in-game music even if it was very simplistic. But in this case, I think it's preferable to have varied in-game speech and listen to the music of your choice outside the game while playing if you'd like to.

I didn't know this game. It looks great and the translation very professional! I'll try it out. Thank You!!

Personal Projects / Re: International Superstar Soccer Deluxe S.A.
« on: November 22, 2020, 05:40:25 am »
It looks very interesting. Will also be present the real names for the players?
Thank you!!

I would like to suggest a slight speed increase for two great SNES games:

- Return of Double Dragon (Japanese version) is a great beat'em up for the SNES with a great variety of moves that could be a lot more fun with a small speed increase. A lot of people have complained over the years that it's too slow. Just a little speed increase, to be able to still appreciate the complex movelist of the game and blocking system. This could be a very popular hack among the community.
It would also be great to have the little ending text from the USA version appear in this more complete Japanese version, instead of just having the staff credits roll as you defeat the final boss of the game.

- Ranma 1/2 Chougi Ranbu Hen is a great 1on1 fighting game for the SNES based on the popular Manga/Anime of the same name, similar to Street Fighter II that has some nice graphics and good humour, but its gameplay feels a little too slow. A slight speed increase would definitely make the game more fun and one of the best fighint games on the SNES, a hidden gem. There are still being celebrated some competitive tournaments for this game in Japan.

I hope some skilled hacker could make this happen. Thank You!!

Thanks a lot eskayelle for all your hard work with this game. I really enjoyed the last year's NBA JAM TE 2K20 hack you made. It's great to have a new one with the next season's updated roster and the improvements you've been working on! Really looking forward to it!

Just one question, it would be possible to have in game music like in the Sega Genesis version of this game or the SNES version of NBA Hangtime? If possible, it would be great.

Thank you!!

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