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Title: Marmalade Boy SFC game (Hacking & ) Translating project
Post by: Bunkai on July 29, 2021, 02:08:47 pm
Hey there:

I am Bunkai, currently my main project is translating the marmalade boy sgb game from Japanese to English.

Since I am now in a recess of that project, I wanted to take a look at the other marmalade boy game, so I can start learning about the hacking parts and be more helpful than just translating in the future.

My intention is to write here a log with any improvement worth to mention.

Don't get me wrong, I don't want to be pretentious, I am a complete newbie and I am glad to ask or accept any help when provided (In fact during the last few days, I've been asking in the rhdn discord server and we have made some interesting discoveries/advancements about the project).

For now, i have a basic table with most kanas done, and my next goal is to complete it and try to do a proper text dump.

A (beginner friendly) document with what I've done and a guide to do this is  upload to (1.07MB as of aug/03/2021).
It has plenty of screenshots about the proccess.

If you have any question related to this or the other project that I can answer, feel free to do it. (I'm usually at the discord and I may not login much, but I read the thread more often)

To sum up: This thread is as the title says, about hacking and translating the Marmalade Boy SFC game.

PS: In the rhdn discord side Klarth make a nice dump of the font.
And a few talked about that there, I can't explain much about that, (due to my complete inexperience) but you can enter the discord and see it for yourself.

Update: with the table completed (it follows the dumped font order and all).It is good and shows "proper text".
I tried to search 2 words and compare with the game. String pointers are done by word or something.

According to LostTemplar and furrykef, maybe it's some form of dictionary used for compression.