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Title: ROM Hacks: EigthBound CuLex is Real Update
Post by: RHDNBot on September 04, 2020, 12:45:03 pm
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Update By: Polinym

EightBound has received a significant update!

For one, a bug was discovered that prevented a certain statue from spawning when it needed to. This embarrassingly resulted in a certain end-game boss making mid-game players pay for their insolence far earlier than intended. Also, this prevented the game from being beatable. Fortunately, this update should fix that problem. The game should now be 100% completeable. Players can now see all the wonderful gems that lie near the end of the game. Unfortunately, transferring save data may not allow the statue to spawn, so players may have to start from scratch.

Also, "ya boi Culex" was originally intended to make an appearance in EightBound, but for whatever reason, that didn't happen. Now, Culex finally made it into EightBound. Players can challenge him in his secret hideout and claim the mystical Quartz Charm as a reward if they beat him.

Also, the creator Polinym would like to mention that the uploading of playthrough videos with commentary is highly encouraged. Polinym would like to see live reactions, which will also help with improving the game.

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Title: Re: ROM Hacks: EigthBound CuLex is Real Update
Post by: LivingfortheNight on September 05, 2020, 10:19:22 am
I'm trying it out. Just finished the 'prologue' bit. It seems enjoyable. I wish you used the victory fanfare tho.
Title: Re: ROM Hacks: EigthBound CuLex is Real Update
Post by: pika132 on September 23, 2020, 03:04:01 am
Hey, what in the hell am I supposed to patch this to? I've tried using Lunar IPS and the auto-patching function of both bsnes and SNES9x on multiple dumps of the US ROM. When the IPS is applied to an unheadered 4MB American SFC (the recommended format, iirc) the game hangs on the first frame and I am forever stuck on a black screen. Every other ROM I've tried patching resulted in a jacked-up color palette and myriad visual glitches, like so:


I played JonBound way, way back and had similar issues; the memories that Ness would experience at Sanctuaries were replaced by a blank space where text should be, culminating in a softlock after Lumine Hall that rendered the game unbeatable. What do next, more experienced people??
Title: Re: ROM Hacks: EigthBound CuLex is Real Update
Post by: Polinym on September 24, 2020, 12:07:04 pm
Well, it looks like you've reached the title screen, so those patched ROMs should be good to go. Don't worry, the title screen is supposed to look like that. :)

"jacked-up color palette"? The colors looks perfectly fine on the screenshot you provided...

EarthBound has a 255 tile limit for backgrounds, and all the backgrounds I added that couldn't be converted into under that limit ended up with glitchy tiles instead. Going through and fixing them all would take an eternity, so I'm just leaving them. They're kinda cool in their own way.