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Title: Try to understand some M68k OpCoded
Post by: RedScorpion on December 13, 2018, 07:20:59 am
Hi Guys,

we are currently working on a new german translation for genesis and have some problems to move date from a block to another to get more free space for menu and so on.

In SNES ASM there are some values which store and save a pointer or base pointer in the ram/vram/cram and so on.

In my oppinion for genesis there are also these functions available but i cant understand it completly.

00:7AC0  61 00  BSR     #$050C [00:7FCE]       
00:7FCE  72 04  MOVEQ   #$04,D1                  D1=000001A0
00:7FD0  76 08  MOVEQ   #$08,D3                  D3=0000FFFF
00:7FD2  41 FA  LEA     $0CAE(PC),A0             A0=00000004
00:7FD6  61 00  BSR     #$004C [00:8024]         A0=00008C82

The menu here start at BC82 and load from this location some hex value to ram and vram to create the menutiles.

00:7FD2  41 FA  LEA     $0CAE(PC),A0             -> Found the explanation :7FD2 + 2bytes + 0CAE = 8C82