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Title: [Japanese Translator][PSX] Ace Combat 3
Post by: Infrid on May 29, 2018, 03:56:09 pm
We are a group of enthusiasts attempting to translate the game Ace Combat 3
from Japanese to English, Spanish and Italian.

The game was released in Japan featuring a story, anime cutscenes and much
more. Due to budget constraints, what came out in the US and Europe arrived
without that story, and resembles an arcade game.

We've succeeded in hacking the game, understanding the internals and
editing the texts. We are also lucky: the text is displayed via images, so
basically any other language can join the project. It doesn't matter if you
are Russian, Chinese or German: You can translate the game without any

At the moment we are a group of 8 people with different tasks and also
different languages to work on. Spanish-speakers work on their version,
Italian members work on theirs, testers and hackers are helping with
technical matters.

Managing such project requires organisation. We are coordinating through
telegram, our code and working files are hosted on GitLab and we use the
issue tracker for managing problems in medium-long term.

We are looking for more members that could help us with this project,
especially a Japanese translator, we already have one but sometimes the
real life keep us busy and the project will suffer.

If you are a developer with romhacking knowledge, an Ace Combat fan, you
speak Japanese or you just want to join the project for any other reason,
write me a message.

We also have a website:

The Italian team published a patch a while ago, and they are working on the
next version. You can find the RHDN project page here:

There is also a Facebook page for the Italian project:

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Title: Re: [Japanese Translator][PSX] Ace Combat 3
Post by: Yarghenforgen on May 30, 2018, 01:07:29 pm
I'm interested in helping out!
I sent you a PM about it.