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Title: Help with Wind Waker (GC) hacking? Changing NPC given items
Post by: CapnCrinklepants on September 19, 2017, 12:23:12 pm
I'm hoping to find a way to get (for example) Link's sister to give Link the Windwaker at the very beginning of the game, instead of it coming from King of Red Lions. I do know about AR/Gecko codes, but I'm hoping I could find a way of changing it in the .dol, the .rels, the .arcs; somewhere in the ISO itself.

I've checked the room/stage RARCs, and the items don't appear to be in the event maps or in the stage files. The only exception that I possibly found (never did test it), was the soup grandma gives you after you give her a fairy. There's a parameter with the correct item ID for soup, but I get the feeling the event maps are for animations only and have no bearing on the actual items. But more importantly, the soup isn't something that I'm interested in; I want the key items to change.

I imagine that Twilight Princess is similar enough that if someone knows how to do the same in that game, I could probably adapt that to Wind Waker.

Ultimately the hack will be for the GCN but I have a feeling the Wii works very very similarly, so any info about a WWHD hack would also be useful to me.

Altogether alternatively, if anyone could point me in the direction of great rom hacks for WW/TP/WWHD/etc that might display this, or indeed any communities for Zelda 3d specific rom hacking, I'll take that info happily as well!