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Title: A script/program that can extract EVERYTHING from the data.farc file of LBP?
Post by: shoopdahoop on July 01, 2016, 12:06:00 am
Earlier today, I successfully got LittleBigPlanet to boot in RPCS3 (A PS3 Emulator). (

However, the game hangs after around 30 seconds because it cannot find any of the game's scripts in the dev_hdd0 folder. The log for RPCS3 also mentioned not being able to find audio/font files. So I decided to manually place the audio/font files in the dev_hdd0 folder, and I got no more errors about those files. I started wondering if the same method would work with the level scripts.

 Are there any scripts/programs that lets me extract the data.farc file? Help would be appreciated!