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Title: [DMG] How to build a FLASH-Cartridge
Post by: hackfleisch on March 25, 2016, 11:05:00 am

i'd like to create a cartridge which can get programmed from PC via USB. I've read about ( but did not find my preferred solution there. Besides it's a GREAT site with many usefull informations!

What i try to do is, to buy a ROM with greates functionality (should have MBC5, Battery, SRAM), then remove the ROM-Chip and place a 4 meg Flash-memory onto it (biggest possible, i think). Then add some extra hardware to program the flash via USB. Also need a programmer for that.

For the flash-chip i think a AM29F032B should do it. The USB-Connection could be made by an FTDI-Shield, which is low-cost and alread contains an USB-connector. Now comes the tricky part. How to program the flash with the serial-out of the FTDI? I could think of an Atmega (Arduino) which is connected through USB, getting the ROM data and write it to the flash. Also i have no idea which programmer may be used for this.

Maybe someone knows an easier solution?
I want to void an extra programmer, or swapable chip-sockets for the flash. I should be programmed easily via USB.
Title: Re: [DMG] How to build a FLASH-Cartridge
Post by: KingMike on March 28, 2016, 12:00:07 pm
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