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Title: Some names
Post by: Pennywise on December 19, 2011, 01:13:52 am
Like all the demons, the main villains name is written in katakana and romanized as Demonsu. Thing is the name is lame as hell for an evil god. Was thinking about making it fancier like Demonius.

There's Barubesu and translated as Barbes. It looks like a golem and might be loosely connected to Loki. Kinda reminds me of Barubary.

There's Doua and translated as Doerr. This is a cyclops-like guardian that is servant to a vampire.

Gurōro translated as Grohl. Some sealed demon can't remember much else.

Those three might be based on various mythologies as all the other demons are it seems.

Fire Mountain Cave or I guess Volcano Cave, but both kinda sound clunky in english.
Supernatural Forest?
Dunno, maybe Demon Seal?
Colt Plateau
This is Thousand Valleys, which I guess comes from a thousand needles rising to the sky. Kinda lost on how to best express this one in english.
Port Marin, Marine Port?
Title: Re: Some names
Post by: Ryusui on December 19, 2011, 02:20:29 am
Gimme the katakana for those names and I can help. "Daemonth" and "Barbeth" come to mind for the first two, though Grohl for グロール sounds about right.


The first is literally "Firebreathing Mountain's Underground Cave." It doesn't use 火山, oddly enough; perhaps something similarly evasive instead of the obvious "Volcano"? Dragonmaw Cavern, perhaps?

The second is something like Mysterious Forest. I'd go with "Enchanted Forest" myself, given the other connotations of 妖 (妖精, 妖怪).

はらわた is 腸 - "Devil's Intestine." I want to call this "Beast's Belly" or "Belly of the Beast" (as in "Mark of the...", "...with seven heads and ten horns," etc.)

Then we have "Colt Plateau Waterfall Cave." I want to suggest a fantasy spelling like "Kolte" or something, but the rest of the name needs something snappy, too - maybe "Kolte Falls Cavern"?

You've got "Thousand Valleys" right, though it might be better to emphasize the range than the spaces between. "Thousand Spires," perhaps?

Same with the last one, though I'm still in fantasy spelling mode - "Port Malinn," perhaps.
Title: Re: Some names
Post by: Pennywise on December 19, 2011, 02:50:58 am



There's also another demon called ゲーロ. I haven't actually gotten to this demon yet, but I think it's a frog and is translated as Gero.

I'm not questioning the translations for them, I'll just curious if they correspond to mythological creatures.

The thing with the volcano is that I need the name to match with the description of the mythology for it. Basically 100 years ago, the volcano erupted thanks to the fire demon Salamander and this cave was created to seal him.

Also Devil's Intestines makes no sense given what the dungeon looks like. Although perhaps it is somewhat structured like an intestinal track. Here's a map.

And one last thing for now.


I think the gist of this one is that the island was called something else long ago. I believe the literal translation of the island is Daimon Hidden Island and it was called something like the "island of evil sealing spells". Any thought on these two terms?
Title: Re: Some names
Post by: Ryusui on December 19, 2011, 02:36:03 pm
In context, it's more like "Demon-Sealing Island." Now that said demons are apparently loose, it's something like "The Hidden Island of Daimon" (I'm assuming "Daimon" is its proper name).