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Title: NDS Graphic File Formats
Post by: Auryn on April 18, 2011, 01:36:29 am
Hi people, i was reading about the different Graphic File Formats on NDS from this doc: (
What is the differences between them?? What they are usually used for?? What are the best programs to extract / insert them??

I don't know if am clear enougth, example and the 3 format i am most interested in:
Nintendo Character Graphic Resource: normally used for fonts or tiles and can be big as XX*YY
Nintendo Screen Resource: normally used for backgrounds big as XX*YY
Nintendo CEII Resource: normally used for ??? big as XX*YY

Thanks for the help.
Title: Re: NDS Graphic File Formats
Post by: Ryusui on April 18, 2011, 02:17:55 am
You can "extract" them with Tile Molester. DS uses the same 4bpp and 8bpp formats as GBA.

The Console Tool (or its current version) can read the metadata in these files and put sprites together with their proper cel and palette data, though there's no insertion/extraction functionality as of yet. But it's useful if you want a preview.

Also, it's not "CEII", it's "Cell". Bit of a typo there.
Title: Re: NDS Graphic File Formats
Post by: Auryn on April 18, 2011, 09:28:32 am
Hi Ryusui,
Thanks for the hint of console too but, I tried the 3.0 version and it seem that I need to open the pieces separatly.
I have a file that if i open it like that, it show me a little icon with many pics in the tab but doesn't show something reconizable (just a colored square).
I let that part open and go to search the next magic word in that file and cut the beginning of that file of with an hex editor, and open the rest of the file with console tool, it show me a pic with the wrong table.
Repeat the search and cut process with the hex editor and i get a second image with the wrong palette.
Repeat the search and cut process with the hex editor again and i get a file that is the palette for the 2 images with the wrong palette but i cant do anything with the first one.

Is this normal?? I have maybe not standart material in my hands or console tool still not support 100% those graphic types?? Thanks

About the "Cell" thing, go correct the file in the database of RHDN because I made copy/past from that document :p

Title: Re: NDS Graphic File Formats
Post by: jjjewel on April 18, 2011, 12:55:57 pm
I think LowLines (who made the Console Tool) has the updated version of that document you posted.

You might get better ideas if you play around with the Console Tool or CrystalTile2. It depends on the game, so you might try a few different games. If you have individual .NCGR, .NCLR, .NSCR, .NANR, .NCER, etc. in your game file, you can open the .nds rom file in either program. It will list these files with different icons. (Tile icon, pallette icon, etc.)

For Console Tool, you need to click individual files to tell the program what files you want to link together first, then you double-click one of the file to view the picture. For CrystalTile2, you go to Tools/File System first, then select View/Tile Viewer and then right-click a file on File System window to view the picture or the map, etc.

(Not a very good explanation here, but you can try the programs and you'll probably understand what I mean. ^_^)

Note: Not all NDS games come with simple graphic formats that you can open with these programs. You might try to find a game with simple format first if you want to study the structure.

Basically, you will either see

NCGR = your tiles (picture)
NCLR = your pallette
NSCR = your map


NCGR = your tiles (picture)
NCLR = your pallette
NANR + NCER = your animation (think of them as sprite controller.)

You can import/export the pictures with CrystalTile2.