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Re: Screenshots
« Reply #860 on: November 19, 2014, 03:50:48 pm »

Although you do know that the ability to insert DoR maps has been available for over a year, right? (They're basically the same as the AW2/3 ones).

Also you should probably ask x0 if you're going to use his maps for a work you're going to release :P

Replacing the map data wasn't the issue.  The main issue was the file names for both the map and unit data didn't help in knowing which were linked to the required map headers.  Plus adding units was a pain because you needed space in the 00 overlay to put the file name in.  Simply put, I made a quick tool to read the ascii files names the map header was linked too and renamed them:
- V???.map / V???
- T???.map / T???
- C???.map / C???
I then had to update the ascii names in the 00 overlay.  The good news was there was lots of space to include all the unit file names, so each map can have a unit data file if required.

Problem 2 was unlocking the maps.  I found in the map header that there are 4 values which tells the game which maps to unlock.  So completing a mission will unlock up to 4 maps (they have to be adjacent to a map already unlocked, otherwise the cursor glitches).  What I have done is made the game unlock a  bunch of trial maps by completing the Campaign missions. 

So once you beat Camp. Mission 26, all the trial maps are unlocked.  makes testing them much easier.

Problem 3 was the script that tells the game what dialogue to load when playing the Trial Maps.   Only figured this out 2 weeks ago, but I modified the script to make it load a separate text box (text in mess_trial) for each Trial Mission, on Player's 1st turn.  Wasn't easy, but I did get it working. 

What I plan to do is have credit each map designer in the text boxes.  So it would say:
     Trial map Bank Robbery
     designed by x0_000.

I will check with the original map designers to make sure they are happy about me using them in my project, before I release the patch.


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Re: Screenshots
« Reply #861 on: November 20, 2014, 07:49:05 pm »
Ah, well if that's the case would you mind putting up your notes? I've been delving into other parts of AWDoR, but having the unlock bits and the like on hand would be useful.


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Re: Screenshots
« Reply #862 on: November 22, 2014, 12:08:38 pm »
Kind of difficult to show with screenshots, but I've hacked Gunparade March to partially implement UTF-8 support.

Screenshot #1 is from the first event in the game; events are implemented via "pseudo-scripts" (I call them that because there are only three kinds of statement: strings, function calls and labels). To deal with those, I had to write libraries in C that can extract files from the main event data file, decompile the pseudo-scripts into human-readable code (and optionally convert strings from Shift-JIS to UTF-8), and compile pseudo-scripts back into binary format (I had to learn Bison and flex for that...fun times). Screenshot #2 isn't an event per se; when the game needs to do something more fancy on the graphics front (such as, say, displaying text without a dialogue window), there is a pseudo-script command that calls into "modules" which can have their own functions for dealing with (hard-coded) strings. So the hack would need to be applied to the modules as well, but actually getting translated strings to fit is its own challenge.

Onto the hack itself. I rewrote a couple of string-processing functions inside the event interpreter, so that they scan each octet in a string, decode it to its corresponding code point if valid or otherwise substitute the replacement character, then send it off to another function to retrieve the address of its corresponding font glyph. Now obviously you can't just make a whole Unicode font (and even if you did, you'd have to store it somewhere...), so I rewrote that part of the code to check for a given code point in a list of code point ranges, with each entry assigned an offset relative to the index of the first glyph in the whole font. If a match is found, it pulls the address of the glyph from within that range; otherwise it just returns the replacement character. At the moment only Basic Latin (i.e. ASCII) is implemented, but it's trivial for me to add support for basically anything as long as I don't exceed 25 list entries (a very generous limit).

That's pretty much everything up to this point, I think. VWF is next on the to-do list (if I can make sense of all this text rendering code), then I need to figure out the graphics file format because there's a ton of images that need to be translated. Hopefully I can get that done in time for Christmas.


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Re: Screenshots
« Reply #863 on: November 22, 2014, 12:43:06 pm »
My pal Esperknight is also working on Gunparade March, but don't know how much he's done. Probably just a toolkit and rip and insert scripts back into the game.

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Re: Screenshots
« Reply #864 on: December 09, 2014, 09:46:34 pm »
My pal Esperknight is also working on Gunparade March, but don't know how much he's done. Probably just a toolkit and rip and insert scripts back into the game.

We also have a translator involved who's a walking Alfa System encyclopedia.

Anyways, Sakura Wars. As you can see, LIPS is b-o-r-k-e-d. Fixable though. It basically reads the script on one line, so we need to add a line break so it realizes they're two separate choices. Easy to impress Sakura, though! Maybe version 1 will make it so you only get her.

And maybe Li.

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