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Re: Screenshots
« Reply #1300 on: September 24, 2016, 01:13:35 pm »

Still trying to fix up the routine that recolors the items properly if they cannot be used in the menu, but this is what there is so far on the item menu.  The description and the item names are NOT final.  I wanted to whip something up in-game to show that things are, indeed, working as intended.

The items are all pre-rendered text that can be freely modified in the ROM for anyone's choosing.  They're 10 tiles at max.  Technically they can be 11 tiles but I prefer having the gap between the item name and the quantity.

The descriptions themselves are the only thing that's actually VWF'd in real-time.  Although, the entire description gets written out first in RAM then sent to VRAM.

Also, the 'red arrow' selector in all menus is now removed in favor of the 'highlight box'.  Ideally, it frees up an extra tile for various things and this way it's MUCH easier to see what you're selecting.

Edit: Everything right now is using the thin font for allowing more tile room.  I do have a thicker font but doing that will cut the tile room down TREMENDOUSLY which would make it rather hard to work anything properly on the game's screen space especially with the notebook aesthetic.  Most things wouldn't be a big deal, but for items, there's not much way around it.  I absolutely refuse to have item names be cut down if possible and the thick font would absolutely force that, sadly.  Now, once things get fully translated and finalized and we find that the thicker font can actually work WITHOUT cutting things down, I'd more than gladly insert it.

Edit 2: Turns out there is actually a very slight lag when changing pages.  The item names and such update properly but the color that dictates whether they're usable or not slightly lags behind, going unnoticeable unless you really go frame by frame.  The only problem with this now is that the item descriptions are not updating as you switch pages and adding those in actually delays the color transition quite badly.  Might have a small problem but it can probably be remedied with some reorganization of things.  Unfortunately this doesn't come as a surprise since it has to update 14 item names all at once and then render a description, something was bound to lag.
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