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Digital 7-segments


This font simulates the digital displays made of 7 segments.

Because those displays were originally made only to display numbers, some letters are ugly and/or ambiguous.

Ambiguities :

  • ‘0′, ‘O’, ‘Q’ and ‘D’ are identical
  • ‘8′ and ‘B’ are identical
  • ‘M’ and ‘N’ are identical
  • ‘U’, ‘V’ and ‘W’ are identical
  • ‘H’ and ‘X’ are identical
  • ‘5′ and ‘Z’ are identical
  • ‘T’ and ‘l’ are identical
  • ‘K’, ‘X’ and ‘Z’ letters are hard to read
  • ‘f’, ‘k’, ‘p’, ’s’, ‘x’, ‘y’ and ‘z’ are identical in upper and lower cases.

For better readability, I recommend to restrict usage of lower case letter only when the upper case is ambiguous. That is use lower cases b, d, q and t, and use everything else upper case.