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    There was an error with the ips files, but it has already been corrected thanks to the Pethronos warning.
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    changed version to v1.0.1. added information about optional hd texture pack and new readme file.
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    Recommendable for some players what don't pass the first checkpoints en each stages.
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    Removing "IS" credit: IS is short for Intelligent Systems, the original developers of the base Fire Emblem games. There is no need for them to be credited. Clarified remaining credits.




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1 Document
How to Use SMBEDNESGame Specific11 Jan 2008

1 Utility
SMB Graphics WorkshopNESGraphics Editors02 Oct 2008

5 Hacks
SMB Special - 35th Anniversary EditionNESComplete28 Jul 2021
Super Mario Unlimited - DeluxeNESComplete26 Mar 2021
SMB Special for NESNESComplete05 Mar 2012
Super Mario UnlimitedNESComplete17 Jan 2012
Super Mario Bros. 5000NESComplete01 Jan 2004


11 Hacks
The Legend of Zelda ReduxHackingImplementation of MMC1 Automap for MMC1 Animation
SMB Special - 35th Anniversary EditionHackingLead programmer
Super Mario Unlimited - DeluxeHackingAsm, Levels, Graphics, new music in Deluxe version
Super Mario Bros. Special - Layout FixOriginal Hacking
Super Mario 16 de Septiembre PackOriginal Hacking
Super Mario Bros. Special for NESOriginal HackingOriginal Release: Engine Hacking, Level Editing, Graphic Design
SUPER MARIO BROS Special X1 for NESOriginal HackingOriginal Release: Engine Hacking, Level Editing, Graphic Design
SMB Special for NESHackingEngine Hacking, Level Editing, Graphic Design
Super Mario UnlimitedHacking
Mario SeasonsHackingMapper implementation fixes