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1 Document
Zelda II - Music Info & ExpansionNESAudio Hacking11 Mar 2019

8 Hacks
Quality of Life ImprovementsGBImprovement02 Sep 2020
Zelda - Link's Awakening DX Hero ModeGBImprovement11 Jan 2018
FF1: Dawn of Souls - Hard ModeGBAImprovement03 Apr 2014
The Legend of Zelda: Shadow of NightNESComplete12 Mar 2011
The Legend of Zelda - Leaf of InertiaNESComplete20 Jan 2011
The Legend of Zelda: Journey of a DayNESComplete25 Sep 2008
Zelda II - Part 3NESComplete15 Mar 2007
Zelda II - Part 2NESComplete30 Aug 2006


9 Hacks
Zelda 2 ReduxHackingASM work and most Optional patches
Link's Awakening ReduxOriginal HackingLink's Awakening DX QoL Improvementss
Zelda - Link's Awakening DX Hero ModeHacking
FF1: Dawn of Souls - Hard ModeHacking
The Legend of Zelda: Shadow of NightHacking
The Legend of Zelda - Leaf of InertiaHacking
The Legend of Zelda: Journey of a DayHacking
Zelda II - Part 3Hacking
Zelda II - Part 2Hacking