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    Wanted to clarify that Xenesis documented the original rom, not my rom. Hopefully that doesn't go over the text-limit. With that, I should be done with updates for now. Thank you! :)
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Lusofonia is an amateur translator and romhacker from Brazil. He can’t do everything, but he does what’s in reach. You can access his page at the following link:

He also has an account on Fórum Unificado, which you may access below:



1 Document
Changing team flags in ISS DeluxeSNESGraphics Hacking11 Jan 2021

3 Utilities
FECIC AbilitiesSNESMiscellaneous11 Jan 2021
FECIC ColorsSNESPalettes10 Jan 2021
FECIC GoalkeepersSNESGame Specific10 Jan 2021

1 Translation
Soul Falchion (PT)GBFully Playable22 Aug 2021


2 Translations
Soul Falchion (PT)TranslationPortuguese translation
Sangokushi Chuugen no Hasha (EN)HackingHacking help & Script proofreading