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Hello there! I am an emerging graphics hacker who seeks to reskin retro games to represent underrated and underrepresented media franchises in the forms of my favorite movies and TV shows. I hope you guys enjoy my work and have fun!



1 Document
Super Mario Bros. Two Player Hack EditingNESGame Specific30 Aug 2020

2 Hacks
Super Wario Bros. 3 - Censored EditionNESAddendum13 Aug 2020
Castle in the Sky and Castle in the Sky Co-Op (SMB1 hack)NESComplete24 Jul 2020


2 Hacks
Super Wario Bros. 3 - Censored EditionScript Editing/RevisionText Editing and censorship implementation
Castle in the Sky and Castle in the Sky Co-Op (SMB1 hack)GraphicsAll graphics editing and testing