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    fixed the URL that someone else added to my previous submission. not sure why the NINJA disclaimer is needed at all? it's not like the online ROM patcher doesn't support it
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    This game was released in the US in 2019 as Trials of Mana. Because that is the earliest official English title I changed it to Primary Title.




No established presence. Still likes to play NES and is learning 6502 to make subtle hacks of games.



4 Hacks
Spelunker: Don't Skip Leg DayNESImprovement26 Aug 2020
Super Mario Bros. New Quest Enabled (Hard Mode Addendum)NESImprovement24 Aug 2020
Super Mario Bros. Third QuestNESImprovement24 Aug 2020
Hero Quest (Late Proto - NTSC Conversion)NESImprovement18 Jul 2020


4 Hacks
Spelunker: Don't Skip Leg DayHackingPrimary hacking and ASM work
Super Mario Bros. Third QuestHackingPrimary hacking and ASM work
Super Mario Bros. New Quest Enabled (Hard Mode Addendum)HackingPrimary hacking and ASM work
Hero Quest (Late Proto - NTSC Conversion)Hacking