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I specialize in Console Doom ROM Hacks. Have fun with those.



7 Hacks
YTP Doom: AdvanceGBAComplete03 Mar 2021
Doom 32x: Delta Edition32XComplete10 Feb 2021
Thy Flesh Consumed 32x32XComplete07 Jan 2021
Pac-Doom SNESSNESComplete16 Nov 2020
Cacosweeper Doom32XComplete05 Jun 2020
Doom II Desolate EditionGBAAddendum15 May 2020
Doom II Paint EditionGBAAddendum23 Apr 2020


7 Hacks
YTP Doom: AdvanceGraphicsPorted all the original textures, made some new ones and overall led the development of the hack.
Doom 32x: Delta EditionProductionHacking the maps back in, producing the hack in the first place, video trailers.
Thy Flesh Consumed 32xHackingDoing all the original mapping.
Pac-Doom SNESHackingMaking the maps.
Cacosweeper DoomHackingDoing everything
Doom II Desolate EditionHackingMaking the hack.
Doom II Paint EditionGraphicsRedoing all the graphics with Paint