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Rod Merida



I’ve been involved in ROMhacking since my teenage, after getting involved with emulation and programming. Always I was very interested in the idea of editing the original texts of a game for turning them into another language, specially when this game didn’t originally exist in my own language (far many 80’s and 90’s games, if not most, didn’t arrive to our lands in other than English, nor existed in other than English or Japanese, except some RPG’s, not even all).

I’m from Spain, born in 1985. I grew up getting in contact with video games during the whole decade of 90’s. My first video console was a Sega Master System II, with 6 years old, with on-board Alex Kidd (hamburguer version), and a Fantasy Zone cartridge. Since 8 years old I was introduced to computing and was taught by my father how to handle the computer we had at home, an 8086 8Mhz XT, called Amstrad PC2086, with which I started making my own programs in GW-BASIC, and later, Turbo C and assembler, and became familiar with MS-DOS, some word processor and data base utilities and same PC games. It had no hard disk, so I became used to handle everything with diskettes, and through commands, with no Windows. I even ended up programming my first text-based games under this system.

My second console was a Sega Mega Drive II with the 6-Pack cartridge, that I was gifted in 1995. I was completely amazed by the speed, sound and movement of its games, so far superior to Master System, and I couldn’t yet imagine how that could be superated —until I saw the first PlayStation’s and Sega Saturn’s—. I wouldn’t get my first 32 bit systems until the late 90’s: a second handed pirate-chipped PlayStation (first model) and a Pentium II, so during the whole second half of 90’s decade, the Pentium I 150 Mhz that my father got in 1996 was my only de facto 32 bit system for video games, multimedia, graphic interfaces and those things.

During the late 90 years the first emulators and ROMs fell into my hands: emulators such as Genecyst for Mega Drive, Nesticle for NES, Meka for Master System, or the very first versions of Kega Fusion for Mega Drive, and of ZSNES and Snes9x for SNES, allowed me to know and play hundreds of titles that had escaped to my hands during the previous decade and I could obly dream of. As referred to tape computers, I got the emulator Z80.EXE for ZX Spectrum, that later would encourage me to find a real physical Spectrum machine on a flea-market, with tapes. I was trapped by the interesting idea of being able to have nearly all the known games of a system into a single CD-R of 650 MB, so I became familiar with it.

I started playing some SNES and NES RPG’s, like Final Fantasy’s, and discovered the first patches that could turn some of these diamonds into Spanish, in a very faulty way, with no accents or opening question and exclamation marks, and many typos, so in the early 2000 years I decided to start making my own version of such translations, with no mistakes at all, what, with my lack of knowledge related to this area didn’t result to be an easy task: I had no knowledge of pointers modifying to start with. Added to this I didn’t imagine it could take so much time to complete so long kind of games’ translations in a fully playable way.

This way, through the years I’ve gone on acquiring far more experience and knowledge into this area. This way I arrive to the present day with a finished ROMhacked translation to Spanish of Final Fantasy 3US and many finished patches for a certain variety of other games and systems that I have the intention to start publishing in this website and community during next days.



18 Translations
Dragon Quest III: Soshite Densetsu e... (ES)SNESFully Playable27 Nov 2021
Final Fantasy III (ES)SNESFully Playable07 Sep 2021
Dragon Quest I+II (ES)SNESFully Playable30 Jul 2021
Dragon Quest I+II (EN)SNESAddendum06 Jul 2021
Final Fight 2 (ES)SNESFully Playable04 Jun 2021
Battletoads in Battlemaniacs (ES)SNESFully Playable03 Feb 2021
Blackthorne (ES)SNESFully Playable04 Dec 2020
Disney's Aladdin (ES)GENFully Playable13 Sep 2020
Super Mario Bros. (ES)NESFully Playable11 Sep 2020
Flashback: The Quest for Identity (ES)GENFully Playable02 Sep 2020

2 Hacks
Colour Hack for Aladdin-Remix ROM (2019) without Portuguese TranslationGENImprovement15 Dec 2020
NTSC to PAL (Spain) converter for Final Fight 3SNESImprovement21 Jun 2020


18 Translations
Dragon Quest III: Soshite Densetsu e... (ES)TranslationHacking and translation
Final Fantasy III (ES)TranslationHacking and translation
Dragon Quest I+II (ES)TranslationHacking and translation
Dragon Quest I+II (EN)HackingBugfixing
Final Fight 2 (ES)TranslationHacking and translation
Battletoads in Battlemaniacs (ES)TranslationHacking and translation
Blackthorne (ES)TranslationHacking and translation
Disney's Aladdin (ES)TranslationHacking and translation
Super Mario Bros. (ES)TranslationHacking and translation
Flashback: The Quest for Identity (ES)TranslationHacking and translation

2 Hacks
Colour Hack for Aladdin-Remix ROM (2019) without Portuguese TranslationHackingColor Hack Isolation & Portuguese translation removal
NTSC to PAL (Spain) converter for Final Fight 3HackingHack, and menu re-translation