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Eternal Champions Hacking NotesGENGame Specific24 Sep 2020

18 Hacks
Pac-Man 2 - The Arcade GamesGENImprovement07 Jan 2021
Ultimate X-menGENImprovement06 Jan 2021
Spider-Man / X-Men - Arcade's ReduxGENImprovement16 Dec 2020
Revenge of Shinobi - Better JumpingGENImprovement09 Dec 2020
Addams Family Values - Afterlife Edition MDGENImprovement27 Oct 2020
The Addams Family - Improved ControlsGENImprovement01 Oct 2020
Hyper Street Fighter II AI NerfPS2Improvement30 Aug 2020
Eternal Champions - Special EditionGENImprovement28 Jul 2020
EC CD AI NerfSegaCDImprovement05 Jul 2020
Ultimate SupermanGENImprovement23 Jun 2020


13 Hacks
Ultimate X-menOriginal Hacking
Spider-Man / X-Men - Arcade's ReduxOriginal Hacking
Revenge of Shinobi - Better JumpingHackingGeneral Hacking
Addams Family Values - Afterlife Edition MDHacking
The Addams Family - Improved ControlsOriginal Hacking
Hyper Street Fighter II AI NerfOriginal HackingPrimary Hacking
Eternal Champions - Special EditionHackingPrimary Hacking
EC CD AI NerfHacking
Ultimate SupermanHackingPrimary Hacking
Iron Man - Mushroom AvengerDesignCustom Graphics, Level Design, Story