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1 Translation
Final Fantasy I+II (EN)NESAddendum09 Sep 2013

7 Hacks
Dynamic Action Selection Unofficial UpdateNESAddendum28 Mar 2014
GFF (Grond's Final Fantasy)NESImprovement07 Sep 2013
FF++ & WoCNESImprovement30 Nov 2008
Final Fantasy ++ World of ChaosNESComplete22 Jan 2007
Final Fantasy ++NESComplete20 Jan 2007
Final Fantasy Bugfix / Balancing HackNESBug Fix09 Aug 2006
Super SamusNESImprovement06 Jul 2002


1 Translation
Final Fantasy I+II (EN)Hacking

9 Hacks
Dynamic Action Selection Unofficial UpdateHacking
Final Fantasy Proper-caserGraphicsBlack Belt and Master sprites
GFF (Grond's Final Fantasy)Original HackingPatch author
Final Fantasy RestoredHackingBug Fixes & Enhancements
FF++ & WoCHacking
Final Fantasy ++ World of ChaosHacking
Final Fantasy ++HackingLead Hacker
Final Fantasy Bugfix / Balancing HackHackingLead Hacker
Super SamusHacking