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    And I forget to fix the version number which is actually 1.8
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    The target ROM info was wrong. Patch is meant to be applied to Phantasy Star II (USA, Europe), NOT the (Rev A). How do I know that? Wayback machine, they used to distribute the patched rom. It matches MD5 checksum when NOT using the (Rev A) rom.
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    Slight description edit
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    Game info updated




Administrator of the French-language Rockman Generation website.

Hobbies: computer, hack, crack, batch / scripts, consoles.

Function: Webmaster, tester, spelling checker, fansubber, encoder, Rom Hacker of NDS games.



Mega Man Battle Network (FR)GBABattle Network Rockman EXE
Mega Man Battle Network 2 (FR)GBABattle Network Rockman.EXE 2
Mega Man X4 (FR)PSXRockman X4
Mega Man X5 (FR)PSXRockman X5
Mega Man X6 (FR)PSXRockman X6
Rockman EXE WS (FR)WSMega Man Battle Network WS


Mega Man Battle Network (FR)HackingGeneral hacking, Project leader
Mega Man Battle Network 2 (FR)Script Editing/RevisionTranslation editing
Mega Man Battle Network 2 (FR)HackingGeneral hacking, Project leader
Mega Man X4 (FR)TranslationFinal translation
Mega Man X4 (FR)HackingDialogues hacking, Project leader
Mega Man X5 (FR)Script Editing/RevisionTranslation editing
Mega Man X5 (FR)HackingDialogues hacking, Project leader
Mega Man X6 (FR)Script Editing/RevisionTranslation editing
Mega Man X6 (FR)HackingDialogues hacking, Project leader
Rockman EXE WS (FR)Script Editing/RevisionTranslation editing
Rockman EXE WS (FR)HackingGeneral hacking, Project leader