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Metroid editing extraordinaire!



10 Utilities
Nestroid RandomizerNESGame Specific24 Jan 2017
EditroidNESLevel Editors06 Jan 2014
ROM HasherN/AROM / ISO Identification10 Oct 2013
Metroid + Saving Map EditorNESGame Specific15 Mar 2013
Zelda TechNESLevel Editors15 Mar 2012
Metroid TunerNESSound29 Jan 2012
Asm6#MultipleAssembly Tools04 Dec 2011
GearTool w/ Source CodeNESLevel Editors13 Aug 2011
ReMasterNESLevel Editors08 Aug 2011
Dungeon MasterNESLevel Editors08 Apr 2009

3 Hacks
Metroid - Rogue DawnNESComplete14 Jan 2017
Metroid + SavingNESImprovement09 Mar 2014
Automap PlusNESImprovement13 Aug 2011


13 Hacks
GameCube Automap MinusOriginal Workoriginal "Automap Plus"
Metroid + Saving Unofficial UpdateOriginal HackingCreated the original Metroid + Saving patch
The Legend of Zelda - Trial of CourageHackingThe auto-map 0.1 patch & various hacking tools.
The Legend of Zelda - Font Mod (+ Retranslation)Original HackingAutomap Plus patch
Metroid - Rogue DawnHackingASM Programing, Game Editor Development, & Additional Graphics
Metroid Deluxe ReduxeOriginal HackingUse of Map Patch/Game Save Patch/Wavy Ice Patch
The Legend of Zelda DX (Relocalized Version)Original HackingUse of "Automap Plus" patch.
Metroid OriginOriginal Hacking
The Legend of Zelda - DXOriginal HackingUse of "Automap Plus" patch
Metroid mOTHEROriginal HackingOriginal hacker for Minimap - Savefiles - Beamstacking - Better icebeam and bombs.