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    Added the following features: - The opening text now reads: "Wizard Presents Super Luigi Sunshine." - The game file text now reads "Luigi." - The FLUDD icons have all been tinted red to closer match Luigi's version of the FLUDD. - The text in the shine collection status now reads "Luigi." (I also updated the version history information to include the change made in version 4.0.)
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    Another mistake in the overworld
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    updated readme




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56 Hacks
No Neko Price GougingSNESImprovement21 Feb 2020
Frosty the Friendly AlchemistSNESImprovement19 Jan 2020
Gigas Bosses Disassemble Less OftenSNESImprovement02 Jan 2020
Later Midge MalletSNESImprovement01 Jan 2020
Adjust Enemy DifficultySNESImprovement01 Jan 2020
Harder Final BossSNESImprovement01 Jan 2020
No Missable MonstersSNESImprovement31 Dec 2019
Stardust HerbSNESImprovement31 Dec 2019
Luka's PetsSNESImprovement31 Dec 2019
Suicide BurstSNESImprovement30 Dec 2019


56 Hacks
No Neko Price GougingHacking
Frosty the Friendly AlchemistHacking
Gigas Bosses Disassemble Less OftenHackingPrincipal author
Harder Final BossHackingPrincipal author
Adjust Enemy DifficultyHackingPrincipal author
Later Midge MalletHacking
Luka's PetsHacking
No Missable MonstersHackingPrincipal author
Stardust HerbHackingItem handler programming, text programming, packaging, releasing, screenshots, README writing
Suicide BurstHackingPrincipal author