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Super Roboprotector



Super Roboprotector loves hacking and stuff.



1 Utility
Dandy Map EditorFDSGame Specific14 Sep 2018

1 Translation
Dandy: Zeuon No Fukkatsu (EN)FDSFully Playable10 Oct 2017

4 Hacks
Lovely IslandNESComplete04 Feb 2020
Deathmatch HockeyNESImprovement10 Oct 2018
Blades of Steel Goon modNESImprovement18 Sep 2018
Hell CrawlersNESComplete01 Jan 2018


2 Translations
Dandy: Zeuon No Fukkatsu (EN)Hacking
Dandy: Zeuon No Fukkatsu (EN)Script Editing/RevisionSorry, AgentOrange. Your amazing script had to be cut down in size.

3 Hacks
Lovely IslandHackingHacking and all the stuff
Blades of Steel Goon modHacking
Hell CrawlersHacking