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Magic Team



A romhacking group that specializes in translating videogames into Russian. Their site is online since 2004!



Astyanax (RU)NESThe Lord of King
Beetlejuice (RU)NESNo Alternate Title
Bomberman Quest (RU)GBNo AlternateTitle
Cliffhanger (RU)NESNo Alternate Title
Contra Force (RU)NESContra 6; Arc Hound
Duke Nukem 3D (RU)GENNo AlternateTitle
Ghostbusters II (RU)NESNo Alternate Title
Journey to Silius (RU)NESRaf World
New Ghostbusters II (RU)NESNo Alternate Title
Ninja Gaiden (RU)NESNinja Ryuukenden; Shadow Warriors
Sugoro Quest: Dice no Senshitachi (RU)NESSugoro Quest: The Quest of Dice Heroes
The Blue Marlin (RU)NESNo Alternate Title
The Flintstones: The Surprise at Dinosaur Peak! (RU)NESNo Alternate Title
The Immortal (RU)NESNo Alternate Title
The Punisher (RU)NESNo AlternateTitle
The Terminator (RU)NESNo Alternate Title

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Battle City 2NESWarpman