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Former member of Terminus Traduction. Goes now [2009] by Yaz0r on BessaB’s forums.



1 Utility
Chrono Cross Hacking UtilitiesPSXGame Specific31 Oct 2001

1 Hack
Final Fantasy VI Titlescreen ModSNESImprovement06 Oct 2009


1 Translation
Final Fantasy III (VI)Original HackingFinal Fantasy VI Title Screen Mod Patch

5 Hacks
Final Fantasy VI - Total Graphics UncensorshipHackingOriginal Titlescreen Mod
Final Fantasy VI - Ted Woolsey Uncensored EditionOriginal HackingOriginal Final Fantasy VI Title Screen
Final Fantasy VI Relocalization ProjectHackingFFVI Title screen mod
Final Fantasy VI: Stand GuardOriginal HackingOriginal Titlescreen
Final Fantasy VI Titlescreen ModHacking