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    I'd uploaded an incorrect ips file of another game called dynamite duke. Now it's the correct patch
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    Wrong release date.
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    Amending my review due to misconstruing what the patch does, at first. I assumed one of the patches retained the armor graphics and changed the palette, which it actually doesn't do.
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    Updated ROM/ISO information to match headered ROM.

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22 Hacks
Snake's Revenge MMC5 PatchNESImprovement14 Jun 2020
Zanac MMC5 PatchNESImprovement27 May 2020
The Guardian Legend MMC5 PatchNESImprovement23 May 2020
The Goonies II MMC5 PatchNESImprovement21 May 2020
Skate or Die MMC5 PatchNESImprovement21 May 2020
Dragon Warrior MMC5 PatchNESImprovement19 May 2020
Double Dragon MMC5 PatchNESImprovement19 May 2020
Journey to Silius MMC5 PatchNESImprovement17 May 2020
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles MMC5 Patch by Dracula XNESImprovement16 May 2020
Blaster Master MMC5 PatchNESImprovement14 May 2020