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7 Hacks
Pokemon Gold and Silver 97: ReforgedGBComplete17 Sep 2021
Pokemon Factory AdventureGBComplete12 Nov 2020
Pokemon Periwinkle Version - Special Blobbos EditionGBComplete10 Jan 2019
Pokemon Ultra Quartz - Lets Go! BlobbosGBAAddendum18 Jun 2018
Waluigi PinballNESImprovement28 Jun 2016
Moveset UpdateGBImprovement27 May 2016
Super Bubba Bros.NESComplete27 May 2016


8 Hacks
Pokemon Gold and Silver 97: ReforgedHackingAdditional Hacking
Pokemon Factory AdventureHackingPrimary hacking
Pokemon Ultra Fire Red XDHackingCry insertion, minigame importing, scripting, and map edits
Pokemon Periwinkle Version - Special Blobbos EditionHacking
Pokemon Ultra Quartz - Lets Go! BlobbosHacking
Waluigi PinballOriginal Hacking
Moveset UpdateHacking
Super Bubba Bros.Hacking