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22 Hacks
Guerrilla War MMC1 to MMC3NESImprovement21 Jun 2017
Track & Field CNROM to MMC3NESImprovement08 May 2017
Race America MMC1 to MMC3NESImprovement08 May 2017
Championship Bowling CNROM to MMC3NESImprovement09 Jan 2017
American Gladiators MMC1 to MMC3NESImprovement03 Nov 2016
Trojan UNROM to MMC3NESImprovement11 Oct 2016
Excitebike 7 mapsFDSImprovement07 Oct 2016
Snoopy's Silly Sports Spectacular MMC1 to MMC3NESImprovement05 Oct 2016
Puyo Puyo MMC1 to MMC3NESImprovement04 Oct 2016
Quarth CNROM to MMC3NESImprovement04 Oct 2016