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    Rewrote the description a bit, added source code to the ZIP, and optional patch to restore the title screen waterfall speed, courtesy of darthvaderx. Other patches remain the same.
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    Redacted description a bit, and added source code to the download ZIP. Patches themselves remain the same.
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A professional pixel artist and hobbyist game developer.

Originally known for his character sprite-sheets uploaded to The Spriter’s Resource and Mario Fan Games Galaxy, he gained a small following that would later expand as he improved his artwork and moved to Twitter, gaining over 7,000 followers as of March 2020.

He also works on games using Game Maker Studio 1.4, both as a hobby and to teach himself game design. He is currently creating a Wario fan-game.

Neweegee occasionally creates or assists in romhacks, mainly working on character graphics.



1 Hack
Luigi is hard T-posed and has no kartGBAImprovement24 Apr 2019


2 Hacks
Luigi is hard T-posed and has no kartGraphicsModel rendering/importing
Somari the AdventurerGraphicsSomari sprites