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Howdy! I’m a new kid on the block. I’ve been writing bugfix patches exclusively for Final Fantasy III on the Super Nintendo (VI on the Super Famicom and Game Boy Advance) since May 2015. I’m frequently looking for new bugs to fix or new features to improve or errors to fix in my own patches. There’s no regular schedule to my releases, so just check back often and you might see something new!



Advanced Patch Conflict FinderN/AN/A

1 Translation
Final Fantasy V (EN)SNESNo Alternate Title

Anonymous AttackSNESFinal Fantasy III
BackstabuSNESFinal Fantasy III
Backwards JumpSNESFinal Fantasy III
Banon RidingSNESFinal Fantasy III
Better DiceSNESFinal Fantasy III
Bird BarsSNESFinal Fantasy III
Bland EntranceSNESFinal Fantasy III
Blitz ScreenSNESFinal Fantasy III
Bye Bye BreathSNESFinal Fantasy III
CaravaggioSNESFinal Fantasy III
Castle PartySNESFinal Fantasy III
Chain of CommandSNESFinal Fantasy III
Chance OfferingSNESFinal Fantasy III
Color WheelSNESFinal Fantasy III
Dead HareSNESFinal Fantasy III
Dead in the AirSNESFinal Fantasy III
Double BlockSNESFinal Fantasy III
False KnightSNESFinal Fantasy III
Galuf GaffeSNESFinal Fantasy V
Game OverSNESFinal Fantasy III
Gerad and SabinSNESFinal Fantasy III
Half KnifeSNESFinal Fantasy III
Hasty T-RexSNESFinal Fantasy III
Imp SkimpSNESFinal Fantasy III
Imp's CallSNESFinal Fantasy III
Imp's RageSNESFinal Fantasy III
Imp's RetortSNESFinal Fantasy III
Invisible ZombieSNESFinal Fantasy III
Item/Magic CounterSNESFinal Fantasy III
Killer Life 3SNESFinal Fantasy III
King's RobesSNESFinal Fantasy III
Lens CapSNESFinal Fantasy III
Leveled OutGBAFinal Fantasy VI Advance
Loud MusicSNESFinal Fantasy III
Magitek MadnessSNESFinal Fantasy III
Map MishapSNESFinal Fantasy III
Menu MalarkySNESFinal Fantasy III
Morph MayhemSNESFinal Fantasy III
Multiple Events FixSNESFinal Fantasy III
Narshe's DoorSNESFinal Fantasy III
No X in FightSNESFinal Fantasy III
Off Death RowSNESFinal Fantasy III
Off the HookSNESFinal Fantasy III
OverheadSNESFinal Fantasy III
Phoenix ChestSNESFinal Fantasy III
Precious JewelsSNESFinal Fantasy III
Quick DeathSNESFinal Fantasy V
ReflectionsSNESFinal Fantasy III
Returner's Day OffSNESFinal Fantasy III
Rock BottomSNESFinal Fantasy III
Save Point SwitchSNESFinal Fantasy III
Self SneezeSNESFinal Fantasy III
Shadow CopySNESFinal Fantasy III
Shadow GoneSNESFinal Fantasy III
Shadow's StatusSNESFinal Fantasy III
Side SaddleSNESFinal Fantasy III
Smoke and MirrorsSNESFinal Fantasy III
Solar WindSNESFinal Fantasy III
Soul SavedSNESFinal Fantasy III
Status UnknownSNESFinal Fantasy III
Stepping OutSNESFinal Fantasy III
Stone ColdSNESFinal Fantasy III
Stone FacedSNESFinal Fantasy III
ThrowbackSNESFinal Fantasy III
Trigger HappySNESFinal Fantasy III
Turn AroundSNESFinal Fantasy III
Ultimate Damage FixSNESFinal Fantasy III
UnequipiumSNESFinal Fantasy III
Upside DownSNESFinal Fantasy III
Vanish/RunicSNESFinal Fantasy III
Walk This WaySNESFinal Fantasy III
Y Equip RelicsSNESFinal Fantasy III
Zombie/RipplerSNESFinal Fantasy III
Zombie/TapirSNESFinal Fantasy III


1 Translation
Final Fantasy V (EN)HackingAuthor

Anonymous AttackHackingAuthor
Backwards JumpHackingAuthor
Banon RidingGraphicsAuthor
Better DiceHackingAuthor
Bird BarsHackingAuthor
Bland EntranceHackingAuthor
Blitz ScreenHackingAuthor
Bye Bye BreathHackingAuthor
Castle PartyHackingAuthor
Chain of CommandHackingAuthor
Chance OfferingHackingAuthor
Color WheelHackingAuthor
Dead HareHackingAuthor
Dead in the AirHackingAuthor
Double BlockHackingAuthor
False KnightHackingAuthor
Final Fantasy VI - Ted Woolsey Uncensored EditionOriginal HackingVarious bugfixes
Frozen Terra FixProductionHelped with bug finding and code optimization
Galuf GaffeHackingAuthor
Game OverHackingAuthor
Gerad and SabinHackingAuthor
Half KnifeHackingAuthor
Hasty T-RexHackingAuthor
Imp SkimpHackingAuthor
Imp's CallHackingAuthor
Imp's RageHackingAuthor
Imp's RetortHackingAuthor
Invisible ZombieHackingAuthor
Item/Magic CounterHackingAuthor
Killer Life 3HackingAuthor
King's RobesHackingAuthor
Lens CapHackingAuthor
Loud MusicHackingAuthor
Magitek MadnessHackingAuthor
Map MishapHackingAuthor
Menu MalarkyHackingAuthor
Morph MayhemHackingAuthor
Multiple Events FixHackingAuthor
Narshe's DoorHackingAuthor
No X in FightHackingAuthor
Off Death RowHackingAuthor
Off the HookHackingAuthor
Phoenix ChestHackingAuthor
Precious JewelsHackingAuthor
Quick DeathHackingAuthor
Returner's Day OffHackingAuthor
Rock BottomHackingAuthor
Save Point SwitchHackingAuthor
Self SneezeHackingAuthor
Shadow CopyHackingAuthor
Shadow GoneHackingAuthor
Shadow's StatusHackingAuthor
Side SaddleHackingAuthor
Smoke and MirrorsHackingAuthor
Solar WindHackingAuthor
Soul SavedHackingAuthor
Status UnknownHackingAuthor
Stone ColdHackingAuthor
Stone FacedHackingAuthor
Trigger HappyHackingAuthor
Turn AroundHackingAuthor
Ultimate Damage FixHackingAuthor
Upside DownHackingAuthor
Walk This WayHackingAuthor
Y Equip RelicsHackingAuthor