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Talented ROM hacker & utility creator.

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1 Document
Super Mario Bros. Hacking DocumentNESGame Specific01 Jan 2003

2 Utilities
Pit StopNESLevel Editors29 Apr 2007
Super Mario Bros. 3 TSA EditorNESGraphics Editors25 Jun 2004

3 Hacks
Mario SeasonsNESComplete06 Jun 2006
Mario AdventureNESComplete01 Jan 2004
Pac-Man IIINESComplete09 Jul 2003


5 Hacks
Ms. Pac-Man 32 Maze Crush!Original WorkOriginal hacking notes, creating the Blinky editor tool
Pac-Man XtremeHackingPalette hack for Ms. Pac-Man (Namco) for NES making Pac-Man Xtreme's colorful mazes possible.
Dragoon X Omega IIHacking
Mario SeasonsHackingAll hacking, graphics and level design
Mario AdventureHacking