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Mystic Defender Mega Man X Zero Playble Mega Man X Zero Playble Mega Man X Zero Playble

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My hobby consists of NES reproductions and English Translations.



2 Translations
Fighting Road (EN)NESFully Playable11 Oct 2016
Mezase! Top Pro: Green ni Kakeru Yume (EN)NESUnfinished20 Nov 2014

8 Hacks
Joshua: the Restored LevelsNESComplete19 Aug 2018
Bible Adventures (7.0 Update)NESImprovement25 Jun 2018
Joshua (Redesign)NESImprovement23 Mar 2018
Exodus (Redesign)NESImprovement29 Jan 2018
Elders of HyruleNESImprovement07 May 2016
Dungeons of HyruleNESComplete01 Dec 2015
Bomberman RevNESImprovement04 Nov 2015
Joust (Arcade Hack)NESImprovement03 Oct 2015