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1 Document
Final Fantasy Advance and Chrono Trigger DS Font SpecificationsMultipleMultiple Games

Final Fantasy II (EN)NESNo Alternate Title
Final Fantasy IV (EN)SNESNo Alternate Title

Castlevania III BugfixesNESCastlevania III: Dracula’s Curse
Castlevania RetoldNESCastlevania
CI Firing Range GoldenEye Gun Name DisplayN64Perfect Dark
Dancer/Stripper Restoration HackGBAFinal Fantasy IV Advance
European Font EnhancementGBAFinal Fantasy IV Advance
European Stripper Restoration HackGBAFinal Fantasy IV Advance
Final Fantasy II *is* Easy TypeSNESFinal Fantasy II
One Missile Doors PatchSNESSuper Metroid
Protoman: The Red BomberNESMega Man
Secret of Mana 2 Titlescreen PatchSNESSeiken Densetsu 3
Silo MissionN64GoldenEye 007
SrBehemoth FixSNESFinal Fantasy III
Tales of Phantasia European Font EnhancementGBATales of Phantasia
Warp Animation Enabling PatchSNESFinal Fantasy II


1 Translation
Final Fantasy IV (EN)TranslationHacking

Castlevania III BugfixesHacking
Castlevania RetoldHacking
CI Firing Range GoldenEye Gun Name DisplayHacking
Dancer/Stripper Restoration HackHackingGraphics
European Font EnhancementHacking
European Stripper Restoration HackHackingGraphics
Final Fantasy ++HackingFor help in removing the enemy-window border in battles
Final Fantasy Bugfix / Balancing HackHackingFor help in removing the enemy-window border in battles
Final Fantasy II *is* Easy TypeHacking
Final Fantasy VI: Stand GuardOriginal HackingSrBehemoth Drop Bugfix
One Missile Doors PatchHacking
Project II: Final Fantasy IVHackingEnhancements
Protoman - The New AdventuresOriginal WorkOriginal work on the titile screen graphics & Protoman sprites
Protoman: The Red BomberHacking
Secret of Mana 2 Titlescreen PatchHacking
Silo MissionGraphicsLevel design
SrBehemoth FixHacking
Tales of Phantasia European Font EnhancementHacking
Warp Animation Enabling PatchHacking