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A member of the “scene” since early 2002. I cut my teeth on Slayers for the Super Famicom. Using Robert Boyd’s patch as a starting point, I added about 10K more translated material including dialog, names, items, and enemies. Understanding only the most basic of basics, I concentrate on translation rather than “hacking”. I haven’t lost my sense of adventure however, I still enjoy examining games, making table files, and dumping scripts here and there.

Through my involvement, I’ve been able to approach or be approached by some of the best names in the scene. I’ve had the pleasure of working with David Shadoff, David Michel, Disnesquick, Jonny, ChrisRPG, Tomaitheous, and KingMike to name a few. I enjoy translating games based on anime as well as h-games, though I have worked on games that are neither. I’ve completed scripts for games including but not limited to: Slayers (SFC), Maison Ikkoku (PCE), Bubblegum Crash (PCE), Magic Knights Rayearth (GG), 3×3 Eyes: Advent of the Divine Demon Legend (SFC), Ace of Spades (PC), and Welcome to Pia Carrot (PC-FX).

I studied Japanese intensively for about 2 1/2 years during college. I also studied in Japan for a summer, and have visited periodically. It’s not a major part of my life anymore but I still enjoy game and manga translation. I maintain a list of onomatopoeia to help me when translating, and I try to use my previous scripts as a running translation memory. I’ve begun making vocabulary/kanji study sheets from manga I am reading.

I’m not against being approached for collaboration on projects, esp. ones that pertain to my interests. I normally keep a close eye on help wanted ads when I’m in the market for a new project. I also tend to dump scripts for things I like first and then look for someone to hack for me. For more info on me and my projects please visit my site.



1 Document
EDICT Format Onomatopoeia ListNAN/A

Ace of Spades (EN)PCNo Alternate Title
Battle Golfer Yui (EN)GENNo Alternate Title
Bubblegum Crash!: Knight Sabers 2034 (EN)TG16No Alternate Title
City Adventure Touch: Mystery of Triangle (EN)NESNo Alternate Title
Dai Meiro: Meikyuu no Tatsujin (EN)NESThe Great Maze: Master of the Maze
Hoshi wo Sagashite... (EN)SMSSearching the Stars: The Story of Mio
Kalin no Tsurugi (EN)FDSThe Sword of Kalin
Lady Sword (EN)TG16No Alternate Title
Madou Monogatari I: Mitsu no Madouryoku (EN)GGMadou Monogatari I: 3 Magic Spheres
Mahou Kishi Rayearth (EN)GGMagic Knight Rayearth
Maison Ikkoku (EN)TG16No Alternate Title
Sassou Shounen Eiyuuden: Coca-Cola Kid (EN)GGCoca-Cola Kid
Slayers (EN)SNESNo Alternate Title
Welcome to Pia Carrot (EN)PCFXPia Carrot e Youkosou


Ace of Spades (EN)Translation
Airwolf (EN)TranslationAdditional translation support
Ayakashi no Shiro (EN)Script Editing/Revision
Battle Golfer Yui (EN)TranslationInitial work, Translation
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Super S: Fuwa Fuwa Panic (EN)Translation
Bubblegum Crash!: Knight Sabers 2034 (EN)Translation
City Adventure Touch: Mystery of Triangle (EN)Translation
Dai Meiro: Meikyuu no Tatsujin (EN)TranslationScript translation
Daikaijyuu Monogatari (EN)TranslationTranslation Support
DoReMi Fantasy: Milon no DokiDoki Daibouken (EN)TranslationGraphic text translation
Energy Breaker (EN)TranslationAssistant translator
Galaxy Robo (EN)TranslationTranslation
Hoshi wo Sagashite... (EN)Translation
Hyper Iria (EN)TranslationJapanese Translations
Kalin no Tsurugi (EN)Translation
Kishin Douji Zenki: Battle Raiden (EN)Script Editing/RevisionTranslation Checker
Kishin Douji Zenki: Battle Raiden (ES)Original TranslationTranslation Check, Anime Consistency Check
Kishin Douji Zenki: Battle Raiden (ES)Original TranslationEnglish translation
Lady Sword (EN)Translation
Liberation Army (EN)Translation
Lupin Sansei: Pandora no Isan (EN)TranslationAdditional Translation
Madou Monogatari I: Mitsu no Madouryoku (EN)Translation
Mahou Kishi Rayearth (EN)Hackingoriginal hacking; font insertion
Mahou Poipoi Poitto! (EN)Translation
Maison Ikkoku (EN)Translation
Sassou Shounen Eiyuuden: Coca-Cola Kid (EN)Translation
SD Snatcher (MSX2) (EN)Translation
Silva Saga II: The Legend of Light and Darkness (EN)Production
Slayers (EN)Translation
Slayers (EN)TranslationPrimary Translator
The Amazing Spider-Man: Lethal Foes (EN)Translation
Welcome to Pia Carrot (EN)Translation