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I’m an amateur hacker from a non-English speaking country, but I do my best to translate my favorite games into English.

  • Finished: Wizardry Gaiden trilogy on Gameboy.
  • Under way: Final Fantasy 5r, 95%(Fully playable).
  • Planning: Final Fantasy 6 T-edition.



Wizardry Gaiden II: Curse of the Ancient Emperor (EN)GBWizardry Gaiden II: Kodai Koutei no Noroi
Wizardry Gaiden III: Yami no Seiten (EN)GBWizardry: Scripture of the Dark
Wizardry Gaiden: Suffering of the Queen (EN)GBWizardry Gaiden: Joou no Junan


Wizardry Gaiden II: Curse of the Ancient Emperor (EN)ProductionProject Lead & Hacking
Wizardry Gaiden III: Yami no Seiten (EN)HackingProject Lead
Wizardry Gaiden: Suffering of the Queen (EN)ProductionProject Lead & Hacking